Cosmic Weather 2014 Yearly Forecast: Keep Calm, Let Go and Follow your Bliss!

Hello friends. Can you believe we are in the last month of 2013? What a year it’s been. For me personally, it is been one of the most challenging years of my life, as I recently said goodbye to a beloved spiritual friend and mentor who has been in my care this year. I know that many others have experienced departures this year as well. I was recently saying it was surreal for me to be receiving condolance cards and emails, when up until recently it was I who had been sending them. I had a feeling Saturn in Scorpio in a “Water Snake” year going to be some trip through the underworld.

Though I know there are plenty of people who may not exactly be feeling optimistic about 2014 right now, I do encourage you to read my report. There are no promises that there will be no challenging energies or astrological aspects next year, but I feel we will be uniquely poised to deal with them, and have gleaned much wisdom through our experiences.

I am happy that 2014 is both the “Year of the (Wood/Green) Horse” which is related to change and movement in an earthy, grounded way, and a “7? numerologically, which is a deeply spiritual vibration, capable of great attainments in a higher consciousness and healing/restorative context.

This has been a mantra of sorts that has helped me put the past year into a different context, and to turn down the volume on judging it and myself. “This is your work. You were given a heavy curriculum, that’s it. There’s no blame, it’s not even wrong, it’s just what you’re given. You hear what I’m saying? It’s interesting. Can you all hear that one?” ~ Ram Dass, Summer 1989

I feel we will also see a deeper and more direct unfolding of predictions made by Edgar Cayce and others regarding the Shift and moving deeper into “unity consciousness.” Of course there will still be another negative timeline playing out, but more and more people will stop participating in it and be interested in turning into another channel, so to speak.

Spiritual counselors, energy workers and holistic healing practitioners will see an increase of interest in their work this year; especially those who represent themselves in a responsible, truthful and authentic manner (Saturn in Scorpio/Neptune in Pisces.)

One of the challenges for the coming year will be the capability of being fully in the NOW moment, and not retreating back into the negative experiences of the past 1-3 years, especially. The support of both the “7? and also the “Horse” energies will be supportive in helping us MOVE into new places and experiences; and also to see things from a higher, more spiritual perspective and to drop a self-obsessed, myopic view.

The “7? is also related to the “Chariot” card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot which is ruled by the sign of Cancer, and has to do with the spiritual quest, personal responsibility and also success through perseverance. This is good news, indeed.

It is in divine accord that your year of 2014 is a “7? numerologically. This number represents a higher dimension of spiritual awareness, unity and healing. There is a also connection to the 7 energy centers or chakras. This energy will be readily available to those who are available to step into it. Expect the upcoming year to also see beings step more fully into their soul gifts and missions.

Due the nature of the letting go of so much in 2012-2013 (people, places & things,) it brings the awareness that energy does not die, it simply changes form. As mentioned by your Edgar Cayce, the commonality of psychic gifts (especially the four “clairs,”) will be more easily experienced and accessed in the collective and also more accepted in the new, given reality. ~ The Keepers, 11.23.13

The “7? is also related to the “Chariot” card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot which is ruled by the sign of Cancer, and has to do with the spiritual quest, personal responsibility and also success through perseverance. This is good news, indeed. 

Beloveds, another thing that we see occurring in your 2014 is a further release of both a “superiority” and “inferiority” complex that ordinary mind/ego enjoys playing. In terms of other beings who’s unconscious behaviors may have hurt you, there has been a certain satisfaction that they are not yet awakened to this behavior, and so forth.

This may indeed be true, but it is still a subtle judgment upon them and their path. Mind will do this as a defense mechanism out of pain, and from a certain vantage point it is understandable. It is also a “habit,” and like all habits they can be changed through awareness, practice and repetition.

The gift in these interactions is that they reveal the open spot in your “armor,” so to speak, and where some psychic/emotional pain may be that perhaps has been long-hidden. For those empathic and sensitive ones that have unconsciously “merged” with individuals who have been withholding and even hurtful, this has caused a great confusion.

We see that in the coming year especially, it will be a time of even greater personal empowerment. True empowerment however, does not allow one to be taller by cutting off the heads of others as the saying goes. It comes from being *complete* and whole in one’s self. The years of 2011-2013 especially have promoted this particular type of preparatory growth. Shanti. ~  The Keepers, 12.4.13

In many cases, those who identify especially as Adult Indigo or light workers have a highly developed “hypervigilance” which has enabled them to survive energetically and psychically challenging environments. This seems to run contrary to the philosophy of letting go the illusion of absolute control in one’s life or in the overseeing of the lives of others.

We see that one of the gifts of the coming year is the continued release and unraveling of this control mechanism, which unveils a deeper calm and peace within. Activities such as meditation, ritual, being in nature and simply resting and taking one’s life at a slower pace will do much to heal and restore those impacted by the spiritual and physical intensity of the past months and years. ~ The Keepers, 12.2.13

One of the gifts of the “7? energy for the collective is the ability to continue to focus spiritual power and intention to specific parts of the planet via intention. With Neptune in Pisces, there is a continue focus on bodies of water and the healing therein such as the case of Fukushima and the Pacific Ocean.

Q: What can we do about the clean-up regarding Fukushima and the Pacific Ocean? Living near the ocean has people nervous and wanting to move inland and away for their protection. What can you tell us about this? Thank you.

A: Dear ones, thank you for your question. Do not give into fear. Practice environmental alchemy. Those who live near or who can travel to the oceans, place your hands in or near the water, send love and practice Ho?oponopono: I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you. If you cannot travel to the ocean, you can still do this practice spiritually and in your own heart.

To be an environmental shaman/alchemist you must also purify all that is dark and lacking love in your own being. As within – so without. It also recommended to tend to your own physical being and vibration with high quality food, water and high frequency supplements to which you are guided. Fear not dear ones. There is great love here for you. Shanti. ~  The Keepers, 11.24.13

Wishing you all a beautiful Holiday season and abundantly blessed year ahead. Thank you to everyone who has shared my own journey this year and have sent donations, love and prayers. Your support has been deeply appreciated. Namaste.


keryndawer 7th December 2013 5:06 am

Thank you Rev. Irma. I always love and appreciate your positive messages :) :) :) Just purchased two of your books and I can't wait to delve in to them with all my heart.


akashicstargirl 7th December 2013 12:50 pm

Thank you so much Keryn! I hope you enjoy the books.

Blessings of the season to you,


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