Cosmic Weather – Yearly Forecast for 2014, Part II

Hello friends. There has been more information coming through for 2014 that I decided to add a Part II to my initial forecast. (Follow this link for part I.) I think part of this is due to the fact that it is a “7? Universal Year which is not only auspicious in many ways, but very important too in my opinion.

The reason why is this: so many people have been through what I call the “Cosmic Blender” in 2013 including myself, and may be feeling a little less than shiny and happy right now. This is perfectly understandable. For those who have had a stable and even positive year count yourselves among the exception, and don’t forget to put some of that good mojo back out on the Grid daily. We thank you. 

A “7? frequency invites us all to look past appearances and tune into the deeper, more spiritual and even cosmic side of life. I feel that especially for the first quarter of 2014 we still may be processing 2013?s energies and experiences a bit, and that is to be expected. The key is to understand that traveling right alongside despair, dis-ease, hopelessness and frustration are joy, freedom, healing, acceptance and faith.

It’s a matter of what “station” you are tuned into. It’s perfectly okay and understandable to let your energies drop at times. Individually and collectively it’s been a challenging year. A key to navigate the “7? energies most effectively to our benefit is to be PRESENT and not resist whatever the moment is presenting, along to not take up any kind of permanent residence in negativeland.

Cosmic Mantra for 2014: I Breathe. I Release. I Align. I Trust myself and my Inner Knowing. All is well.The Akashic Wisdom Keepers have given some additional insight into some changes and potentials regarding shifts around the “Abundance” area of life for the coming two years.

Beloveds, we see that 2014/15 begin what we have called the “circle of abundance.” As in, the qualities of manifestation will be amplified, especially around the principles of the “giveaway” and gratitude. It is also a time to further breakout of limitations of the matrix/negative timeline on the planet. For light workers, Indigos, etc. who have traveled deeply into the illusory matrix for both their own experience and for the healing of the planet; the issue is that for many of these beings there is an excellence about them in that they fully and effectively embody the surrounding energies.

In this case, it is now time to “flip” the polarity from lack to abundance. The vibrations of 7/8 in the Universal Year are both highly spiritual. The path of the “7? is the meditation, visualization and purfication to prepare for the manifestational push of the “8.” We see that to utilize the frequencies and opportunity of the 7 energies fully, this also involves examining your own consciousness and releasing those areas of dysfunction and illusion especially around “deserving” all good things from Source. You Are That. Sat-Chit-Ananda.

Beloveds, we see that as a part of your growing “manifestation mastery” is the ability to supplicate the Universe/Source less and rely on your own higher self more. For example, you know your manifestation skills are growing stronger when the resources for something you need in the future manifests in the present. A good example of this was your spiritual healing practitioner Joel Goldsmith who’s work would take him all over the world.

There would be a donation of a certain amount that would come in and then travel expenses would emerge later that would be of the same amount. The need is fulfilled before it is even spoken, you see? This is an example of someone so fully on-point in their mission that *all* was provided for spontaneously. Another explanation of this is the nature of his work which was for the benefit of others and the all, which further created a state of Grace.~ The Keepers, 12.10.13

This will also be an important year regarding Life Purpose and Mission, especially among those who identify as Lightworkers, Adult Indigos and Wayshowers of all types. In a “7? year we have much more permission to let our LIGHT shine. The past three years have served as a powerful impetus and preparation for us to step more fully into our own missions and sovereignty. As I mentioned in the Part I of this information, the choices we make next year will be important to continue to shape our personal missions into 2015 and beyond.

Beloveds, we see that in your 2014 may more of you will be poised to receive what is required for your to complete your missions as Light Workers, Wayshowers, and so forth. It is that you are in a greater place in consciousness to “see it when you believe it,” and align with Faith as the “substance of things unseen” in that you trust however, is still there and it only has not fully manifested yet. The Keepers, 12.7.13

Again, thank you for being along for the ride dear readers, and for being such an important part of my own life purpose and mission. Namaste and blessings to you all.


keryndawer 15th December 2013 8:03 pm

Thank you Rev. Irma for this message. I knew that 2014 was a 7 year but I didn't know how this energy would (could) manifest in our lives/collective so I appreciate your insight. I will remember: " I Breathe. I Release. I Align" :) And yes, I have been feeling : "I Trust myself and my Inner Knowing. All is well" very deeply and your writing it reaffirmed it for me. Thank you for this comforting message of hope :)

Truly and with Love,


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