2013 Yearly Forecast: Cycling Up, Exaltation & the Perfection of Love

Hello friends. Welcome to a new year and a new energy! 2012 was the “gate,” 2013 brings us to an new playing field, so to speak. We have cycled up, and we find ourselves in a new territory, on higher ground. The Keepers have used the keyword of the “Exaltation” for 2013, as 2012 was the “Revelation.”

Higher Ground – Stevie Wonder

2013: Year of the Water Snake. Snake light side occupations: teacher, philosopher, writer, magician, psychologist. Shadow Side tendencies: lying, laziness, indolence and betrayal. Spiritual attributes: shamanism, healing, transmutation of poisons, cosmic consciousness. The Water Snake year happens only once every 60 years. The last water snake year was in 1953. The waterways of the planet and fluids of the body and related water organs (bladder and kidneys,) are also highlighted. Just as the Year of the Water Snake is the sister totem of the Year of the Water Dragon; the two years will prove to be inexorably linked. One clue to this has to do with transmuting the poisons that emerged up both personally and collectively in 2012 and this occurring through the water element. Astrologically the water element is related to the signs of Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio, in which we currently find Pisces (Neptune,) and Scorpio (Saturn.)

“6? Universal Year in Numerology: A number of harmony and the family. In 2013 it is not only our own personal family; but the world family, and a further acknowledgement of ourselves as global citizens. This number seeks to find balance and also is attributed to compassion, and also compromise. I have always seen this number somewhat akin to the astrological Sun Sign of Libra, which is ruled by Venus. One of the challenges of this number is to find the proper balance of self-care and service to others, something that empathic and highly sensitive people may already have their challenges with. It also symbolizes stay-at-home mothers, parents, love and friends. Since it rules health, beauty, natural surroundings and land, the sustainability and care of the planet will continue to be highlighted this year.

2013 is a year in which the light workers, starseeds and others are even more “switched on” and ready to serve in their own unique soul missions.

Service to others is a blessing and also your natural state of being. To be filled with so much with your own innate nature of Love that your cup runneth over. To be so filled with the Light of Spirit that your own being becomes a healing presence. This is not a “luxury” type of state, thought it may appear so through the oppression of the 3D world and its falsehoods of life that are in process of passing away. This is a deeper meaning of the statement, “I and the Father/Mother are one.” When one returns to their own innate kinship with Spirit, the world becomes a beautiful outpouring of Love to partake in, and also to share. This is to drink from the life giving waters that never run dry, and transmute all poisons into sweetness. – The Keepers, 12.20.12

So what is meant about the perfection of love? Love stands as it is, without correction or analysis. It is our interpretation of love that can be sullied with conditions, judgments, etc. The Keepers have given many teachers over the years about fear vs. love, and how fear and love cannot fully occupy the same space simultaneously. Through the powerful Stargate portal of the 12:12/21 Gateway, I was shown some deep things about fear, what an impediment it is, and what we can do about it. All human beings have been impacted to a certain extent by fear merely by their birth in a 3D reality. It also has become a “default programming” aspect of what is called ordinary mind; and it also can be unlearned and relegated to its proper place as a protective, but no longer dominating function. It is also an aspect of the control mechanisms that have been in place on planet Earth for so long. In 2012, many people saw behind the curtain of control for the very first time in their lives. It is clear that the world is not the same, never to return to the same status quo, and that is a very good thing, indeed.

Beloveds, the more fear you drop, the more love you are capable of experiencing and holding in your being; as love begets more love. When one becomes established in love, there is a “click” or a pronounced shift in consciousness that occurs. This is likened to experiencing the “Kingdom of Heaven” while embodied in a physical form. Yes of course you will have your “moments,” where doubt, fear or other less skillful emotions may come back in temporarily, but you will be fully aware of them and will not become carried away. – The Keepers, 12.21.12

What we are willing to surrender, we have conquered. – Rain@Buddhainsights

In 2012 there was a great stripping away for so many, and the purpose of this was to bring us closer to our own deepest truth by dropping that which had become superfluous in our lives. Though it may have been hard to understand, especially for those that have lost homes, possessions and relationships; we are being called to action more fully as creators or even “magicians,” which is particularly suited for the Year of the Snake. I also was rather concerned about having yet *another* year of high intensity, as Snake energy is powerful and not always easy or necessarily fun, but was reminded of some important points to keep in mind:

1) There are always two+ more streams of energy and consciousness available to us at all times. In the new energies present in 2013, they will become even easier to connect with. As in, if you are feeling fearful or anxious, you can take a breath and *choose* again. The higher frequencies of love, light and expansion are even closer in and available to us than before.

2) Also, though there is still an intensity that will be with us all the way through 2016 with the Uranus/Pluto square (also known as the Grand Cross,) which brings with it deep personal and collective transformation over time, this does not mean we cannot find the JOY in life. This is one of our deep soul purposes as human beings, and in 2013 we will be able to demonstrate this more freely. For those that are experiencing drama or conflict, may our presence will serve as a reminder. If we are struggling ourselves, let us practice the presence and not resist. This is where the “6? compassion comes in. We have all been there in our awakening and we are all a “work in progress.” This allows us a true equality of Spirit, and as our Buddhist friends say gives us an authentic “friendliness” to all beings.

Beloveds, instead of perhaps going up to your knee or waist deep in the new, higher frequencies, you are now fully able to immerse yourself to a much greater degree in what we would call a “cosmic baptism” or initiation. It is not a matter of attaining anything, but more akin to the removal of illusory beliefs and concepts, especially about yourselves, so the diamond-like clear light of the Self can shine through.

The transformation and healing of Gaia is not something that will happen overnight, but do know dear ones that the Divine Plan of regeneration and expansion is at hand, and will continue to unfold in the coming year. Know that you are here at this moment in time for a purpose, and that your presence is significant. Shanti. – The Keepers, 12.22.12

Beloveds, we see there has been a feeling that regarding the New Year, you would need some serious “down time,” to process all of the deep changes that you have experienced in 2012. We see that while this is true to a certain extent, it will not be as long as you may think. For those that have lost friends and family members due to their physical transition, of course there is a process of grief and healing that is indicated. Please keep in mind that there is a wonderful spiritual support system in place which includes helpers both seen and unseen, and also the increasing vibrations of love and light upon Gaia herself. We see the energies of 2013 as having a feeling of excitement and anticipation, likened to a child opening their Birthday gifts. There is a sense of greater lightness due to all that that has been shed, and a feeling of “let’s do this!” The New Year is a blank canvas on which you may create. Shanti. – The Keepers, 11.14.12

Love & blessings all. Happy New Year.


spring 2nd January 2013 9:42 am

Oh Irma what lovely lovely posts you always share....you are one the guiding Lights that I am so grateful to this last year...you have helped me trust in myself and for that I thank you for all time.....and I so love that line 'Authentic friendliness'...yes!! frances :smitten:

akashicstargirl 2nd January 2013 11:55 am

Thank you so much for your kind words Frances. I am so happy and honored to hear that you have found my work helpful. Happy New Year and all the best in 2013!


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