Cosmic Weather – Sun in Sagittarius (11.21) and Stargate stories around the campfire

Hello friends,

Whew. What a short, strange trip it’s been from the 11:11 Stargate until now. It’s hard to believe that it’s only been nine days (as of this writing.) So much transformation in such little time!

As of 11.21.12 the Sun will move into the sign of Sagittarius at 1:50 pm PST/4:50 pm EST. I know I am not the only one that would like to get some lighter, sunnier vibes all up in here! On the other hand, Sun in Scorpio 2012, was one of the most mystical and powerful astro-cosmic time periods in recent history. Thought the energies at times were challenging and just plain difficult, the results for some have been profoundly healing, and even miraculous. A collective heart opening and definite “mile marker” as the Keepers described has been fully in bloom. Despite the challenges, many have a sense of the wonder and graciousness of these times, myself included.

So what have you gained and experienced since the 11:11 and Pleiadian Alignment dear ones? Those that were already “switched-on” to a degree have entered into a new level of gifts, awareness and reality. The 11:11 was the gateway, and a new pathway is still in process of unfolding. There are many others that have chosen the current gateways as an opportunity to step out on their journey of awakening. Support these brethren as you yourself have been supported. This is your opportunity to “pay it forward” as the saying goes, in Grace. You have learned that there are many dimensions going on simultaneously in your current reality. There are some that are having strange and terrifying experiences, while others are floating in realms of sweetness and bliss. None is higher nor better than another, but simply geared to the directives and inclinations of one’s soul and path.

You may be feeling quite fatigued physically, emotionally and psychically. You have passed through a large initiation both personally and collectively especially in the month of November, but beginning essentially at the 10:10. Be gentle with yourselves and remember loving light and higher mindedness are just a thought away. Shanti. – The Keepers, 11.20.12

Just for fun I looked up the Sabian Symbol for 0 Sagittarius: A Grand Army of the Republic campfire. – Marc Edmund Jones/Elsie Wheeler

I thought that was very appropriate for the current moment. For the folks doing the work of Awakening in these times may be likened to an Army of like and light-minded people. For some, the recent days and months have been perilous and the mountain steep. To talk with friends helps us process and can be deeply healing. It is also enlightening for others as they may also glean something from our experiences. The campfire is a center of light, warmth and relaxation. A perfect image for the Sun in its return to Sagittarius; bringing with it a spirit of festiveness, sociability and joy as we prepare to enter into our Holiday Season.

So tell your stories dear friends; to your family, your best friend or even your dog or cat! We have been in the depths of awakening for weeks now and the waters have been dark, mysterious and sometimes frightening. As we emerge from the Shaman’s Cave, we have become wiser and are definitely lighter in body, mind and soul.

Looking ahead later this month and into December; Sagittarius also represents inspiration and the higher mind. It also is the divine “messenger,” so we are wise to continue be on the lookout for cosmic signs, messages and wonders.

Love & blessings all. Wishing all of the Bright Star blog readers in the US a bountifully blessed Thanksgiving. – Irma Kaye Sawyer



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