Cosmic Weather - Vibrational/Planetary Alert for July - August, 2014

Question: Keepers, we have been hearing reports of a "disturbance in the force" based on what we have recently experienced and also that which is yet to come. We understand this is part of an evolutionary force impacting our planet. What can we do to assist this to bring harm to a minimum? Great storms of both a physical and energetic nature seem to be imminent. Thank you. 

Answer: Dear ones, thank you for your question. You are correct in your assessment of a movement and a significant planetary shift. We offer you some suggestions per your request:

1) Stay out of fear and anxiety as much as possible. If you feel nervousness and cannot get your energies and consciousness to a positive state, at least do your best to be as *neutral* as possible. This will assist the collective tremendously.

2) We invite you to ponder this quote from your star brethren that we are very much in alignment with: "Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the Universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence." ~ The Pleaidans via Barbara Marciniak 

This is an important point. You are entering into a time that is very much pregnant with possibility. We understand that there are many of you who chose to no longer evolve and learn lessons through trauma, distress and/or pain. Your positive intention for the collective creates dominion for the higher frequencies of Love, Grace, Freedom, Joy and so forth. Understanding that while you are not intending to remove the lessons for others, but intending that realization and evolution come through more peaceful means. 

3) Align with the divine beings of your inclination, the cosmic life giving properties of the Great Central Sun, along with the living entity of Grace; holding the space of peace and safety for all beings. And so it is. - The Keepers, 7.14.14

NOTE: Based on current astrological coordinates, this period is expected to be present from now until approximately 8.17.14.


zorro 15th July 2014 7:46 pm

Emit Time

Time Emit

If you think that you got it all backwards, know that you are okay. As your true being is uncsrolled, the new world is announced. The confluence of these unfurling emitting currents alter time and space as we had known it. We are getting our sea legs currently.


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