The Week Ahead: YOU in a Spinning World

If there is a miracle in the idea of Life it is this: that we are able to exist for a time - in defiance of chaos. ~ Binyavanga Wainaina 

If you are looking for an advanced warning system as to upcoming interdimensional happenings, the bottom line is that things are going to get somewhat rough during the second half of this week and for much of the remainder of September. The human DNA chain continues to be stretched and pulled [like taffy] magnetically in order that you become quantumly and multidimensionally awake. As this occurs expect some flack and additional needling by the Universe due to activations that have been sealed within your genetics for nearly 11,000 years.

As your celestial-vibe counselor I would be remiss if I didn't remind you that a typical evolutionary Universal request such as this, while offering illumination and presence for the Soul, will influence many on the Earth plane to project their dissatisfaction and anger at having to change the "daily grind" of existence. Be watchful of those around you as this time is causing less-conscious humans to be moody, grouchy, frustrated, hot-headed, etc. If your 3D living puts you in contact with varying aspects of the human kingdom you are going to be practicing patience, love, forgiveness, and compassion because others are not conceiving the trueness of what is currently going down.

You understand being part of something larger. At every interval and stage of interconnectedness, there is a greater awareness and a lesser awareness - one that relates to individual and another that relates to the whole. You get that you are in life to serve both and to become whole in the process but there are many who do not share that worldview. And it's not that they don't have spiritual potential - it's that for the moment their world remains smaller than yours, and it is likely that it may shrink a bit more while yours continues to expand.

The guides advise not to get distracted by the "noise" you hear when you are around them and others of similar vibration. It is just the hum of speech that has been reproduced too many times. A word to the wise - thoughts that repeat and echo but announce little will fall flat because there is no resonance to sustain them. They remain alive only as long as someone holds them aloft, and this is accomplished primarily by repeating them. Silence, on the other hand, articulates a condition that is associated with quality, depth, and peace. So there is little to say or do when those of a different consciousness communicate in the ways that they do.

Stay present and mindful in their company, attentive to their words and watchful of your own - even the ones that go unspoken. Remain peaceful in argumentative arenas where the crowd continues to cheer for defeat of the already fallen. Be kind when failure or ruin threatens others, even if they are deserving of it. Do not contribute to the collapse of a mind or heart when it can be helped. Pursue the higher ideals whenever possible, and prepare for a different outcome than the ones previously rehearsed.

Think clearly as you move this week - we have an evolution going on you know. It's an evolution, through the magnetic attributes of the Universe, and it's speaking to the DNA that provides the opportunity for thought to create conscious shifts interdimensionally. It's a challenging concept to get your mind around. Some will get it and lots of others won't. And that's okay because less than one-half of one percent of this planet has to embody the new operating system for a fully changed planet to occur.

Physical anomalies will abound as well for we never seem to remain in one place for too long do we?. In particular right now headaches, backaches, sinus issues, and hot flashes that come and go are the special-of-the-day. These are symptoms of moving through space upon a planet that is shifting dimensions and shedding an old identity. Leading edge frequencies and vibrations are complicated to integrate while remaining in a body. My guides often explain it to me like this: when we take our cars in to the mechanic for a problem, we don't drive it right in to the garage, leave the engine running and get out to watch him fix it anxious the whole time, leering over his shoulder double-checking his work and asking a bunch of stupid questions. Instead, we make an appointment, take the vehicle over, park it, and leave it with the mechanic until it's repaired and ready to be delivered back to us in good working order.

Our bodies are being upgraded while the "engine is still running and the driver is at the wheel" so in truth, we are doing Great! We are functioning very well considering the enormity of the job we have agreed to take on. The headaches and hot flashes are an effect of the cosmic solar wind configurations that are pressing our energetic fields with memories and communications of the ancient self. The seventh chakra is expanding to hold more information than your physical can comfortably handle. I can often get some relief if I visualize and feel my root chakra expanding in size and frequency to match the crown. Once this is done if I am able to hold the adjustment, the headache dissolves.

The achy backs and sinus challenges are affirming your integrated efforts into the nervous system and immune systems respectively. Yoga and a netty pot have been my prescribed supports. Discern what will bring you relief by slowing down and asking (with an inward focus) to be shown what you need for support at this time. Being actively restructured while in a body may also have some of us feeling exhausted. It is okay to take some extra "me" time and allow your body the space to free-fall into its next highest expression.

It's not easy becoming angelic inside the human realm but we sure are giving it the ole college try! Crossing the boundaries of higher dimensions makes us eager to rectify any inharmonious vibrational patterns that will hinder the intensity of delight we get from the upliftment and crossing. My advice is to focus toward the en-Lighten-ment and the joy of living Truth rather than what you are leaving behind or what is causing you the most pain this week. You always gain in the game of evolution; you never lose - even when it feels that way. Remember that as we head back into another round of evolutionary leap frog, ok?

May we all be stretched to perfection this week,

Rev. Angela


I am at home in the universe. I feel the beat of it, live in the pulse of it.
I am made of the Essence of all of  it. I live the Life of it. I am the teaching
of  Its immanence, the contemporary classic of  Its thinking. I delight in the
beauty and joy of it. 

As an unimagined proportion of God's phenomenon it is time to tie up the loose
ends and cut away the frills of being stationary and inept in my humanness. New
light comes forth emanating and radiating an immortality that is the unveiling to my
vision of that larger, fuller life, of which my mortal days are but a fragmentary part.
This energy comes and escorts me into the harmonizing of my spirit with the Infinite;
to whisk me away from all that I have know to be limitations. I accept here and now
that there is nothing that is fractured or broken or less-than within my existence. I am
an ambassador of Creation here at this time to grasp completion and see in totality!
The allness of a universal Light that comes forth as the new human perspective.

Filled with the Eternal inheritance of God I thank Spirit for flowing through me gently
and easily leaving behind the Light of truth in my heart. I happily accept my unique
role in the wholeness, completeness, oneness of  Life right now. I send these words
past mortal lapses and unbeliefs into a field of Creative Principle that binds them back
to their divine origin within the vision of that which has made us as Itself. And so it
is. Amen.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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