Cosmic Weather - New Moon Report, 10.12.15

Hello friends. It seems this New Moon came upon us quickly, doesn't it? So much has been going on since last month, especially. 

Today's New Moon in Libra is classically concerned with relationships, diplomacy, harmony and beauty. The other aspects traveling alongside with it, namely an opposition to Uranus in Aries are definitely shaking things up a bit. 

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is: A Rabbi performing his duties. 

This is interesting and quite appropriate. A Rabbi like any member of the clergy, is a person dedicated to serving others in the synagogue and also the community. He is also dedicated to serving God/Source, first and foremost. The shadow side of Libra is a tendency to "waffle," and do all kinds of people pleasing mostly to avoid conflict. The shadow of Aries can pick up a weapon with little or no provocation, so it's easy to see how these energies can be at odds. Sometimes it's required to put ourselves first in our own life, despite how selfish that may appear to others. We cannot serve effectively if our own cup is empty and the ones that drain by the drop, can usually not be expected to understand this. Those who respect the boundaries of others, usually have good boundaries themselves and the same can be said about poor ones. 

As many spiritual teachers have shared with us, the process of awakening is often not pretty as it requires the breaking down of outdated mental structures and the shattering of long-held illusions. For many, this past week especially may have provided some good opportunities and the backdrop for just that. Harmony at the expense of ourselves is not harmonious at all. Uranus in Aries may have provided us the spiritual courage to break out of some confines that are definitely not in our best interest. 

As the great Alan Watts once said, "When you get the message, you can hang up the phone." Indeed. There's been a few messages knocking on our door since prior to the last Full Moon, and some have not been easy to hear, but we've been divinely prepped by the recent energies for their arrival. 

The energy of today's New Moon reminds us that life really IS beautiful and filled with Grace, especially when we set a place at our table for her. 

Happy New Moon friends!

NOTE: The New Moon in Libra is 10/12/15 at 5:06 pm PDT/8:06 pm EDT.



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