Cosmic Weather – New Moon Report for 12/21/14

In the Light, you will find the road. ~ John Paul Jones

Hello friends. Well we made it, to the time of year when the days are colder and darker (in the Northern hemisphere,) and despite the busy season, we are pulled more within. The archetypal “Hermit” and wiseman/woman is upon us bringing the Saturnian gifts of wisdom, inner light and crystallization. This year especially, we have much to reflect upon and perhaps still some releasing to do before we walk through the gateway of a brand new year.

Within the symbolism of Capricorn are some of the most profound mysteries of life for Capricorn is the Light of Initiation – the illumination that clears the path, transfigures and reveals. The energy of Capricorn links the Divine Creative Will with the Human Mind which in turn produces structured form on the physical plane. Through Capricorn and its ruling planet Saturn, order and structure are provided allowing the Laws of Manifestation to work and therefore propelling the Plan of Evolution into objective existence. ~ galaxy express

This Yule season especially carries an interesting mix of both celebration and a touch of sadness for all of the changes and perhaps the losses we have endured in this pivotal year. I am sensing also what the Keepers have aptly referred to as “Soul Fatigue,” which is a spiritual fatigue that can make its way to the physical due to ALL of the changes and energies that we have had to process. This year especially we are being called to take care of ourselves and rest. It made me happy to see several of my colleagues and sites that share my reports shutting down this year for the Holiday season. This is a wise move especially as we want to begin 2015 feeling rested, renewed and definitely LIGHTER as we step through.

This new moon also will prepare the way for the movement of Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn) from the depths of Scorpio into the lighter and more idealistic Sagittarius on 12/23 where it will remain until June of 2015. I suggest we use these remaining few days to reflect on all we have learned, and what different beings we are – especially in relationship to death, finances and relationships. This Saturn change along with Mercury and Venus also in Capricorn, brings our thoughts and communication into a more grounded and realistic place. The challenge with any strong constellation in Capricorn is to avoid the dour and heavy and to stay focused on our goals. Also in the wise words of my former teacher to “not get your nose so far to the grindstone that you forget to smell the flowers.” The lighter side of Capricorn energy enjoys good humor, love, fine food and drink; all right on cue for a holy season of joy and celebrating. Yes it’s about work (especially of an inner nature,) but it’s also about having fun and enjoying life too.

It is interesting to note that this New Moon is at 0 degrees of Capricorn. The last time we experienced this was in 1965 and again in 1984. I have a feeling that if you have significant personal planets in Capricorn and those years are significant to you in some way, that the New Moon of 2014 will definitely be also.

The Sabian Symbol for 0 Degrees Capricorn is: An Indian Chief gains power from an assembled tribe. Dane Rudyhar wrote of this symbol, “Mastery of a situation through purposeful planning and venturing. Bold rising to opportunity. Extreme of self-confidence.”

This is an interesting one to ponder as this is the time of year that we often spend time with our own personal tribe in the form of family and/or friends. It also makes sense at it is the “seed” point of Capricorn at 0-1 degrees. This New Moon is VERY IMPORTANT for envisioning and forming the intentional energies for what you wish to experience in the first quarter of 2015, up to the Spring/Fall Equinox especially. The Universe is providing us all with a perfect opportunity to “rise to the occasion.”

Beloveds, as you come into the Holy Season of worship and rejoicing, it is also a time of the Great Mystery. As you follow your own inner Wise Men and Women to the Star of the Self, to the Christ Consciousness within. This is one of the mysteries we have spoken of as “hidden in plain sight.” Some things are dismissed due to their simplicity, but as your Yogananda has said, “God/dess is simple. Everything else is complex.” ~ The Keepers, 12.21.11

A blessed Yule, Winter (Summer) Solstice and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! Thank you for being a part of my work this past year. I wish you all bountiful blessings of joy, peace and prosperity in the New Year.

NOTE: Winter Solstice/Yule/Sun in Capricorn are 3:03pm PST/6:03pm EST. New Moon in Capricorn is 5:36pm PST/8:36pm EST, 12/21/14. Be sure to check out my 2015 forecast to be posted on 12/31 for information on the year ahead.

Comments 21st December 2014 11:13 pm

I was born Nov. 1965 and I'm Native American. Wonder what the means for me this coming year?!

terry vg. 22nd December 2014 1:30 pm

Thank you Irma, I really enjoy reading your posts.
I have sun, moon and mercury in Capricorn, and wonder what this new moon will bring!
Blessings for the new year to all.

akashicstargirl 22nd December 2014 1:38 pm

Thank you so much Terry! Wishing you a Happy Birthday and blessed Capricorn season. My Birthday is coming up on 1/11 and I plan to celebrate appropriately. :)

laughlight 22nd December 2014 1:55 pm

thank you for bringing me word of 'soul fatigue'...I'm in it.
Usually a sparkler, I'm just ...out of sizzle in this moment.
Feeling glad for your explanation, I'll rest, recuperate & head into things with greater energies in a couple of daze lol.
Excellent...1965 & 1984 were heady years for me, heading into love and great new BEginnings. That will be fun again ~

keryndawer 24th December 2014 5:50 pm

Yes, Thank You Irma for your always "accessible", "functional" and FUN postings. I knew you were a Capricorn, but I didn't know your birth date; It is the same as my beloved mom's!!! I know raising a spirited aries child was no easy feat for her, but she did it with immense devotion, hard-work and endless love. Without knowing it, she showed me the day-to-day PRACTICE of unconditional love. I truly believe anyone with a capricorn in his/her life is blessed! So I'm doubly blessed :)

Wishing YOU and All an AAAMAAAAAAAZZZZING 2015!!! :)



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