Cosmic Weather – New Moon Report for July 8, 2013

A Multidimensional Seed of Possibilities and Getting Free

Bondage is the life of personality, and for bondage the personal self will fight with tireless resourcefulness and the most stubborn cunning. ~ ldous Huxley 

Hello friends. Welcome to a powerful New Moon in Cancer. Coming off of another pass of the Uranus/Square energies of last week, we still may be feeling in a revolutionary mood. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at Cancer 17 is: The germ grows into knowledge and into life. The Sabian Symbol for the opposite degree Capricorn 17: A girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude.

For this symbol I kept seeing the image of “Lady Godiva,” so I did a little research on her. She wasn't riding nude on horseback just because she wanted to give people a thrill; she was according to legend, an 11th Century noblewoman protesting high taxes. This was a political as well as a controversial act. So for this New Moon, while we don't have to embody this energy literally, I say we give our inner Lady Godiva a little visit to help us get free in areas where we very clearly aren't. 

Both of these symbols to me are quite beautiful and clear in their meaning and work very well together; when we let go of our psychological and emotional repression and get back to clarity and a more innocent and less cynical part of ourselves, a multitude of potentials and possibilities open up to us. 

I love this line as it feels almost as if it is from the Higher Self directly; giving us direction and inviting us to join it. “I'm free and freedom tastes of reality. I'm free. I'm free! And I'm waiting for you to follow me.” ~ P. Townshend

The Who/I'm Free

What you are really seeking behind relief from your psychic and emotional pain is freedom from the bondage of the ordinary mind and limited personality-self. Meditation and other spiritual practices are an avenue to accomplish this, along with energetic clearing and healing. You have been gifted with tremendous celestial and cosmic support to accomplish this at this time. Become the "Watcher" and be free. ~ The Keepers, 7.4.13 

It's about the truth, even if it starts off as just a tiny seed within us. Also ignoring all voices that are less than loving, but also not pretending they don't exist either. Cancer is a natural psychologist, good at exhuming old, painful emotional material related to our parents and our “roots” in life. So how can you love your mother/father/sibling while feeling a deep desire to tell them off also? Well, there's the rub.  It also brings the realization that sometimes we need to put on our big girl/boy panties and get over certain things, and realize that the time to be happy is NOW. 

We may be feeling a bit raw emotionally with a tendency to do an "it's all your fault” maneuver. Aha! Don't let ordinary mind kick you to the curb again with that bending of the truth. It goes back to this as Wayne Dyer so wisely wrote, "How people treat you is their karma, how you react to it is yours." For me personally, this was one of the most freeing statements that I ever read. I like to joke and say that the Universe has given me plenty of opportunities for forgiveness practice in this life, and I know I'm not alone in that.

For those who feel estranged from their families of origin, this may feel especially vulnerable. Do keep in mind that we are never motherless children in truth. We are galactic citizens with all of the rights and blessings therein. We are moving closer all the time to a more Aquarian view which to *allow* adults to really act like it. What that means is that we quit running after people with dustpans and we tend to our own affairs, period. This doesn't mean we no longer care or offer love and compassion. There's a difference between support and "fixing," and we have been working on that one pretty steadily since 2010. 

Accompanying this New moon is Saturn stationing direct on also on 7/8, which is definitely worthy of mentioning. For the past few months since Saturn has been Retrograde, we've gotten some very good ideas about what is working and what is not, both personally and professionally. Areas and people that have been draining us dry may not be feeling utterly intolerable. Be mindful that Saturn in it's extreme can be fearful or even hasty as can take drastic steps to side step our fears (that is working the Saturnian energy on the negative side.) On the positive side, it is about aligning more fully with our own "Inner Wise Person/CEO" and deciding who and what gets the boot carefully and judiciously. 

In my experience anyway, a Cancer Sun/Moon combination seems to be often connected to the “Ghosts of boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses past,” since it likes to reminiscence and wax poetically. In combination with Saturn direct, we have a unique opportunity to reflect on both our gains and losses and set our intention for the next moon and Saturn cycles. 

For a lot of folks, there will be a parting of the ways with our own negativity and tendency to project it out into the world. This is one of the gifts of the Grand Water Trine that we are currently experiencing this month. It makes it easier for us to get out of our heads and into our hearts, where we are better able to find common ground with others. 

Cancer New Moon Mantra: May the seed of my love and conscious awareness blossom into full flower, blessing all that come into contact with it. Shanti.  Witty astrologer Elsa P. said this about the New Moon in Cancer: “As for the New Moon, it is a nice one. It may be emotionally soupy for people with focus on the air or fire signs, but sweet just the same. I mean, who doesn't like pie?” As for me, make mine Boysenberry. 

Happy New Moon friends.  

Note: New Moon in Cancer is 12:15 am PDT/3:15 am EDT on 7/8/13. 


kay 14th July 2013 10:10 am

“freedom from the bondage of the ordinary mind and limited personality-self”...definitely what this week has been about for me. There have been moments of forgetting that and then remembering. Thank you, Irma Kaye.


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