Got the Eclipse Gun Barrel Blues? Be Peace And Put a Flower In It

Hello dear readers,

As I’ve said earlier this week, for many the Eclipse/Venus Transit eclipsed some people and things right out of our life and we’re left holding the bag. It’s been confusing, upsetting and just plain sad, so let’s walk through this for some clarity.

The Masters and wise ones advise us to “not take it personally” when people around us are going off, blowing up or even leaving. It’s pretty hard not to when someone’s got a metaphorical gun pointed at your head. It’s important to remember that *golden* Yogi Bhajan quote that basically says how others treat us has everything to do with their own inner state and world, and very little to do with us. Don Miguel Ruiz reminds us that others are in their own dream world and so are we, and sometimes worlds collide and clash.

The Akashic Wisdom Keepers have told us that “disowning” others is a misnomer, as this is an impossibility. As the ONE of us here, where is it that we can go? Sure they can wish us to the Cornfield to get away from us, but that doesn’t change the facts. The Keepers also remind us that disowning of others is an act of utter rage, frustration and at the very bottom, FEAR. OUR part on the Uranian bomb squad clean-up crew is to keep our own side of the street clean. If the other parties will not speak to you, speak it to their Spirit (make sure to do this when you no longer want to clock them on the jaw!) As Ram Dass says, “You can kick people out of your life, but be sure to not kick them out of your heart.”

So what can we do? If you aren’t ready to wish them well, or pray for them yet, don’t. You don’t have to be the Buddha today (even though in actuality you already are.) Just do your best, right NOW. We’re all just making our through this cosmic dream we are all participating in. Be the Peace you want to see in the world and in your own life. This is a huge gift, and it’s bigger than you can even imagine. Things that go “boom!” in a Venus Retrograde have the opportunity to come around in a better and healthier form. If this is something that you are open to, create a home for that particular Peace Bird. You just might see it sitting on your windowsill someday.

Love & blessings all.

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer


Arvel44 11th April 2013 5:07 am

Modern day gun barrels are complicated in their structure and makeup. A gun barrel must be capable to grip in the increasing gas produced by the propellants to make sure that optimum muzzle speed is attained.


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