"Best Of" Quotes From The Keepers, 2010

Hello friends,

Thank you for being on the ride with me throughout this powerful, amazing and wonderful year! In the process of archiving some of the material for the upcoming ebook, I thought it would be good to share some of the material from throughout the year. Thank you again for your support of my work and enjoy! For those that might be new to my work and blog, the “Keepers” are the Akashic Wisdom Keepers collective that I have been in communication with since 2007.

Your minds really are that powerful. They can convince you that you are so many things for good or for ill. When it comes to enlightenment and true healing, consciousness does not work homeopathically. More thought will not get you free from limitations of your thoughts. You become free by be-ing not by thinking.~ 8/1/10

Many people are disappointed to hear that they cannot completely eradicate all of their reactive responses or neuroses through working a spiritual path. Many of these things would be considered karmic impressions and they were not created overnight, nor will be they be dispelled immediately either. Explore them for the gifts that they are; a window into your nature and psyche that you may have not noticed before. Through patience and practice these energies can be transformed into a more useful awareness for you. Not all of these responses must be pulled out at the root, just remade into a more workable form for you. ~ 11/28/10

The saying, “How people treat you is their karma and how you react is yours,” is quite true. The good news though is that you are not locked into your karmic view permanently. Your reactions can run the gamut from deep karmic impressions to just having a difficult day. The happy place of peace and blessing is always available for you to return to. ~ 9/23/10

Be grateful to those that irritate you and “get your goat,” as they say. They are acting as fine sandpaper smoothing you down like a polished rock. So one day you may sit gently and watch, while all of life flows gently by you. There will be little to “stick” to you anymore; as you sit in radiance and in peace. This is the goal. ~ 12/10/10

Remember dear hearts, that there are hills and valleys in your journeys. It is not realistic to think or expect that every day you will be in perfected vibrational harmony. Yes there are highly developed beings that are able to maintain this, and it is certainly a worthy goal. The point is to love and appreciate your life; all of it, not just the aspects of it that make you happy or comfortable. ~ 12/13/10

In regards to enlightenment, as been said by many of your wise Masters, you are that which you seek. The way we see you energetically is a band of many concentric circles of energy, ever-growing and expanding outward. To ease the anxiety that you are not there or must attain something that you do not have we say this: You are all that is, all that ever was and all that will be. Let this be a powerful focus point in your meditation. There indeed is nothing to “get.” You are Sat-Chit-Ananda, ever-new joy, ever-expanding light. There is nothing that you lack, there is only that of which some of you are not aware just yet. ~ 8/29/10

One of the wonderful things about being connected is that the farther you go collectively, the higher you rise together. If you want to raise the energetic ceiling, work on yourselves and connect as One. ~ 9/8/10

There are many times when people are in emotional or psychic pain that they will either lash out at you or in some way try to ensnare you in their story. The reasons for this aren’t necessarily malicious, as they are seeking comfort and some are acting out of a “misery loves company” type of energetic. Truly the best thing you can do for them and yourselves is to keep a place of loving detachment, all the while continuing to see and give energy to the divine being that they truly are. As the saying goes, they are the sky, not the passing weather. To hold this knowledge for another no matter what their circumstances; is one of the greatest gifts that you can offer to them, along with your love. ~ 11/20/10

Regarding soul contract work with other human beings, these are formed to serve several purposes: as a teaching tool/device, to work out past karma, to clear ancestral energies or perhaps even for all three purposes simultaneously. Part of this information does fall under the “need to know” basis. If the ego-mind was to know of these interactions it perhaps would choose another path, while the wisdom-eye of the soul can see and understand the greater purpose. You are collectively evolving to a place of awareness where you will no longer have a need to experience growth or learning through what is considered pain. As you free yourself from your own past painful experiences, you allow your bodies to carry more light and freedom which in turn creates a greater possibility for others in the group mind to do the same. ~ 8/17/10

The relationships in your life are a great gift, especially the ones that are challenging for you. Where your hooks and hang-ups are is where your great work lies. There are many purposes cosmically for relationships as they act as mirrors and vehicles for karmic transformation. If you can take a sworn enemy and turn them into a spiritual brother or sister, you have certainly met the task at hand. It is much easier to do this if the person is actually in your life, in your physical reality. If they are not, the work must be done on an inner level, but you still can achieve the same result with due diligence. ~ 8/30/10

Though at first glance it would seem that ignorance, judgment and hatred are at an all-time high on your planet, there is a moving force of love underneath all appearances. Those misapprehensions of the truth are now being exposed so they may be transmuted and healed. We invite you to know that just as a body can have what is termed a “healing crisis” in its path to healing, so is it in your world. Hold fast to love and your own truth as One. There is great love here for you. ~ 10/7/10

It has been said many times that you are powerful offspring of Divine Source with all of the Keys to the Kingdom; but if you do not truly know, understand and believe this, they are merely words. The time has come to release outdated concepts of limitation, shame, guilt and any other emotion that may keep you out of alignment with Reality. Ask for assistance and you shall receive, dear Ones. You were made for these times. Shine brightly. ~ 8/1/10

May you be abundantly blessed in 2011 and beyond.

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer



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