Cosmic Weather - Full Moon Report For 8.20.13

Hello friends. It's that time again, the upcoming full moon. Not only is it another Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius, it's a "Blue Moon" as well. This particular Blue Moon is the third of four full moons in a season.

For more detailed information about Blue Moons, you may check out this piece: Blue Moon Article

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon- Aquarius 28: A tree felled and sawed. 

This isn’t one of the easier ones to interpret, and there are several different directions one could go with it. It does have the implication of the zen-like, “Chop Wood, Carry Water” of everyday life, along with perhaps putting some of the wood up to carry one through the Winter in forward thinking preparedness.

I enjoyed the interpretation here below, as I also sensed a deeply spiritual and “subliminal” element to this particular full moon energy.

Taken altogether, a sense of something of “spirit” lying just beyond ordinary perception is suggested. Indeed, the opposing Leo (*28) symbol, “Many little birds on the limb of a large tree,” is assuredly connected in with liminal awareness, subliminal influences, and subtle energies that lie just beyond the horizon of perception. In a more esoteric sense, the symbol points to a potential for greatly expanded awareness of spirit energies that may of great benefit or of a great sense of personal fulfillment. ~ Blain Bovee 

I may tap you on the shoulder, and whisper “go” in red. Strip your feet of lead my friend. Strip your feet of lead. – Bauhaus

Bauhaus – Spirit

During this Full Moon period we also have the Sun conjunct Ceres which may be activating our own “Persephone” myth in the form of recent shocks, upsets or just generally difficult karmic “chickens coming home to roost.” We may have recently found ourselves near the bottom of a deep emotional well, with or without full knowledge of how or why we got there.

This is also part and parcel with the recent “Lionsgate” energies which were very much about finding our own courage and personal empowerment. The skillful means being offered here are to use the heroic and royal energies of Leo to lift us out of any victimized, hollow or defeated feelings that we may be experiencing. It’s certainly okay to mourn what has past, but there is also the remembrance that there are some powerful and amazing energies just ahead of us with another portal/stargate taking place on 8/25.

I feel the key is to move *through* the emotion, resisting nothing and honoring it all as part of our own sacred journey to greater awareness and wholeness. I also get the sense that this moon is bringing the feeling that even heroes and heroines get worn out sometimes. The last 2-3 weeks for many have been very intense and have brought much growth in the form of lessons, some of them rather painful; but there is also a feeling of resilience and a new strength just below the surface.

This Full moon feels particularly majestic and significant to me on several levels. Though the Sun will still be at the tail end of Leo, it doesn’t necessarily feel like a big “partying” moon time, though it does have a joyful element to it. It feels quieter and more introspective to me. More like a private or small group gathering with Spirit, your Angels and anyone else that you would care to invite would fit the bill quite nicely. Also, perhaps take a walk through the forest or even to a nearby park. The birds or tree spirits may have a special message just for you.

Happy Full Moon & many blessings friends.

Aquarius Full Moon Mantra: I give thanks for the awareness and growth from the last moon cycle. I am open and become quiet to hear the message of Spirit. All is well. I extend my peaceful blessings to all.  And so it is. 

Note: The Full Moon in Aquarius is 8.20.13 at 6:45 pm PDT/9:45 pm EDT. 


akashicstargirl 19th August 2013 4:53 pm

CORRECTION: This Blue Moon is the third of four full moons in a season, not the 2nd Full Moon in 30 days. Thank you.


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