Empath & Highly Sensitive People (HSP) Update for February, 2013

Hello friends. If you identify as Empathic or Highly Sensitive, you will want to take note this month.

First of all, please read my latest blog post on the strong Piscean energies of the month if you haven’t yet, as I feel this will be helpful to you. 

In periods of strong Pisces (or any other water sign,) energy the astral superhighway can become more inpacted by psychic “debris,” which may include lower frequencies brought on by drugs and alcohol. Some people will feel uncomfortable with the emotion that can be brought up and may seek to numb it out. We also have a Neptune/Chiron interaction which is powerful for healing of all kinds, and may also be impacting people on deep, emotional levels. This means that in your meditation, healing or ritual work you may be more attuned to this. For those that are highly spiritually sensitive, you may feel it also in your everyday life.

Remember also on its highest level, Pisces energy is about spiritual healing and inspiration. We are uniquely poised to receive our own healing, revelations and other gifts at this time. It is essential that we keep our own frequencies and energy bodies as clear as possible. I recommend DAILY Grounding, Clearing and Centering work for the entire month of February. If you are not familiar with Grounding, please check this great article by Margi Thomas. There are also many great articles on Grounding and Centering that can be found via a Google search.

Grounding Article by Margi Thomas

We also have a unique opportunity this month to be a more universal healing source ourselves, which is delightfully Piscean in and of itself.

Beloved Empaths, the greatest protection is to be a source of BLESSING. As it has been said by many, Love is the greatest protective Source in the Universe. Shine your Light through the oceanic astral realm, filling it up with Grace and the intention that all energies that may be deemed unwholesome will simply be transmuted into a more workable energy form. In this way you also bless and empower yourselves, while also being in service to your brethren. Shanti. – The Keepers, 2.5.13

In my meditation this morning with the Keepers I was shown standing in the oceanic astral that they describe here, in a fluid but tangible tube of Light. It was malleable enough to allow me to still be in the astral, yet I was not directly impacted by it. I invite you to also work with your own Guidance to develop a meditative and/or intentional technique that works for you.

Have a great month Empath/Sensitive friends and remember, we don’t need to get bogged down in it, we can be the Blessing for it! ?


COBALT 9th February 2013 12:01 pm

This means a lot! Thanks. :smitten:


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