Cosmic Weather - New Moon Report for 3.1.14

Hello friends. Welcome to what promises to be a powerful New Moon in Pisces, as it makes contacts to the Sun, Neptune and Chiron which currently share the same astrological energy.

I discuss Pisces dynamics in more depth in the Cosmic Weather "monthly shapshot". Please refer to that piece for what we can expect moving into the last three weeks of Sun in Pisces until March 20th.

Intuitively it seems that many of us who report on cosmic energies are picking up the same themes for this New Moon: forgiveness, compassion, dropping our karmic "story" and any negative ancestral/family patterning.

Keep in mind that during times of high Pisces energies, the shadow side is always there doing its little dance too. We are always free to side step martrydom, pity parties, drama kings/queens or indulging whatever our particular addiction(s) may be.

Sabian Symbol 11º Pisces: Men travelling a narrow path, seeking illumination. Introduction of conscious mind to the intuitive soul-realms. Self dedication. Self-awakening or surrender to inner fears. ~ Cornerstone Astrology

So as you can see friends from the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon, the Cosmic is giving us the green light for potential breakthroughs and illumination. Be mindful that sometimes we must experience the darkness before the dawn. This New Moon window invites us to *drop* our expectations about what its supposed to look like and just take that initial leap of faith.

The New Moon in March is always important and significant as we prepare for the Spring (Fall) Equinox, this year arriving on March 20th. We want to step through as light and clear as possible, so again you can see why this moon is significant. It's also a call for us to return to the LOVE that we are and to simply drop all that is not.

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete. ~ Jack Kornfield

I also received during my recent experience with HH Dalai Lama that this New Moon provides an opportunity for healing around the "mother" principle in creation. Healing around our own personal/human mothers may also be included in this. We will be doing more work in that area during the Sun in Cancer this Summer.

Suggestions for New Moon in Pisces: Ritual in or near water with the intention of purification, work with Divine Mother aspect (Kwan Yin, Mary, Tara, etc.) journaling, dream/shamanic work, meditation/prayer.

Note: New Moon in Pisces is 12:00 am PST/3:00 am EST 3.1.14. Keeping in mind that new/full moon energies are on approach three days prior, which would put us in that window now (on 2/26.)

Bright New Moon blessings to all!


laughlight 28th February 2014 1:53 pm

thank you for a fine reminder ~ love the focus
With appreciation for your postings,
I welcome this New Moon

akashicstargirl 12th March 2014 6:30 pm

Thank you so much laughlight! I love your screen name. :thumbs:


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