Cosmic Weather - Monthly Snapshot for November 2014

It started with a spark and burned into the dark. Now here I go. ~ Foo Fighters

Hello friends. It has been awhile since I have done a monthly snapshot, but since there is quite a lot going on, so I felt inspired to do so. First of all, the effects of what I have called the “Scorpio Eclipse Power Portal” are still being felt, and I estimate this will travel with us at least over into the beginning of the month.

Q: Keepers, what guidance can you give us for November, 2014? Thank you.

A: We would say that it is a greater opportunity for you to “unplug” from the pattern and addictive habit of fear and to return to the love that you are. It is essential that you understand these things now: that you are dearly loved, you cannot “get it wrong,” and though you may be concerned for yourself and others, worry is a waste of time and energy. Also to ride and work with the powerful energetic currents that will be available to you for healing, expansion and creativity. Be well. Shanti. ~ The Keepers, 10.29.14

As per usual, the energies will shift later in the month with the movement of Sun into Sagittarius and the New Moon (11/22) which besides the 11:11 will also be a Stargate portal in its own right. Also, the shift of Venus from Scorpio into Sagittarius and Neptune stationing Direct on 11/16 will help to lighten up fear and tight fists around money and relationships, along with greater intuitive and energetic clarity, respectively.

Please be advised that from now until 11/16 (and a few days after,) the collective may be under the influence of more negative emotion than usual as it works it way out to clear. Light/energy workers of all types your service of holding loving light is gratefully appreciated. Conscious awareness will be a great key in the month ahead. If you feel yourself dipping into undesirable states of mind such as fear or worry, just gently bring it back to center.

Don’t worry, be happy. ~ Meher Baba 

This “Scorpio Season” while having some noteworthy challenging effects, also holds a great deal of potential healing magic. Shamanic healing, breathwork and energy work of all kinds is especially favored; along with increased intuition especially to those who have a solid connection to start with. For those awakening to the more subtle realms, this will also be a beneficial time.

We will also see an increase in circular, intuitive time as opposed to linear, traditional time. As in, time will seem to go very quickly or elongate at different periods. Though this may feel strange rest assured you will still accomplish everything that you need to, it just may not exactly fit the picture of what you had in mind.

I have already begun getting some information for what will be the Cosmic Weather Yearly Forecast for 2015. It is advisable to use the powerful spiritual energies of this month to let go, heal and release anything we do not wish to carry though the threshold of the New Year. The Keepers have advised us often to “travel light” and for the remainder of this year in preparation for the next, this is solid advice.

The energies of November in a nutshell: Turn down the volume of the collective anxiety and/or discord while continuing to bless and hold space. Go within. Listen and respond to Guidance. Do your magic! 

The Full Moon in Taurus on 11/6 is looking quite powerful as it will also conjunct the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio. Be sure to check out the Cosmic Weather Full Moon report which will be posted by 11/5.

Important Monthly Dates of Note: 

End of Daylight Savings Time: 11/2

Full Moon in Taurus: 11/6

Neptune Direct in Pisces: 11/16

Venus in Sagittarius: 11/16

Sun and New Moon in Sagittarius: 11/22

NOTE: We will be holding another group transmission with Healing Angel Celestina on 11/16 at 10:00 am PST. Here is the link for more information: Group Healing Transmission with Celestina

Have a great month ahead friends and remember to keep it Cosmic!


keryndawer 1st November 2014 5:07 am

Thank you Rev. Irma for the Love and Light... Always appreciate the contemplative lyrics :)



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