Cosmic Weather – New Moon Report 2/8/16

New Moon in Aquarius

Divine Messages, Emotional Honesty and Renewed Faith in the Greater Good.

Hello friends. If you’re like many people, the first month of this new year was not particularly kind and if you find yourself still working through the impact, you are not alone. If you identify as an Empathic and/or Highly Sensitive Person you may have had some trouble finding your bearings lately, especially due to the recent heavy hits to the Collective. I always love the New Moon and Chinese New Year of any given year, but this year I’m particularly happy about it. As far as “reset” points go, this one is particularly significant and available for our use.

As some of you may know, before the New/Full Moons I tune into them intuitively and usually receive information that is for me personally and for the collective. Sometimes this information intersects and sometimes it doesn’t. Though I know I have been feeling wearier than usual due to some personal things in my own life, the feeling of human weariness is definitely up, based on my interactions both with people at the Cosmic Weather page and in my personal circle. I could have certainly never foreseen the amount of fine souls that have left the planet since last month, but in a “9” Universal Year along with Mars in Scorpio, it does make some sense. My feeling is that these departures may impact many people and for some time. My earlier suggestion to love each other through this year still very much stands. When you’re feeling the love, put it in (to the grid) for those who may need an extra bit of support. That is compassion in action, which is very much in alignment with this New Moon.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon (19-20 Aquarius) is: A Large White Dove Carrying a Message. The sign of Aquarius is notably associated with innovation, eccentricity and also the planet Uranus which can bring the inspired “bolt out of the blue.” To have this Sabian Symbol with double Aquarius (Sun and Moon) energies will provide a powerful window of intuitive opportunity.

The shadow of Aquarius energy is a kind of extreme detachment that can come across as cold or unfeeling, along with a goofy and ungrounded “nutty professor” kind of vibe. Balanced Aquarian energies are humanitarian, compassionate, aligned with higher guidance and can see the bigger picture.

This moon whispered to me, “Keep the faith and remember the divine goodness that underlies everything, even if you can’t always see it in the moment.”

Aquarian energies are not usually known for their deep emotion I feel however, that we may have a great opportunity to “get real” about exactly how are ARE feeling, which is always useful in healing. The “dark of the moon” (void) period (2/5-7) prior to this new moon was particularly dark and inward as it featured a Capricorn moon and a potent T-Square involving Uranus, Pluto and Lilith. Not exactly a walk in the park, but useful.

Thinking on the cosmic tune for this new moon several things came in and out, but I decided on this beautiful one by Wilco. Singer/songwriter Jeff Tweedy knows all about human challenges and the will to keep going. It is also reminder that though we are in human form, our origins are cosmic and celestial. To tune into the “home signal” in whatever way that we do is recommended, especially in times of soul and/or physical weariness. The Tarot Symbol associated with Aquarius is the “Star” Card – number 17, which is also associated with number 8 which is “Strength.”

I’d like to rest my heavy head tonight, on a bed of California stars. I’d like to lay my weary bones tonight, on a bed of California stars. I’d love to feel your hand touching mine and tell me why I must keep working on. – Woody Guthrie
A Word on the Chinese New Year Energies

As I recently shared on my Facebook page, the energies of a “9” Universal Year and the dynamic year energies of the Fire Monkey didn’t make perfect sense to me, at least not immediately. Upon deeper examination, I feel it will provide us the dynamic energies to make the necessary changes as we finish up this particular 9 year cycle. Anything that is not in alignment with our higher purpose and new path (which will come in more strongly especially in the Fall of this year,) may be up for examination. Monkeys are often active and on the move and for many of us, we may need to be as well. In this new moon especially, pay attention to the signs and signals that you may receive.

Happy New Moon and Year of the Fire Monkey friends!

NOTE: The Chinese New Year is 2/8/16. The New Moon in Aquarius is also 2/8 at 6:39 am PST/9:39 am EST.

This post is dedicated to Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire. He gave us “Shining Star” and so many other great songs that we will always cherish. All love and blessings to his family, fans and friends.



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