Full Moon Report for 10/27/15

Cosmic Weather – Full Moon in Taurus

A Celebration for Heroes with a Rainbow and a Pot of Gold.

Hello friends. Welcome to the annual Full Moon in Taurus/Sun in Scorpio. It dawned on me recently that this is the opposite sign energy of the Wesak “Buddha” Moon in May, also featuring Scorpio and Taurus energies. The Full Moon in Taurus is traditionally associated with rest, harmony, pleasure and earthliness in all of its enjoyable forms. This one still has that going for it, but it’s a bit livelier than usual based on some of the other energies traveling along with it: namely Venus, Jupiter and Chiron. Jupiter (Virgo) is conjunct this Full Moon by sign giving us an extra healing boost. Based on the astro-cosmic energies of the past two weeks especially, we can certainly use it. I’ve been hearing from quite a few people that this year’s Scorpio Season has begun with quite a bang. Considering we are still in the “8” Universal Year vibration, we simply aren’t doing things halfway for the most part, so that does make sense. Scorpio energy is no stranger to serving up a dose of drama, intrigue and even despair to get its point across. The challenge is to find the wisdom and blessing within it and yes, there really is one. There is also the Phoenix/Eagle aspect of Scorpio which ascends to great heights above denser realities.

Upon hearing of the Sabian Symbol my lyrical brain went to the lovely Be Bop Deluxe song I shared from below. It was amazing and interesting how well it summed up what so many of us have been feeling as spiritual warriors in need of a rest and affirming fellowship with our light and like-minded posse. Usually the sharing of our “war stories” comes around during Sun in Sagittarius, but this hasn’t been any ordinary year. It’s delightfully synchronistic how that very thought was also reflected in my friend Maggie’s reading for the week ahead.

The 6 of Wands is about success and victory, celebrating with our friends! Our story is about the Valkyries retrieving the heroes from the battlefields and transporting them to Valhalla, serving them a great feast listening to their heroic tales. In the card the ballroom is brightly lit representing illumination of spirit and they are moving toward this light to a door where they will experience a new awareness and rewards for their work in their life and reunite with their Spirit friends, the Unseen, that were with them cheering them on. We too have victories to celebrate; invite someone for a lunch or dinner and be apart of the success for another. Our rewards will be great and the Spirits of Valhalla will be shining down on us! – Maggie Lukowski http://www.maggiemoontarot.com

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is: The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Riches that come from linking the celestial and the earthly nature.

Rainbows are classically associated with renewal, beauty and hope. The “pot of gold” can be seen as being the material manifestation of spiritual success and abundance. It can also be seen as blessings that are not material, such as the love that exists in our lives. It is a definitive “as above – so below” moment. Scorpio energy brings an awareness of our ancestors and unseen helpers. There is the feeling that they are also reveling in our successes and will do so even more if invited.

Our enemies are at the gate, well armed with jealousy and hate. But my sword is in my hand and I will fight at your command. The storm is raging in my head, the things I’ve done, the words I’ve said. Never change your skies to grey, for I will chase the clouds away. This game is growing rather grim, and some of us must sink or swim. But I’ll play the sailor brave, from the cradle to my grave. – The Gold at the end of my Rainbow, Bill Nelson

The shadow energy that is recommended to steer clear of is stubbornness. We are dealing with two “fixed” energies, after all. The high side of this however, is the ability to ground and anchor higher spiritual, transformational energies (Scorpio) into the beauty of physical reality (Taurus.)

This Full Moon invites to see that ultimately our own greatest riches lie within and that is our gift to the world. Also, that to celebrate and share our growth and spiritual success benefits us all.

Happy Full Moon friends!

NOTE: The Full Moon in Taurus is 10/27 at 5:05 am PDT/8:05 am EDT.



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