Healing Suggestions for the Pisces Stellium of March, 2013

Hello friends. For the month of March we are still in the influence of the Pisces stellium (three or more planets in the same sign.) They are for the moment: Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Chiron (planetoid,) and Venus. Sun, Mars and Venus will be moving on relatively soon, while the others will remain longer. With such a strong Piscean influence, we have a unique healing opportunity to access deep subconscious information that may not always be readily available to our conscious mind. The astral highway is definitely busier than usual right now, so proper grounding and centering practices are highly recommended for all, especially those that are actively participating in spiritual healing work.

Q: How can we drop habitual patterns of mind that may be considered long-standing and not conducive to our good health and also make the best use of the current healing energies?

1) Align yourself *daily* through a vertical soul connection through your heart and/or crown chakra center(s) with your own Higher Self and Guidance Team.

2) Give your Guidance Team and Spiritual Medical Team permission to work with you in a healing capacity in the highest and most loving context for your being.

3) Purify yourself on all levels, especially mentally and psychically. There has been a great emphasis on diet and combating environmental poisons which is important, but is not the entire picture. Do keep in mind that a vessel that is at a high vibration is much less at risk for negative impacts of toxicity. Mind and consciousness are also a great key. Pure Thoughts – Pure Vessel – Pure Life.

4) Healing Remedies in a *water* delivery system such as flower essences, homeopathic and other healing tinctures will be especially useful now. Be sure to “charge” them with prayer, positive intentions and sunlight, as needed.

5) Rest in the LOVE that you are. Love is the ultimate healing power for all ailments both of an emotional or physical nature; and of course they are deeply interrelated.

For those current dealing with recovery from a dis-ease process, sometimes it is not entirely helpful to “name” all the current symptoms or aspects of it. This is not to suggest to deny it exists entirely, but not to become too rapped up in the minutia of it all. What you are going for is to create the space for the healing “Shift” to occur, and often you will know when this happens, however subtle. You may rely on your Allopathic medical tests to reflect this new reality back to you; so in this sense, those tests and technologies are especially useful.

You may chose to work with this as a meditative focus: I thank you dis-ease process for all that you have revealed and awakened in my consciousness. I no longer will be requiring your services at this time. I bless and release you in peace and gratitude. And so it is.

Pisces Stellium Mantra: I am LOVE. I am LIGHT. I am BLISS. I am ALL One. – The Keepers, 3.2.13


Rainbow Princess 4th March 2013 5:00 pm

Thank You! :thumbs:


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