Cosmic Weather – 2015 Yearly Snapshot

2015: Manifestation, Magnification and the Big Magic

You have to believe we are magic. Nothin’ can stand in our way. You have to believe we are magic. Don’t let your aim ever stray. And if all your hopes survive, destiny will arrive. I’ll bring all your dreams alive, for you. From where I stand you are home free. The planets align so rare. There’s something in the air, and I’m guiding you. ~ Lyall/Patton

To talk about where we are going in 2015 it’s important to take a moment to discuss where we’ve been. From where I see it, all of the trials and challenges in 2014 have served as preparation and initiation for what is to come. The distractions and diversions have been great, but we’ve become more actutely aware of them. Many people have seen the price to be paid for getting seriously pulled from their own center into collective or personal dramas and to let their vibration drop. Especially in an “8” vibration consistency and focus are important keys. Of course we’re going to have “off” days everyone does, it’s just a matter of how fast we get back on the horse so to speak.

Some Key points and wisdom to take away from 2014:

1) We learned that the Universe DOES indeed have our back, even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment. Things do have a way of working themselves out for our greater good.

2) We have seen the negative effects of FEAR, but the up side is that it showed us the areas in which we need to do more personal work and have more trust of ourselves and our process.

3) People, places and things that no longer serve us have fallen away. The more we clung to them, the greater potential for suffering. This is also part of the trust that many were being asked to exercise in 2014; walking through the “cloud of unknowing,” which isn’t necessarily easy or without a certain level of anxiety, but has served a greater purpose.

This year is an opportunity to “be yourself” and be personally authentic in a new and interesting way. Many people have been working on this and in the “7” Universal Year of 2014 many impediments, extraneous elements and personal falsehoods were shed. This is a “suit up and show up” year, the likes we have not seen as of yet in this particular way and set of collective and personal circumstances.

Imagery of the Lion (8 Universal Year) vs. the Sheep (Chinese New Year of the Sheep/Goat.) I was thinking on the interesting juxtaposition of this and was shown that 2014 has been all about finding our most authentic self, developing stronger boundaries and staying on point spiritually. It’s as if we finally have developed the spiritual strength to be open and vulnerable at heart, knowing our boundaries and spiritual support system is in place to protect and take care of us. This is an energy of gentle, but tangible strength.

If you’re not quite there yet, no worries. The full energies of the year tend to fully bloom around Chinese New Year in mid-February from my observation of the general energies of the New Year. In the tail end of the “Year of the Horse” there still may be some final movement and changes happening.

Lessons of the “7” Universal Year: Compassion, support, personal revelation, unconditional love and healthy detachment.

Opportunities of the “8” Universal Year: Empowerment, increase, power, healthy self-esteem and honoring oneself, manifestation in all ways.

Spiritual Diligence

Just this month I received some very interesting information about the nature of “negative energy” and our thoughts and also “unhooking” from the Collective. There are two schools of thoughts around this. One is that there is a bunch of fear-based negative stuff in the world that can ensnare you, especially if you are empathic and/or highly sensitive. There is another that takes the well-known axiom of the late, great Robert Anton Wilson close to heart, “What the thinker thinks, the prover proves.” In other worlds, our BELIEFS are going to be especially important this year with such powerful magnetic potentials around. It may be a very good time to develop that mantra to one’s ordinary mind, “not helpful,” “thanks for your input,” or “cancel that.” The negative indulgences of doubt, fear, bitterness and cynicism will have greater consequences during energies of greater expansion and magnification.

In the coming year it may seem like the magical opportunities are coming from the outside and they may be, but it is you who has shifted an created space for them. In the trials and tests of 2014 we have learned deeper lessons about faith, trust, boundaries and self-care. All of these qualities have served us well in preparation for the greater manifestation opportunities to come.

2015 Message from Angel Celestina ~

The time for greater personal responsibilty is at hand and co-dependence has greater conseqences, especially for those in the know. One of them being a distraction and dissipation of cosmic forces that are strongly in favor with those who are clear and in alignment with the greater good. It is possible to be compassionate and caring while tending to one’s own garden, so to speak. It is also possible that there will be a continuance of the clearing of karmic conditions, especially on a physical and emotional level; but please be aware there are great supportive energies to move through these even more quickly and efficiently than before.

Spirit and the celestials have recognized how hard you have been working to maintain spiritually and materially. In 2015 you are invited to work smarter not harder and take time for rest and enjoyment for yourselves. Would you like a vacation? Manifest one. It will be easier now than before. Use your will and intention to create your experience. And so it is. ~ 12.7.14

We have your back, and we always have. There is nothing more to prepare. We are with you at this time, and will be for eternity. We are you. We have been there and we understand. Stay strong in your hearts and this will outweigh the thoughts in your minds. Remember, now, that you asked for this love and peace to fill the Earth. It is happening and you are a great part of it. Be who you are and accept this as your truth. Miracles are unfolding rapidly and you just need to breathe them in. They are as real as the nose on your face. We love you and are so grateful for the work you are doing in your ability to accept. Continue to allow the acceptance of this New Earth and this New Earth will receive you with all of Her glory. You are aligned with these energies now and we are aligned with you. ~ Masters Babaji, Ala Gobi, and Ganesh via Ray Rolando (from 2012)

Regarding the global potentials of these energies on the world stage, a reminder that we are in the last two pivotal years of the Uranus/Pluto square energies (2010-2016,) with another major contact to occur in March of 2015. It is recommended to hold space of light and healing for all who may be suffering and/or are contributing to the energetic Shift that is continuing in full flower.

Wishing you all bountiful blessings of clarity, health and abundance in 2015!


Atrest 5th January 2015 10:53 am

Thank you so much for your words of truth, with all the lies out there sometimes it gets lost. I know you are right, because in my heart I feel something so big is going to happen I can hardly contain it, about us creating and manifesting in such a different and awesome way. I love your support. Blessings always.

Peter fox 5th January 2015 11:39 am

Ditto above!


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