Cosmic Weather Summer 2015 Forecast

Hello friends. It’s July 1st today, wow. What a powerful and interesting year it’s been so far; quite fitting for the “8” Universal Year vibration and a good time for a mid-year check in. I’ve been finding a real resistance to continuing to work at a certain fast pace. This is the time of year (in North America) for the beach, BBQs, friends and just slowing it down a bit. I had to laugh when I remember that Celestina (healing angel) said that 2015 is the year that we were to manifest some much needed vacation time. I’m happy to share that I will be doing just that next weekend and celebrating the Dalai Lama’s 80th Birthday with him in Southern California. For many of us, it’s been one thing after another since the the year began and the pace has felt rather relentless. I do hope you can also find your own time to rest and reset if you feed the need.

Full Moon/New Moon

Today is the Full “Thunder” Moon in Capricorn which may be feeling particularly emotional and potent based on all of the aspects traveling alongside with it, especially the influence of Pluto (also in Capricorn.) Issues of limitation, legacy and security may well be highlighted at this time. The New Moon in Cancer on July 15 looks particularly lovely and a great time for healing and ritual work of all kinds, preferably near a body of water.

Trigger Points and Shadow Dances

In the month of July especially, we have the strong influence of the water trine (Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces, and Mars in Cancer.) What this means is a lot of introspective, emotional energy with a tendency to be self-directed. This also means the tendency for folks to project or “offload” emotional energy when it gets too hot in the cosmic kitchen. It is recommended that Empaths and Sensitives be especially on alert in this regard. As I’ve mentioned before in previous reports, Neptune Retrograde can be challenging when it comes to psychic/astral “stuff” that may seem to be on the increase. Daily grounding and centering practices are important to maintain right now. This also increases sensitivity to drugs, alcohol and substances of all kinds, so discernment is also needed here. An upside of this energy is the possibility for herbal and other healing substances to be more effective.

The strong influence of Chiron (the wounded healer) in a natural accord with Neptune, Mars and Saturn means the dynamic of wounding vs. healing will be present, along with the dynamic of the wounded/healed. Who is the wounded? Who is healed? Both of these energies are present within us and may be more active and vocal at this time. Finding the balance between repression and expression is also indicated. Music, visual art and writing are favored forms of expression now. Expect the “dreamtime” to especially interesting and expressive in the month of July also.

The return of Saturn in Scorpio for some will be a return to fears; especially around the not-so-easy areas of finances, death/impermanence and sexuality. This is definitely a “getting real” aspect and the pie-in-the-sky will not taste as sweet for a bit, which is perfectly okay. These cycles are part of the cosmic wisdom in its full expression and when seen clearly are a part of our healing and growth. In the collective however, there is a possibility for these energies to be expressed in explosive, inappropriate and/or polarized ways as disowned shadow material.

As a balance to these energies, I have started up the free Wednesday evening healing transmissions on my professional page at Facebook and all are welcome to participate.

8:8 Lions gate

Well I got the vibes on this one back in December when I was writing the yearly forecast ahead. The 8:8 is always a powerful opportunity to level up and expand. This year it will be a triple 8 (8:8:8) which gives it that much more power.

Q: Keepers, what guidance can you give us on the energies of and leading to the 8:8 Lions gate this year?

A: Dear ones, thank you for your question. As we have shared with you previously, this particular gateway holds more weight than in previous years due to the cosmic energies present. We say that there will be lessons in discernment and a “graduation” of sorts for some individuals. As in, do you step back into a Lion’s Den so to speak in order to gain perceived love and acceptance, or do you forge your own path? This is not to say that the lessons end, as the path is eternal. What it does mean however, is the finality of certain types of 3D contrast experiences for certain individuals. Remember beloveds, the highest frequency of the Leonine energies are of great creativity, generosity and love; the divine King and Queen personified. The shadow of these energies are the small “I,” the individual ego that fights for dominance. For the true sovereign there is nothing to prove or force, there is only something to BE. – The Keepers, 6.22.15

What I take this message to mean is that this Lions gate is bringing a certain finality and also an opening. The popular Pema Chodron quote applies well here, “Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” I’ve definitely noticed that in my life. If we are still angry or in resistance, we’re not ready. A calm and peaceful detachment may be a sign that we ARE.

It’s a good reminder that in a time where egos and wills may be battling, you don’t have to. Stand in your power and convictions friends, as the Keepers often tell us, “The Truth needs no defending.” It simply IS. There is potential to get into what has been called a “Clash of the Titans” especially during Sun in Leo (7/22 – 8/23,) but remember it’s a matter of *participation* and attention. With “energy follows thought” as a Universal axiom, this will be a helpful reminder.

Looking a bit further ahead, the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo on Sunday, September 13 will be another powerful yearly reset point bringing us into what I see looks to be a beautiful remainder of the year in terms of spirituality and manifestation. There will be a full Cosmic Weather report on that in early September.

NOTE: I’m holding a gathering in celebration of the New Moon/Eclipse with a “Sound Bath” at the Integration in the High Desert of CA on 9/13 at 2:00 pm and there are a few spaces still available. Please contact me for more information or to register. Thank you.

Enjoy your Summer (Winter) season dear readers and remember to keep it Cosmic!


cyndy 2nd July 2015 11:20 am

Wow, feeling this and a dream last night that I actually woke up with the energy of it still "in blazing" after I opened my eyes.
I think it coincides with this of yours: a “graduation” of sorts for some individuals. What it does mean however, is the finality of certain types of 3D contrast experiences for certain individuals. "
One graduates from this past cycle(s). Finality to types of 3D contrast and then by those who graduate it and have it , it is 'taught " in some way. Not at all taught in a 3d linear way. It is "caught" to those in an allowing, relaxed, aware mode and then shared. Or something of the sort. Sounds like "go out and be among the people" in joy. (enjoy).
And if in living in the U.S. a 4th of July celebration is ramping up.
Onward is inward.


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