Cosmic Weather: Equinox Gateway 2014 - Shine on & Stabilize!

When she transformed into a butterfly, the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty, but of her weirdness. They wanted her to change back into what she always had been. But she had wings. – Dean Jackson

Hello friends. Welcome to the Spring (Fall) Equinox gateway of 2014, you’re soaking in it! This time of year is always potent between Sun in Pisces, the deep cosmic metaphor of Lent, Spring and the Ascension of Easter. I have been reporting on the cosmic energies since 2010 and have seen an increase in their power and stability since that time. The period leading to the Equinox has aptly been named the “Gateway” and that is quite appropriate. It is a portal of power that can be filled with both light and shadow for the goal of a breakthrough to a new level of awareness, freedom and spiritual sovereignty.

The Equinox represents equality of the self, the mother, public reputation/career and home and the mother.

I have enclosed the above quote by Dean Jackson as it also is a good illustration to what has been happening this month; especially with those who identify as Adult Indigos or Light workers. It’s time to fully embrace your “weirdness” including the ideas and concepts that in reality aren’t weird at all; they just may be too innovative or new for certain folks to digest, at least at this point anyway. So shine on and be yourselves in all of your glory friends. This is to all of our benefit.

That is, a period of highly charged spiritual energy that often serves as what I affectionately call the “cosmic blender.” It’s good to remember whatever is coming “up” for you right now is *not* meant to be carried though the Equinox Gateway.

Ceres moves into Libra on 3/22 which will bring a return to nurturing by beauty, grace and refinement. The New Moon in Aries is 3/30 and the “window” of opportunity and power will be in orb on 3/29.

Here is a post from my Facebook page “Cosmic Weather” from earlier this week which I feel is also fitting. ~ Another changing of the tide thing, especially geared towards the Adult Indigo and Lightworker friends here. We are definitely at a critical time as we approach the Equinox Gateway. There’s a good chance there are certain folks in your world that you simply don’t “sit well” with, and perhaps you never did. Now would be the time to tend to your own side of the street and do a bit of smiling and nodding. Between now and the end of April people’s internal discomfort is going to be on the rise. It doesn’t erode your character to curtail the personal light crusade that has been your life, temporarily. This time actions will mostly be internal. There will also be moments where you are strongly guided to speak, and your words may be heard more clearly than they ever have been.

I want to be clear that the “smiling and nodding” part is not about cow-towing to others, it’s mostly about choosing one’s battles and conserving energies. Since this is indeed a gateway or opening, there may be people in your life that have been having their own personal breakthroughs, both large and small. For those who have held fixed views in certain areas for a long time, this may be disorienting to say the least. Between now and well into April, this is going to be definitely worth noting. Also, the one thing that many of my fellow energy reporters have been receiving about this particular time is the necessity of holding the line vibrationally in a place of love and compassion, to further stabilize the planetary grid.

It’s also important to remember that in the period leading up to the Spring (Fall) Equinox on 3/20 it’s always a significant Stargate.

The one thing that IS similar to previous years at this time is the variability of frequency. The Akashic Wisdom Keepers have often used the analogy of a radio station. In that if you don’t like the frequency that you are on, you may feel free to change the channel at any time to reach for higher, more comfortable harmonics. Some effective tools to assist are: meditation, ceremony, yoga, time in nature, trance work, drumming, art, etc.

Just today I had a significant shift in an area that has proven to be shall we say, less than empowering for me in the past. During an email exchange with a friend later today, she noticed the same thing. These energies are tangible, potent and waiting for us to utilize them for the benefit of all from this moment forward.

Lightworkers, Indigos, et al the upcoming Equinox gateway (and into April) is a pivotal time both personally and collectively. Personally it is a journey into the heart of the void, where personal shadows and contrast may be up. This is nothing to be feared and in fact, is part of your collective and individual initiations. How this manifests for you personally will however be unique. Also take this time to join your hearts and hands together to welcome in a higher wave of cosmic energy that will be embracing the planet and available to all who would partake. This will be a holy communion, as in a co-union and co-creation with Source Energy. ~ Angel Celestina, 3.7.14

NOTE: When I asked the Keepers about dates of note besides 3/20 (Sun in Aries/Equinox,) I was given 3/22 and 3/29-30. Interestingly, Ceres moves into Libra on 3/22 which will bring a return to nurturing by beauty, grace and refinement. The New Moon in Aries is 3/30 and the “window” of opportunity and power will be in orb on 3/29.

Abundant blessings to you all, dear readers. Thank you for reading and remember to keep it Cosmic!


Tiff 17th March 2014 11:59 pm

Thank you, Irma.


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