Full Moon in Virgo, February 25, 2013 – Beginner’s Mind, Grace & First Dances

Hello friends. Interestingly, the Universe in its wisdom and humor has given us a Full Moon in grounded and practical Virgo. This whole Full Moon period (including the window leading up and three days or so after,) will be strongly impacted by the dynamic “opposite” dynamic of Pisces. We are still in the influence of a powerful Stellium of Pisces: Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Chiron and Venus (on 2/26.) The antidote is in the opposite for Virgo/Pisces, so let’s explore this further. :)

The perfect tune and lyric that comes to mind when thinking on this strong Piscean astrological energy is from the classic “Tomorrow Never Knows,” by the Beatles. “Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream. It is not dying.” – Lennon/McCartney

To strong Virgo energy, all of that Piscean letting go may feel like just that, or perhaps more than a tad uncomfortable. On the other hand, Virgo structure, analysis and its generally critical nature to Pisces may feel like spending all day in a tight business suit; not exactly a perfect fit. On a higher spiritual level, Virgo can be about the perfected nature; divine thoughts and aspirations. That is one of the disappointments that Virgo can encounter on the Earth plane, where imperfections are aplenty. It’s a matter of realizing that aspirations are worthy things, and it’s still a beautiful world even if and when it doesn’t live up to our own expectations.

There is a tendency for so much constellated Pisces energy to cause some people to feel overwhelmed, befuddled or generally want to float away. The Full Moon Virgo energy will give some grounded structure and shine a bright light of practicality and analysis; which I feel will be much-needed and helpful, especially when navigated consciously.

The Sabian Symbol for 7-8 degrees of Virgo is: “First Dancing Instruction.” – Marc Edmund Jones/Elsie Wheeler

Commentary: The “First dancing instruction” is an image of attentive, if awkward, first steps toward self-refinement and social expression. “Instruction” is a manner of teaching that furnishes knowledge, a know-how of steps: in order to do this, first do this, then that. “Dancing” derives from expressions meaning to stretch one’s limbs, to move here and there. The “first” instance of instruction is, depending on the natural disposition of the one receiving instruction, awkward, humorous, exciting, frustrating, as is the first attempt at any new endeavor. The student is molded by the instruction based on the transmission of accepted form. – Blain Bovee

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few. – Shunryu Suzuki

In order to learn a new dance, one must be flexible, and as Blain Bovee mentions in his commentary; be open to experience the silly, awkward or embarrassing. The Akashic Wisdom Keepers have referred to the aspect of mind as “sophisticated,” which is the mind when filled with our own preconceptions, opinions and judgments. It is difficult to see the Light so to speak, if we think we’ve got it all figured out. “Beginner’s Mind” speaks directly to this, as one has remained “teachable.”

The song that came to mind for this Full Moon is one of my favorites, “Absolute Beginners,” by David Bowie. Thought technically it would be considered a “love song,” in typical Bowie fashion there is plenty of other interesting concepts going on just beneath the surface.

If our love song could fly over mountains, could laugh at the ocean, just like the films. There’s no reason to feel all the hard times, to lay down the hard lines. It’s absolutely true. – David Bowie

Navigational Key: It is analytical mind that can lay down the “hard lines,” and gives ultimatums; which is the opposite energy of Pisces which seeks to “go with the flow,” in a space of loving detachment. Our recommended strategy is a balance of these two energies that can respond in an efficient manner to details when necessary, but does not become too fixed or rigid in its beliefs and concepts. Both Pisces and Virgo energies have the potential to be magically inspired and spiritually guided. It is in the mid-point of both of these energies with an open mind, that we give Grace a bigger landing strip.

We must sacrifice the urgent, petty agendas of the ego to a larger field or participation. We must learn humility and own humor, finding guidance in intuition and making logic a servant rather than master. Control is a personal experience, surrender is a transpersonal one. Through surrender we learn to move with the rhythms that flow through our existence and in so doing open ourselves to the wellsprings of life that are the gift of the divine Trickster. – Allan Combs

Full Moon Aspect of Note: Moon Square Jupiter

This aspect knows no restraint and can over-react, over-reach and promise the world when it has no idea if it can deliver. Moon square Jupiter is a gambler and risk taker, 90% of the time luck does swing their way, but when they do fail, they fail spectacularly. It does have its positive side though their lust for life is infectious and the radiant smile they wear is usually enough to make-up for and distract from any annoying diva behavior. Get out your most flamboyant costumes and rig up the karaoke machine. Top of the request list; Moon square Jupiter goddess herself, Cher. (“Would you Believe?!”) – Dark Star Astrology

Traditional Full Moon in Virgo interpretations: Female/goddess energy, earth plane details, health matters, receiving information through both analytical and intuitive means.

Full Moon in Virgo key phrase: “I analyze.”

2/25 Virgo Full Moon Affirmations: I am aligned with my most optimum health; in body, mind and spirit. I am guided by the power of discernment regarding myself and others. I release judgment and allow things to *be* as they are. I am open to the power and blessing of Grace.

Happy Full Moon.

NOTE: Full Moon is February 25, 2013 at 12:26 pm PST/3:26 pm EST.


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