Cosmic Weather – Energy Snapshot for November 2012

Hello friends. We start the month on a rather inward or quiet note with the Day of the Dead/All Saints Day celebration but this soon makes way to a vibe that is very much about expansion and LIFE. November brings us further activation and clearing issues. It also carries the Stargate/Eclipse energies which is not only things leaving or being “eclipsed out.” but new people and energies being magnetized IN. Be sure to be open and create space for them.

Mantra of the Month: I put up my sails that will carry me into my bright future. I trust. All is well. ~ ? ~

The astrology of the month reflects the need to have faith and trust. There are some that have already stepped into their new life paths i.e. jobs, relationships, relocations, etc. For many others these pathways are just beginning to take form.

Relationships may be impacted this month carrying the teaching of helping us to become less codependent and more personally sovereign. Our success in this area may depend on our ability to “choose our battles,” and practice our developing ZenGirl/boy detachment. Like other aspects of our lives, our relationships are being “reconfigured.” It is best not to obstruct the process.

Whether or not you believe or are following the “Shift” on the planet, this month has a rather “down to the wire” kind of vibe. Not in a fearful or threatening way however, but more of a “brass tacks” kind of way. Scorpio is all about getting to the bottom of things and the truth, and this month (especially until around the 23rd or so,) will be no exception. Also energies and circumstances can move quickly, so have heart. I was shown it was likened to one of those places with such changeable weather that they have sayings like, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes.” :)

11:11 Stargate Message: Dear Ones, make a conscious intention to accept and assimilate the new Light Codes that are making their way unto the Planet into your being. They have been bathing you and Gaia in a steady stream, however there are certain dates or moments in “time” that they are more concentrated. The Stargate of 11:11-13 is one of them. Shanti. – The Keepers, 11.1.12

11.11: Transcendence. We see that these energies (being also while the Sun is in Scorpio,) provide great potential for healing and transcending the limitations of the past; using the tools of shamanic, dream and “Shadow” work. – The Keepers, from 10.10.12

The stargate for 12:12 according to the Keepers is “realization.” We are continuing to shape and build our new realities. What do you wish to realize? The truth of the Self? The abundant nature of the Universe? It’s important to keep giving our “wizard” skills a workout as we continue to drop false beliefs of victimization and lack. For those struggling with physical issues, there will continue to be strong, supportive vibrations to help get to the root cause of dis-ease and dysfunction. May you be well. And so it is.

Have a wonderful November! ~ Irma Kaye Sawyer/Cosmic Weather


COBALT 2nd November 2012 12:22 pm


Leigh42 2nd November 2012 2:43 pm

I am experiencing the rapid fluctuation... It is true, if you "don't like the weather, just wait a minute" cuz it is sure to change. If it is down, there is no doubt it is on its way up and even vice versa. I have tried to balance and steady the Bliss so that the downs are less dramatic.

Makes it seem like we are all flippin Bi-polar these days. :) (nothing against my Bipolar peeps out there, we all have at least a few DSMV 4 traits for that one.)



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