Cosmic Weather - Physical Avatar Report, 4/23-24, 2014

Hello friends. Well I promised you a busy week on the cosmic superhighway and I wasn't kidding.  Also, for empaths and the highly sensitive to take extra care. 

The Physical Avatar is located outside of space and time in the Akashic, and pertains to the health and well-being of an individual. The Group Avatar rules these same issues on a collective level. Here are some other things that have come through for the current energies.

I have had a heaviness in my chest, lungs and heart chakra areas. Though I have my own stuff going on with this, I am being told that grief is up for release in the collective. Low back and kidney area pain may also be up due to fear and anxiety being released.  There is so much releasing going on right now it's a bit difficult to grasp its scope fully. A good rule of thumb is to have the awareness of "does this belong to me?" and respond accordingly. 

Remember that sensitives and empaths are going to be moving a certain level of collective stuff through them as it's part of their nature. Please do remember it's not particularly heroic to take on sizeable chunks of collective pain. That is no longer on the program in the current energies, unless that is part of a certain person's mission and karma. Those people usually know who they are. 

What symptoms may be showing up: fatigue, headache, allergies, low back/hip discomfort, and also chest/heart pain, foot pain/heaviness ("earthing" outside on grass, dirt or sand may be helpful.) Being in the nature setting of your preference is recommended, especially if your personal indicators are manifesting as moderate to severe. As per usual, energetic symptoms tend to move through quickly. For symptoms that do not, please do see your preferred health care professional. 

You may also be experiencing a low-grade energetic buzz from the increased spiritual/Kundalini energies. Yoga and other mellow exercise, bathing/swimming, walking and chocolate (!!) may help even that out a bit. 

Based on what I shared earlier in my Inspiration Report for the week (Cardinal Cross edition) feelings of wanting to bust out of oppression, anger, sadness and/or anxiety may be up. Just BREATHE through all that is arising and know this is just passing through. Stay open, flexible and present as much as possible.


blissbunny 24th April 2014 10:29 pm

thanks for talking about the physical symptoms, I've been wondering about how everyone is doing.

Been having weird buzzing most nights in my feet and a freaky one where for a few days I could hear the blood pulsing in my body by my right ear. So loud I couldn't sleep.

Thankfully it has passed. Just really i n t e n s e lately.
Will we ever feel 'normal' again? Like it would be nice to have energy again. :crazy2

blissbunny 24th April 2014 10:31 pm

and the worst one, I'm going off chocolate :huh::??? hopefully just a temporary thing!


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