Cosmic Weather - Full Moon Report for July 22, 2013

Hello friends.Well can you feel it? It's the universal sigh of the collective now that Mercury has gone Direct.  I've been hearing from many people these past weeks that this one has been more than a little challenging. The last few weeks however, have also been profoundly moving, transcendent and growth producing too; just as predicted in our 2013 "Summer of Love" with the Grand Water Trine. 

I heard the expression "Firewater" in relationship to this Full Moon. The Sun will also move into Leo the same day (at 8:56 am PDT/11:56 am EDT.) As we look at the Sabian Symbol for the Sun, this phrase also makes some sense. 

1º Leo (121): Under emotional stress, blood rushes to a man's head. ~ Marc Edmund Jones/Elsie Wheeler 

Both Aquarius and Leo have potential for "hot head" behaviors and/or intractability as they are "Fixed" sign energies in their shadow side. The higher manifestation of these *passionate* vibrations would be in more creative and magnanimous pursuits. Be mindful of projection or acting out on others, which can serve as a powerful distraction from utilizing these energies in the most skillful means that they offer. 

Also with Mars conjunct Jupiter and in forming opposition to Pluto, there could be a degree of reactivity or anger that comes up for us now, as well, and that could serve as a trigger for further self-understanding as we meditate on the root cause of anger, which is never for the most obvious reason. The emotional connection that you have within yourself can be a powerful tool for healing these issues as they arise, provided that your awareness supports this meditative stance. ~ Henry Seltzer/Astrograph 

As we move through our emotions (Mars/Jupiter in Cancer,) and let go of blocks and limitations, we are more available for our own personal sovereignty and empowerment (Sun in Leo,) which makes us more available and aligned for unity consciousness (Full Moon in Aquarius.) 

Love goes ahead, love goes behind us. Love is within, and love will guide us. And I’d sure like it if you shine your light, and let your love rain like water. Fire and Water, I am still learning. ~ Edward Sharpe 

Fire & Water: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros 

Aquarius Full Moon message: Dear ones, this Full moon marks a great moment of ripeness and fruition in your lives. It is a time of both reflection and gratitude contained within radiant healing energies. Radiate your love-wisdom all for the benefit of all sentient beings. Let your being become a beacon of blessings for all who shall receive and so shall you expand, in love. Shanti. ~ The Keepers, 7.20.13 

 Happy Full Moon friends. 

Note: Full Moon in Aquarius is 7.22.13 at 11:16 AM PDT/2:16 PM EDT/6:16 PM GMT




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