New Moon Report, 1.1.14: Emphasis, Trust and the Good Foot!

In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you. ~ Buddha

Hello friends. Well this is one New Moon Report that I’m really pleased to share with you. This is no ordinary New Moon. In fact, we haven’t had a New Moon on a New Year’s Day for 19 years. No wonder this one feels a little extra special.

I just kept hearing that this was a great opportunity to start off the year on the “Right” or the “Good Foot,” as they say down South and in the James Brown tune.

A key word for the new year is TRUST. As in the kind of trust you had as a kid when you put on a pair of roller skates or jumped off the high dive. Even if you fell over on your skates before and skinned your knee, you had an uncanny ability to not hold onto that and put them on again anyway. Such is the new moon guidance for you, grasshopper.

Traveling alongside of this new moon are some real “power players” in the cosmic sky, including Pluto to conjunct the Capricorn Sun and Moon and this will be making a contact (square) to both Uranus and Mars. We are no stranger to the Uranus/Pluto square re/evolutionary energies, but this new moon will definitely pack a punch. If there is some unfinished business especially of an emotional/psychic nature, it may come calling.

This is actually a good and welcomed thing; best drop it now before it gets carried forward. For those who have used the energies of the past year to do some deep and meaningful personal work, this new moon may feel expansive and joyful. I see where the TRUST element comes in again is in trusting ourselves and the Universe to keep moving forward and especially not looking back to the more painful and fear-producting elements of 2013. We’ve got a bright future ahead of us in 2014, in the glow of the “7? Universal Year spiritual vibration. Now is a perfect time to invoke and engage our inner Yoda, Obi-Wan or any other Jedi master of our choice.

Positive Application: Executive decisions/ability, making both short-term and long-term plans, trusting the Universe and the unfolding process of our life, ambition, organization, faith.

Shadow Application: “Petty Tyrant” behaviors, worry, emphasis on lack or limitation, depression from an inability to “go with the flow.”

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is perfect in my opinion. Indeed, emphasis is an important key spiritually and otherwise in many of life’s undertakings. This New Moon is a reminder to be mindful of where we fix our gaze. Being on the start of a brand new year ahead, we really do have the opportunity to POWERFULLY set intentions not only for the next moon cycle, but for the entire year ahead.

“A large group of pheasants” 11 Capricorn. Theme: Emphasis

Inspiration: By varying emphasis, the same message takes on a large variety of meanings.Today: In a large group of people, all of whom are saying the same thing, no two will convey the exact same meaning. Emphasis is everything. Try it. Say aloud the sentence, “You went with him,?” stressing a different word each time.

An amazing richness of diverse sense with each and every nuanced delivery of the line. Now speak it again with surprise, with joy, with suspicion, judgment, ridicule, surprise, innuendo. You may whisper it a secret, a naughty secret, or shout it with anger, contempt, boastfully, say it in a funny voice or accent for effect. Consider that everyone speaks an alien language. Something is said and you translate it into your language. It may be, upon exacting analysis, that communication is impossible. Yet sense lifts thankfully above. ~ Blain Bovee/Sabian Sage

Here is a wonderful New Moon poem by my friend Jen Reich of “Poetry not Poverty.”

New Moon, New Year

The New Moon greets the New Year
Saying “let go of the past”
For the things that are worth keeping
Will in their beauty last-
Yet that that does not serve us
Must be released and shed
The fear, anger and patterns
Which hog space in our head-
And when we call our Spirit
To release them to the Earth
The New Moon greets us with her light
And offers us rebirth.

Jen Reich
Flagstaff, AZ 12-28-13

Happy New Year & Happy New Moon to all! Blessings on the journey ahead.

Note: New Moon in Capricorn is 1.1.14 at 3:14 am PST/6:14 am EST.


catblueberry 30th December 2013 7:41 pm

well, me with Capricorn moon...this I think will be a significant year...


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