Cosmic Weather – Monthly Snapshot for May, 2013

Slow down, you move too fast. You got to make the morning last. Just kicking down the cobble stones. Looking for fun and feelin’ groovy. – Simon & Garfunkel/59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)

Ah, May. Oh how I love you! May is a month dedicated to the Divine Mother and also our human mothers. It is also the fest of Beltane which celebrates fertility and new life. My own Jupiter in Taurus always relishes in these energies. For most places in the world May brings temperate weather also. We’ve had a very long winter in the mid and Eastern US this year, with snowfall lasting all the way through April. May for those folks will finally bring a feeling of Springtime and relief.

As I started tuning into the energies for May, I heard an old expression quite clear and actually several times: “Rest on your laurels.” To rest on one’s laurel’s is an old expression that has been attributed all the way back to Julius Caesar. It basically means to rest in one’s past accomplishments. The negative aspect of this being a kind of complacency, or even laziness. Well it’s already the fifth month of 2013 (can you believe it?) and we have done SO much; spiritually, physically and emotionally. Good work, friends. The earth house has been rocking and I know for myself, I am definitely ready for a break.

March brought us a Pisces Stellium (three or more planets in one sign,) April brought us an Aries stellium, and now May brings us one in Taurus. This energy will reach its apex on May 8-9 when the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars will all be the sign of Taurus. I suppose the Universe is giving us a potent lesson in the attributes and potentials of these unique planetary energies, and May is no exception. Taurus is a much slower energy than Aries, so for some that will be a relief. However it is a “Fixed” Earth sign, so be careful of the Taurus shadow, which are: greed/hoarding tendencies, overindulgence in food/drink, security fears, stubbornness or even downright intractability. The positive/bright side of Taurus energy is: grounding, nurturing, enjoying food/cooking, creativity, and love, sweet love!

Well according to the Universe we could all use a REST this month; at least from May 1 until around the 20-21st when the Gemini energy really starts kicking in, and things start to pick up on the road to the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at the end of the month.

Keep in mind that we do have two eclipses this month: a Solar Eclipse on 5/9 and a Lunar Eclipse on 5/25. Eclipses tend to bring in big changes, and they can also be sudden or unexpected. My feeling is that the strong Taurus energy may temper the impacts of these a bit. Not to say there won’t be movement, that’s guaranteed with eclipses; but to say that it may not be of the mind numbing, personal world-shattering variety. We could use a break from that as well. A note that Solar eclipses tend to bring *in* things and are a “seeding” type of energy, while Lunar eclipses tend to be cleansing and releasing. Something to be mindful of in all of this “comfy” Taurus energy is clinging to things that are no longer in our higher purpose, or even toxic for us in body, mind or spirit. Some of the surprises that eclipses can bring are jolts in our areas of resistance. With the energies so strongly concentrated in Taurus this month, we need to be mindful that sometimes to clean up our garden, some things need to come up by the roots and recycled.

Taurus energy has a spirituality that is truly all its own. It invites us to stop and smell the roses in life and in doing this, we get our head out of the “clouds” of too much speed, distraction and technology. We get back to the beating heart of Mother Earth, and the Universe itself. Hikers, campers and outdoor types of all kinds are especially going to relish this.

The Cosmic Tune choice for this month was a bit silly and perfect. Folks born after a certain time may not be familiar with this great Woodstock-era band. They are just the right kind of groovy, love fest energy that May likes to stretch out in.

I’m going where the water tastes like wine. We can jump in the water, stay drunk all the time. – Canned Heat

We can look at this statement from another view as well. We can jump in the water (of vast spiritual consciousness,) and stay drunk (elevated on divine love-wisdom,) all the time. Sounds like a worthy aspiration to me!

Canned Heat – Going Up the County

A private paradise of inner peace awaits you this month in your own quiet sanctuary. I highly suggest you tear yourself away from technology when you can and endeavor to connect with Mother Earth. Your mama loves you. Isn’t it time you paid her a respectful visit?

Just as looking at the blue sky, One can sense the stars that shine behind that blue veil, knowing that those stars will shine when proper conditions are available. So today as you go about your day and evening, pay closer attention to that which you would normally ignore. Notice the trees swaying, the sun shining, the wind as it blows, watch the clouds as they shift, the birds gracing the sky, the cycles of the moon, and the stars that penetrate the night sky. Look closer at this dance of nature, feel the wind blow gently on your face, listen to the whispers as it calls your name, as all these elements which we normally ignore, are but extensions of our true greater Self. This knowing, that our spirit has no boundaries, allows magic to surround us as we RE-awaken to this great Mystery we call Life! – Alistar Valadez

Monthly Dates of Note:

5.1: Beltane/May Day, Mercury enters Taurus

5.9: New Moon in Taurus/Solar Eclipse, Venus enters Gemini

5.12: Mother’s Day

5.20: Sun enters Gemini

5.21: Mercury enters Gemini

5.24/25: Full Moon in Sagittarius/Lunar Eclipse (5/24 in PDT, 5/25 in EDT and elsewhere.)

Mantra of the Month: When I learn to be still and quiet my mind, I rest in the arms of Mother Earth. When I close my eyes, I see wonders. When I listen closely, I can hear the Universe. I am safe, and all is well.

Be sure to check out Cosmic Weather at Facebook or the Cosmic Keys blog for the New & Full Moon updates, where I will be going into these energies into greater detail. Thank you and have a great month friends!


kay 1st May 2013 8:46 am

Thank you for a very uplifting message, Irma Kaye. Wonderful Cosmic Tune choice! Just perfect for me this morning.


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