Cosmic Weather - Monthly Snapshot for July, 2014

Don't dream it. BE it. ~ Richard O'Brian/Rocky Horror Picture Show 

Hello friends. Can you believe the year is already almost half over? It indeed has been flying by, but not necessarily because we've all been having fun. Last month especially, that may not have exactly been on the agenda. Many folks may be feeling what I affectionately call "cosmic whiplash" from the intensity and Mercurial mischief of last month. 

As I focused on the energies of the month, I heard the words, "Maiden Voyage." In many ways we are in uncharted territory, and that is both exciting and a bit frightening. We have gone through so many changes recently that we may not fully recognize ourselves yet. The month ahead is a time of integration of all that we have learned and experienced in June. As per usual, the first and second halves of this month will have a decidedly different flavor to them. July 1-16 will be more inward and will be a good time for introspection, rest and to fully utilize the healing gifts of the Sun in Cancer. July 16-31 the energies will begin to ramp up with July 16-22 being the more "hot button" period of the month, with Sun and Jupiter in Leo introducing a more dynamic energy and creative flair into the mix. 

I thought the Rocky Horror quote was perfect for the energies of this month. Use the lunar and dreamlike qualities of the Sun in Cancer (on it's way to the Full Moon) to dream or envision our goals and intentions. By the time we get to the aspects later in the month especially Jupiter in Leo, we will be more prepared to "take our act on the road" and BE what we choose to manifest. 

Giggling Buddha (aka Merle Smith) used to say, "You can never really help anyone else." I didn't really understand what he meant by that for a long time, but now I do. We can provide support services so to speak for others, but they themselves must do the personal work to change their circumstances if necessary. As usual I'm not entirely sure of why that floated in, but since I was focusing on the energies of July I chose to include it.  I do know that June for many people was difficult, and in some ways rather brutal. I made a joke about taking the first two weeks of July as a "Psychic Tourniquet," especially if you identify as empathic and/or highly sensitive. Though it was funny, it's also true. Check up on psychic "bleed outs," especially in areas where they might not usually be expected and tend to yourself accordingly. 

Though we have many aspects occuring, I feel that the Sun in Cancer and the cosmic weather in general will be tempered a bit, especially when compared to last month. The most significant aspects being: Saturn stationing Direct on 7/20 (this Cappie will especially breathe a sigh of relief!) Uranus stationing Retrograde on 7/21 and Jupiter moving in the sign of Leo on 7/16. We will be getting into more detail with each of these monthly aspects at this page as they occur. We also have an ongoing Saturn-Uranus quincunx which will present a subtle background energy of the push-pull. "Should I stay or should I go?" It's best to not make hasty or rash life decisions, but to see how events continue to play out this month. 

The upcoming Full "Thunder" Moon in Capricorn promises to be rather a big deal, doing some preliminary research on the Sabian and other symbols associated with it. I will be writing a full report on it to be posted by 7/11 here and also at my blog. 

Mantra/Blessing for July, 2014 > I create a faery ring of love and golden light around me and all of my endeavors. May only the highest loving energies, actions and people be allowed to enter. I am safe and supported. And so it is. - The Keepers, 7.1.14 

Monthly Dates of Note (in PDT) 

Full Moon in Capricorn: July 12 
Jupiter enters Leo: July 16
Saturn Stations Direct: July 20
Uranus Stations Retrograde: July 21
Sun enters Leo: July 22
New Moon in Leo: July 26 

Have a great month ahead friends and remember to keep it Cosmic!


keryndawer 2nd July 2014 3:22 pm

Wonderful Irma...Thank you for the lovely image of "Maiden Voyage." I really love the sound of that and it feels right for this time :)

Bon Voyage!!!



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