Cosmic Weather - Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Report for April 15, 2014

Hello friends. We have arrived at the Full Moon/Eclipse for April. It has also been called a "Blood Moon" due to the coppery hue that appears due to the effects of the lunar eclipse. We haven't had a full lunar eclipse since 2011, so this one is rather special. 

If you've been a visitor to the Cosmic Weather page, you hopefully are clued in to how powerful of a month we are in astrologically due to two eclipses sandwiched in the middle of a close alignment of the Cardinal Cross energies (4/20 through 4/23/14.) 

Eclipses can be life-changing events and with all of the mojo accompanying this one, I would say be open to the change, shock and/or miracle (not necessarily in that order.) Also, do keep in mind that eclipses can somewhat hasten the hand of the Universe, so it's good to remember the immortal Zen axiom, "Let go or be dragged." 

We also have the Aries (Sun) and Libra (moon) dynamic of me vs. you, force vs. non-resistance. This is always an interesting dynamic with powerful spiritual potentials. Areas where you are in need of balance in relationships, especially around boundaries, service, etc. will be "up." What areas in your life can you be less selfish? Where can you be more selfless? Where can you be more balanced? 
The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon at 26 Libra is: An Eagle and a Large White Dove Turning Constantly into Each Other.  
Both of these birds are powerful from a shamanic/totem animal perspective, as the Eagle is often represented as a symbol of the "Great Spirit" and the ability to ascend or see human problems and issues from a higher and more spiritual perspective. The White Dove has long been represented as a symbol of the decsent of the "Holy Spirit," and also a powerful symbol of peace. I would interpret this to mean that the cosmos has given us a perfect moment to chose a higher way of being and a perspective of peace for ourselves and also for all sentient beings. Since the two birds are "turning into each other," this also denotes a transformative sense energetically. 
Though Eclipses can be seen as "dark" periods energetically with powerful magical potential, they also have the ability to shine a great llight and create powerful openings on an inner level, especially. Ritual and consciousness raising work of all kinds will be favored now. 

When tuning into the energies of this Full Moon and eclipse, I kept going back to the *heart* - both the individual and the cosmic. Be open and aware for balancing that may occur in this area. Libra energy isn't necessarily nostalgia or overly emotional, but it's not every day that it comes traveling alongside a full lunar eclipse, either. 

Carl Jung once said that unconscious material that is not processed can show up in the world as "fate." This entire month does have a rather karmic and fated quality to it. This doesn't necessarily have to be negative whatsoever. For many people, especially those who have been holding loving space for others, your ship very well may come in. Full moons tend to be about *manifestation* and fruition friends. We've also got a Solar Eclipse coming later in the month (4/29) to help get our plans and dreams off the ground, and that is a good time to plant new seeds if we so desire. 

Cheers and Happy Full Moon cosmic friends. 

NOTE: The astrological event occurs at 12:42 am PDT/3:42 am EDT.


keryndawer 15th April 2014 12:52 am

LOVELY Irma--Thank you so much for this message :)


jdcogmon 15th April 2014 12:23 pm

That was absolutely brilliant.
This article is informative, insightful, easy to follow and easy to apply to my own life.
Thank you for sharing your light with the world.


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