2015 Tips for Aquarian Empaths & Sensitives

Hello my Empathic and Sensitive friends. I was guided to share some of my recent observations on the current energies and how we can most effectively work with them. I am already seeing the “instant manifestation” aspect of the “8” Universal Year energies and how we need to stay on our toes.

1) Be mindful of the Collective – If you feel you are being unduly affected by the “astral superhighway” I recommend a read of my blog post on the subject and perhaps the companion meditation Detachment from the Collective

2) Be aware of “yours, mine and ours” energetically. - On a certain level we can say it’s all us, but for life in 3D manifestations may appear differently. I have a technique that I’ve developed with my Guidance Team and I call it the “Red Light/Green Light.” How this works is if I can feeling uncomfortable or otherwise affected by energy I ask where it is coming from. If it is externally generated I will see a green light. If it is internally generated, the red. This gives me further clues on how to work with it. You can experiment with your own version of this.

3) I’ve noticed another interesting aspect of “matching pictures/energies” in the current energies. As Empaths, we often *replicate* energies that are directed our way, sometimes unconsciously or automatically. For example, if you are feeling a persistent negative emotion that is normally not what you experience in your everyday life, you may want to check up on this.

4) It’s a good reminder that LOVE always wins, ultimately. If energies are coming your way that are less-than-loving, it’s important to not vibrate along with them. Bless and release all in LOVE. This is our most powerful protection and safeguard of all.

5) GROUNDING and CENTERING are not luxuries, but essential practices especially for Empathic and sensitive people. These practices can be done in just a few minutes out of your day, but they will make all the difference.

6) Use the powerful, shape-shifting energies of this year to drop energies and beliefs that are no longer in alignment with you or your purposes.

7) Be aware that this is the last pass of the Uranus/Pluto square energies this month. We’ve been working with these energies since 2010, so they aren’t anything new to us. They are always an opportunity for folks to keep it cool or “lose their heads.” Some people are rising, some are falling and it all works out in the wash. Keeping anchored in the heart and staying out of excessive analysis is recommended.

As always, AWARENESS of our emotions and energies is key. Take good care beloved Empath friends!


keryndawer 3rd March 2015 3:35 pm

Thank you Rev. Irma. I really appreciate your understanding, concern and guidance for "us"~~the large community of Empaths and Sensitives~~during these times :) :) :)

bluedragoness 3rd March 2015 6:53 pm

Yes it is always good to be mindful of what is truly ours and what might be from external sources, although we tend to process for the most part what is ours, but it is common to think that because we cannot understand what is ours then "should be external".

At this point I truly feel in my heart that it is a fallacy to keep saying that only "we" are more sensitive and empathic than others. If we truly look around and see how energy affects everyone equally, we will see that everyone feels the same way. Everyone is equally sensitive but some people simply try to distract themselves or are simply less wounded (have a stronger foundation and are more grounded) than the ones who say to be more sensitive. only by realizing that everyone goes through the same symptoms, we become truly empathic.

Other people deal with the energies by becoming violent, like what you see in the news, but everyone is affected just the same.


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