Cosmic Weather for April 20-27, 2014: Cardinal Cross

Hello friends. Well here we go, it's another visit of Cardinal Cross this week. We've had several visits so far, and have two more to go before we are through this particularly challenging and unique aspect. This year it comes around on 12/15, so that gives us plenty of time to integrate before it visits us again. 

The Cardinal Cross consists of several "hard" astrological aspects that are 13 degrees and change (commonly rounded up to 14.) The Cardinal signs of Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn at 13-14 degrees will be feeling the heat of this the most, though it certainly may impact everyone to a certain extent based on their own natal chart, current transits and ability to let go and trust. 

I love what astrologer and Sabian Symbol expert Blain Bovee said about the Cardinal Cross at his presentation last week. He said to "treat it with the Greek rule of Hospitality." What that means is to welcome and accomodate it like a special guest in your home. The reasoning for this according to the ancient Greeks, is that you never knew if your guest was a god or goddess just masquerading around as something else. You also didn't want to particularly irritate or anger them either, as some of their punishments weren't particularly comfortable. It's a powerful metaphor for these energies in the sense that while they can be fierce in their transformative force, they also come bearing gifts; some of which we may not immediately see or experience. 

The keyword for the week ahead is: OPPORTUNITY. 

Beloveds, the years during this particular aspect (Uranus/Pluto Square) will be powerful and far-reaching for you, and also for future generations. You will see in this time period both personal and collective manifestations of these energies in a *restructuring* that in many instances, may involve “tearing down” the old models down to the basic foundation, so to speak. It is a time of new visions, dreams and supporting these new structures in both a spiritual and physical (material) reality. ~ The Keepers, from 4.4.13

Without going deeply into each individual aspect, what I will say is that *oppression* is definitely going to be up both personally and collectively. Certain situations, jobs and/or relationships may become intolerable. Upon further observation it may be that this is actually old news, but just the ability to bear sub-standard conditions is no longer possible. Be mindful of uprisings and protests that also may not make it into the mainstream news. 

Not to be forgotten, we also have Pluto which has recently stationed Retrograde. This gives the Plutonic energy (of power and transformation,) a deeper, more introspective and "slow burn" quality to it. Pluto Retrograde in combination with the Cardinal Cross energies is a potent mix, indeed. On an intuitive level, Pluto Retrograde to me can have a shamanic quality to it, with the common visual images being the Raven/Crow and a cauldron bubbling and cooking away unconscious material that is no longer useful. 

The actual dates and aspects for those who may be interested. (NOTE: The dates given here are for North America. Your location may impact your actual dates. Thank you.

Jupiter opposed to Pluto = 4/20
Uranus square to Pluto = 4/21 
Mars square to Jupiter = 4/22 
Mars square to Pluto = 4/23

**Of all of these dates ahead, the dates that may be the most potentially challenging are the 21st and 23rd, though the entire four day period will be highly charged. Light workers and spiritual practitioners in all modalities, I would kindly suggest that you hold space for the entire week for the highest and most conducive manifestation of these energies upon the global stage.

Empaths and the highly sensitive may find next week (Sunday-Thursday especially,) challenging energetically. Please remember to GROUND and re-center your energies often as necessary, as the cosmic superhighway is definitely going to be busy. 

It's good to remember that from a spiritual viewpoint, those alive in these energetic times are not here by accident. These powerful energies have tremendous potential for spiritual expansion, greater freedom and joy for those remain open and are not in repression or denial of their own shadow material. 

Have a great week ahead friends and remember to keep it Cosmic!


keryndawer 22nd April 2014 12:32 am

Thank you Irma for your insights and words of wisdom regarding the present and beyond :) I always appreciate your "special instructions" for empaths like myself :)

With Blessings, Love and Light xo


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