Cosmic Weather - New Moon/Solar Eclipse Report for 10/23/14

Hello friends. How have you been enjoying “Eclipse month” so far? Thrills, chills and turns most likely I would imagine which is right on cue for the season and its energies. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio has certainly added an interesting twist to things too. I was joking that my report on this subject would either be one paragraph or 1000 words; it has ended up being somewhere in between. Needless to say, there is certainly a lot going on with this New Moon.

It’s important to discuss the 1st decan of Scorpio in which this New Moon/Sun in Scorpio and partial Solar Eclipse fall under, as it will most definitely play a role in these energies. It is stealthy and may even contain a form of a psychic “cloaking device,” which can certainly come in handy. I was thinking not only from others in the outside world, but from any inner energies of influences that contain negativity or too much past programming. The expressions, “The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing,” comes to mind here. New Moon/Eclipses are POWERFUL times to reset your energy and refocus your goals and intentions. Also turning the crown of thorns into a crown of stars. To “drop the cross,” of whatever that may be to you in particular. It’s not even the new moon and I already know what’s showing up for me and several folks in my circle.

Scorpio New Moon/Solar Eclipse Message: You have asked us how to get free (mentally and emotionally.) In actuality, you are free. It is just a matter of accepting this and not falling into the past diversions of mind. – The Keepers, 10.15.14 

Traditionally Scorpio energies are concerned with transformation, healing, alchemy and power (in their highest aspect.) It’s also important to note that there will be FOUR planets in Scorpio at the time of the New Moon. This adds to the potent magical and initiatory quality of this cosmic window of opportunity.

Thinking on the Scorpio aspect of “water” energy it is unique, especially when in comparison to its other element counterparts: Cancer (moon) and Pisces (Neptune.) Scorpio is Plutonian. It runs both hot and cold. It is the depths, but also the “unknowable.” That is, often to the conscious mind anyway. It is what is “taboo” and hidden. It is the gold in the shadow, the flower in the wound.

Sabian Symbol for 0 Degrees Scorpio: A Crowded Sightseeing Bus On A City Street.  This brings the sense of an adventure on a trip traveling with others to a new place. Taking into account everything else that is traveling with this New Moon, this particular symbol is right on cue. For those who can manage to side step the potential shadows and projections and align with the higher light and wisdom available at this time, holding space for the collective would be useful and appreciated. This is one astrological event that will be bringing very different experiences to people; depending on their own unique path, consciousness awareness and karmic influences.

When meditating on these energies I had a visitation from beautiful Kali Ma herself. She was dancing on the bones of the dead with a smile on her face. This image seemed to suggest that it is time to come back from the land of the dead and rejoin the land of the living. For many of us, Saturn’s journey through Scorpio this year has brought with it an intensity, seriousness, loss/deaths of all kinds and the subsequent fear and uncertainly that can often accompany this. The energies of this new moon in my perception especially for those who have been consciously attending to their own journey, bring a breath of fresh air and a new perspective that is much needed. Despite the dark and intense nature of the energies themselves, there is also a lightness and freedom that is offered with and through them. One of my common elixir making expressions applies quite well here, “The antidote is contained within the poison itself.”

Happy New Moon friends and remember to keep it Cosmic!

NOTE: New Moon in Scorpio is 10/23 at 2:57 pm PDT/5:57 pm EDT. Solar Eclipse/Sun enters Scorpio 2:45 am PDT/5:45 am EDT.


ShelleyT 23rd October 2014 11:57 am

Your analogy with the crown of thorns to stars & the antidote in the poison really projects the concept of rebirth... I just have to get off the cross... Thank you.

bluedove53 26th October 2014 4:09 am



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