12:12/21: The Realization, The Endpoint and the New World takes a breath

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First of all I would like to thank you for reading my blogs and participating with me this year. I would also like to thank Spirit Library and all of the other wonderful blogs that have been doing pingbacks on the material. I truly appreciate it.

Beloveds, the reason why the Transcendence (11:11) precedes the Realization (12:12) is this: it is important to realize that while you have a myriad of emotions, including ones that are considered “negative” or less skillful such as anger, judgment, blame, etc. they are not “you.” Loving detachment from yourself allows you to watch when you are reacting in such a matter and think,”Oh isn’t that interesting?” and to not take it so seriously. As the veil of forgetting becomes less dense by the moment it is easier to experience a glimpse of one’s true Self and nature. This provides a tangible and viable option of thought and behavior. The real-ization is often preceded by a period of dissatisfaction and desire for a pathway out. You are That. You are both the method and the path, and it has never left you. Shanti. – The Akashic Wisdom Keepers, 11.20.12

Beloveds, it is noteworthy to point out that the powerful energies of November will serve as a “bridge” to continue to anchor in the higher, loving vibrations that are being anchored on your planet in preparation for the greater fullness and expansion that is to occur in the month of December. This moment in your world is a great window into change and an opportunity to further drop illusions and systems of control on an inward level. Since the inner strongly reflects in the outer world, this is also a powerful way to impact the group vision and collective consciousness, and to infuse it with an energetic of Truth and Freedom. It is important to note that you cannot “miss the boat” with these energies as they as already here for you to connect with in a steady stream, and they do not have an expiration date. You do this through thought, feeling and focused intention. The 3D Dream Matrix consists of the seeming reality of fear, separation, negativity and lack. The incoming 5D higher reality overlay consists of love, unity, light, abundance and peace. – The Keepers, 11.9.12

12.12 through 12.21.12: Realization. This is a time to “put it all together.” To bring the higher consciousness, healing and transcendence into a cohesive understanding in your world and view. To have a greater understanding and real-ization of spiritual truths and the reality of Sat-Chit-Ananda (You are That.) To bring personal manifestation and creation to a new level, and to step more fully into your soul mission and role. Shanti. – The Akashic Wisdom Keepers, from 10.10.12

Another aspect of the “Realization,” is the knowledge that you and the Divine are ONE. There is no knowledge that necessarily has to be removed or separate from you. This is one of the gifts of making the Akashic Records and knowledge therein accessible to an unprecedented number of human beings at this time. Your world is being infused with this and other forms of ancient knowledge and powerful Light Codes of Awakening and Ascension.

The 12:12/21 is not the “be all and end all,” that some may perceive it to be. Yes it is an important time in your world without a doubt. The “old ways” of separation, greed and other fear-motivated activities and actions have run their course and try are at an “Endpoint.” This does not mean necessarily that all will stop participating in these activities, but the overall consensus reality and Universe will no longer support them. This has been an aspect of Free Will on Gaia that all have been participating in with widely mixed results. Your Mayan and Cherokee cultures have also referenced the 12/21 as being the “End.” This message has been misinterpreted to be a harbinger of doom, which is a narrow and limited view. They are also referencing this same endpoint as the birth of a new, higher-consciousness world. – The Keepers, 11.13.12

It’s interesting that over the past several years I have been receiving comments on my Facebook pages and also reading what is out there in the spiritual communities, about how disappointed people are with the progress of the Shift; and how all of our most pressing global issues have not all been solved. I have personally never thought it all would be transformed in one “poof!” kind of moment. Perhaps that is due to being a Capricorn with three planets in Virgo. My feeling is that to create a New World with peace and abundance for everyone will require due diligence and also a considerable amount of work. I also know that we are in a process of expansion and unfolding that is fully supported by the Source/Spirit, and many helpers in both the visible and invisible realms. For those that are of the Adult Indigo generation (like myself,) we will definitely see big changes in our lifetime. For the younger generation of Crystal, Rainbow and other children and young adults, they’ve got their work cut out for them. They will still be here doing the work and continuing to anchor Light and wisdom after we have moved on. It will become an easier world for the children in the future as honoring one’s intuition and spirituality will no longer be “weird” and more generally accepted. Edgar Cayce and other seers and astrologers have predicted this as a natural outgrowth of Neptune (the planet of inspiration, healing, and psychic phenomena,) being in Pisces, its natural astrological home and point of power.

12:12/21 Mantra: As a New World and ways of being open to me, I accept in joy and gratitude. I shine my Light brightly and join with the heart of the ONE. The Divine Plan has been made manifest on earth. And so it is. – The Keepers, 11.13.12

You are deeply loved and cared for, always. You can be asleep in the dream, or you can be awake. No way is “better” than the other, it is just a matter of what is in greater alignment for your soul’s purpose at this time. Also, though the view and intention of the collective is important in directing and navigating through the transition, a cosmic gift has also been given to you. The closest word that we can use to describe it is Grace; as in many unseen benevolent forces that are present to guide and see you through this time. ~ Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, from 3.10.12



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