How Does One Deal With Those That Remain in Anger, Resistance or Other Negative States of Mind?

In a continuation of our last discussion, we wish to add this information. To the ego or unrefined mind, it seems like “work” or a “discipline” to relax, go with the flow and surrender to Grace. It also seems like work as the unrefined mind is so accustomed to figuring things out, and being pro-active as it were. This time when your earth sun is in the sign of Cancer is the perfect time to ease into the peace, the feeling, the Grace.

How does one deal with those that remain in anger, resistance or other negative states of mind? What is the best course of action?

We realize that you ask this as your own heart has carried the burden so to speak of dealing with this and these types of individuals. From where we sit it might sound oversimplified or trite when we give our response, but we tell you this, to give Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness is the only way. There is another scripture quote, “for all have fallen short of the Glory, etc” this has been widely misinterpreted.

It is not meant to assign blame and to point out the sins of the people, but to show that all are working to find their way, so to speak. Some people are choosing negative actions that will also have negative results. If they had the precognition or presence of mind, they would not choose this for themselves, but at this moment in time they lack this ability. In truth, they lack NOTHING but there is a part of their unrefined mind that instructs them otherwise you see? It has also been said by your prophet that you “must become as little children.” What does this mean?

Look at children, for the most part they are happy, contented, free and they are also very good judges of character. If there is an energy or a person, place or thing that makes them feel uncomfortable, watch how they easily and with little effort just step away from that thing. There is no discussion, no blame. You see? It is helpful for you to emulate this behavior. The rational mind does a good job of being so grown up and important. There is also a wisdom in being simple, and perhaps even small and meek. The meek may be perceived as “weak” by some, but they are very wise in that they “chose their battles” which is mostly to not go to battle in the first place.

We leave you with peace unending this day.
Aum. Namaste.

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer



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Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer is an akashic records reader, interfaith minister, intuitive counselor, energy healing practitioner and writer. She currently resides in Laguna Hills, California. Irma has been involved in the holistic healing arts community as a practitioner and teacher since 1992.

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