Cosmic Weather – Equinox & Full Moon Report

Use this power thus generated, not to self-indulgence – but to beautify and to make the world a better place because ye have lived in it. – Edgar Cayce, Reading 5392-1

Hello friends. Welcome to the Spring (Fall) Equinox, the second Eclipse (partial Lunar) of the month and the Full Moon in Libra. This is one of the great “power portals” of the year in the Cosmic Weather and this year that designation has gone up a notch. How so? Well we opened up the season with the New Moon in Pisces, along with four other planets at that time which ushered in some MAJOR healing and transcendent energy. We are still feeling the effects of three planets and Chiron in Pisces making a contact to the South Node. This is all about where we’ve been more than where we’re going, but in this case the two can be intertwined as a new path emerges.

Eclipses placed in between the Equinox open a powerful gateway of energy. I comment on this every year, but this time what’s coming up for review is especially important. We are in a “9” Universal Year of endings and generally wrapping things up cosmically and karmically. As we step through this portal gateway, we want to be traveling lighter, being especially mindful of the messages and insights that arise. That’s what the energies of February and earlier this month have been about; showing us areas that are up for healing, draining our energies or that we have simply outgrown. It is mind that may attribute drama or suffering to these endings, but we know better on a soul level that all is well, despite outer appearances. As we approach a whole new cycle (“1”) beginning in 2017, what is coming up may seem daunting or even frightening, but the Universe is really quite wise. We have a golden opportunity this year through these portals to shed what has run its course in our lives and to step into higher levels of personal awareness and empowerment. All that is unlike love has been bubbling to the service, both personally and collectively. This is not easy by any means but for the moment anyway, it is necessary. It is also helpful to be mindful that we are at different places on our path and they are all valid. For those newly awakened may seek the support of those who recognize the signposts. It will continue to be important to practice unity consciousness whenever we can and hold the door open for others, so to speak.

The interesting thing about Chiron “the wounded healer” being so highlighted these days, is it brings the opportunity to turn our wounds into strength. It is not about denying where we’ve been and what we have experienced, but assimilating the higher teachings that have come from it. Pisces *allows* us to simply BE without so much analysis and comparison to others, which in itself can be profoundly healing. Some of these wounds are ancient and deep, going all the way to childhood or even before. With Pisces being a karmic sign, there is the possibility that samskaras or impressions have arisen. Though clearing work at deep levels is usually not comfortable or easy, it is helpful to know that our personal work benefits the all. Let us offer up both our wounds and the healing balm that emerges from them. This is one way that we contribute to the transformation of the world.

Cosmically, the planet has been hit off and on with powerful energetic downloads that began at the New Moon on March 8th, and they have continued. I have been hearing reports from many people that they have been experiencing great fluxes of energy, big changes and in some cases, chaos. Keep the faith dear ones. This is all par for the cosmic course during this season.

Equinox Gateway message: Dear ones, there is a powerful window of opportunity before you, along with a great abundance of cosmic and celestial energy for your support and use. Breathe deeply. Step through. Further open to the LOVE that is ready to embody you. – The Keepers, 3.18.16

The Sun moves into the sign of Aries at the Equinox on 3/20/16 to mark the sign of Spring (Fall) and the start of the Astrological New Year.

The Full Moon in Libra on 3/23 is accompanied by a partial Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses during Full Moon are interesting as we’ve got the Full Light of the Moon being obscured or eclipsed. This causes the full power of the lunation to be turned more inward for a short period of time. The classical associations with Libra are: balance, harmony, sociability and beauty. The shadow being: indecisiveness, disharmony, superficiality or imbalance.

There is always an interesting juxtaposition between the self-centeredness of Aries (“I AM”) and the other-focused energy of Libra who’s keyword is “I balance.” Keeping in mind two important things about Aries: I AM is way up there with the most powerful things that we can say regarding setting our intention and creating it in outer reality. Also, that Aries in its higher aspect is the sign of the Spiritual Warrior. With these two energies present, we can call our own inner courage to the fore to further support harmony and beauty on our path.

This has always been our first and foremost message to you in both our teachings and transmissions: You Are That. Sat-Chit-Ananda. Once you see the Earth game for what it is, you are free. This is what is meant by the quote, “When you see how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.” This does not meant to imply that there are no troubles in life; but that they are working for some higher, intelligent purpose that is not always readily apparent. You are only pretending to be a limited being and for a short time at that. Shanti. – The Keepers, 3.16.16

Bright Equinox Blessings and Full Moon/Eclipsing to you all!

The Sun in Aries and Equinox are on 3/20/16 at 12:30 am EDT. The Full Moon is on 3/23 at 8:01 am EDT. The Lunar Eclipse is at 7:47 am EDT.



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