Cosmic Weather - Full Moon Report for 6.2.15

Full Moon in Sagittarius:
The Body Temple, the Light Bulb and Crystal Visions

Hello friends. Ah it’s that time of year again for the Full Moon in Sagittarius along with the Sun in Gemini. Though I normally don’t delve into the other planetary aspects too much in my Full Moon reports, I do mention what I think is relevant. In this case it would be Mercury (Retrograde) and Mars both currently in Gemini. This Retrograde period as predicted and expected has offered us much more than the usual communication irritations and snafus. That is, for the folks really paying attention and I know you are dear readers! We’ve also had a strong presence of Neptune which is including the energy of the “depths” which is adding to the transformation potential and “aha!” moments.

AUM is where the Heart is

Both Gemini and Sagitarius (Air/Fire respectively) are not energies to sit anything out, usually. They are both active and mental but on both sides of the mental spectrum. Gemini is the “Reporter” archetype and likes to explore multiple views. The shadow energy being flightly, superficial and/or too distracted to commit. Sagittarius on the other hand loves altruism and the pursuit of truth, especially spiritual or idealogical ones. The shadow is too become too dogmatic, preachy or even intractible, which isn’t always usual for a mutable sign. There is a rather frenetic “buzz” that usually accompanies this Full Moon and it can make some people edgy or even irritated. This current Retrograde period has been deeply transformative and introspective, not usually the domain of Gemini necessarily, but there is a greater overarching cosmic direction happening here. We are in a powerful year of karmic manifestation and magnification, where unknown or hidden things may have continued to come to light. One key I feel, is to utilize the Jupiterian (expansive) energy of Sagittarius and fly above the “buzz” and straight into the Hum or the AUM/OM; a place of great peace, spiritual communication and magic. Sagittarius is also the realm of spiritual optimism, which may be a great healing “medicine” to some of the tougher energies of late, especially the “karmic blender” of late March and April. 

Now there I go again I see, the crystal vision. I keep my visions to myself. ~ Stevie Nicks “Dreams”

This moon is impacted by two Sabian Symbols and my feeling is that in the unfolding of its energy we will experience both. 11 Sagittarius: In The Left Section Of An Archaic Temple, A Lamp Burns In A Container Shaped Like A Human Body. This has been related to “physical enlightenment” and the concept that enlightment occurs “at home” and not anywhere else. It is also a reference to the holiness of the human being and the body as a temple in itself. Do you have any physical or emotional challenges impeding you? Listen to the messages they offering. Allow your own priest/ess of the temple to shed light on the situation. The 11th degree in the Sabian Symbol system has been referred to as the “light bulb” degree.

12 Sagittarius: A Flag Turns Into An Eagle; The Eagle Into A Chanticleer Saluting The Dawn. To me, this is quite clear in that the flag which symbolizes territory, land and nationality transforms into something much greater; a system of Great Spirit/Source which flys above it, seeing it all. Saluting the dawn also has a beautiful connotation. This would normally be more associated with a New Moon as opposed to a Full one with its sense of a creative stillpoint, but I think for the current energies it’s particularly appropriate.

Keynote: If one can tune into the higher, healing frequencies of this moon and ignore the static and the tendency to overthink (or overspeak) it, there is great potential for spiritual connection, communication and vision.

Happy Full Moon friends!

NOTE: The Full Moon in Sagittarius is 6.2.15 at 9:19 am PDT/12:19 PM EDT.


bonniesoltis 1st June 2015 12:39 pm

How long will this period last?

akashicstargirl 2nd June 2015 2:57 pm

Hi Bonnie,
The Full Moon window is usually three days. Mercury will station direct on 6/11.


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