New Moon/Solar Eclipse Report – 3/8/16

Cosmic Weather – New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Transforming the wound, a new vision and BE-ing the LOVE.

Forget about the past and all your sorrows, the future won’t last, it will soon be over tomorrow. Open up your heart, let’s come together. Use a little love and we will make it work out better. Peace, remember peace is how we make it. Here within your reach, if you’re big enough to take it. – George Harrison, 1972

Hello friends. Welcome to Spring Eclipse Season, 2016. This one has a different spin and vibe than previous years and of course, I’ll tell you why. First of all, we are in the “9” Universal Year – the culmination of experience, karmic intensity, psychic clearing and healing as we prepare for the new cycle in the “1.” This very similar to the energy of Pisces which also vibrates with the “9” energy. If anything was an “up and out” energy, it would be this.

This New Moon/Eclipse started speaking to me early this time, around 3/3. The energies of the past week were strange and at times very heavy. The Capricorn moon along with a Sun/Saturn square last week added to melancholia that seemed to be going around based on the big “dose of reality” that we were shown. This however, served a higher purpose on the road to this New Moon which is an extremely potent reset point.

The Sun and Moon in Pisces traveling with an Eclipse is often a mixed bag of blessings, and many of them are often in disguise. Eclipse energies can hit days or even weeks before the actual event and linger long afterwards. The usual rule of thumb is that Solar Eclipses tend to pertain more to Yang energy and the males in our lives, but not always, as we carry both polarities of energies within us as human beings. Conflicts or crisis may contain the seeds of important changes within them. During Eclipse season especially, it’s important to be mindful of the messages we are given and the signs we are shown.

New Moon/Eclipses are cosmic “still points” of epic proportion. Just as our own minds can ascend to higher levels of consciousness when we turn within and cut down on the outer noises, so can the world. Keep in mind too that some folks can become frightened or generally freaked out by the size or contents of their own shadows which can can appear more formidable during an eclipse.

Some preliminary notes on the upcoming (3/8-9) New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces:

1) Be mindful of your own wounding and be willing to see past it. Offer up your own healing revelations for the all.

2) Forgiveness (for self and others) is a magical key.

3) Consciously choose the higher octave of Pisces energy: service, healing, insight and compassion, while letting victimhood and blame stories go.

4) The two eclipses in March are pivotal in further activating higher frequencies. BE the love, without question. This is a great gift of service you can offer humanity at all times, but especially now.

It’s important to note that during the New Moon and Solar Eclipse we will have four planets (Sun, Moon, Neptune and Mercury) and Chiron all in Pisces. Pisces energy is related to many things, but these aspects will be featured at this time: karma, healing, service, higher consciousness, the wounding and the way through. It’s highly possible that the wounding (Chiron) will not be felt collectively as well as individually. Empaths and highly sensitive people this would be a good time to stick to your own path and not process the pain of others, as that’s the shadow of the Pisces/Virgo dynamic that we are evolving and reconfiguring. Holding compassionately detached healing space for ourselves and others is the golden ticket here.

An interesting thing that this New Moon/Eclipse showed me was that ALL spiritual/psychic wounds have their basis in the original one. What organized religion and many others have called the “Original Sin” in my view (and the view of my Guides the Keepers,) is more like the “Original Separation.” That is, part of the illusion that we agreed to take on when we took human form. The subsequent human guilt and shame is an invention, albeit a very deep, destructive and pervasive one.

The “Serenity Prayer” is distinctly related to both Pisces and Chiron. Some wounds go deeper than others, may take time and/or not be our responsibility in the first place. This has always been a tricky aspect of Pisces energy. To quote one of my wise mentors (who had his Sun and Moon in Pisces,) “We are here to serve that which is worthy of us.” This is not meant to be an ego or judgment trip whatsoever, it’s wisely related to energy management. There are some people, places and things that are “black holes” in which more love, money, care or what have you will never be enough. There are also places where our unique contributions can be best served. This is an area where knowing the difference can mean everything, in terms of our own sanity and health.

“God grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” – Reinhold Niebuhr
Deep ocean vast sea – well that’s deep. Your head’s a supernova and you would like anything to stop the pain from your fingers. Screaming as you stand naked in the sun without leather, who’s pain you think you need. All you need to do is undress let go and wash, take the step to the other side. The air is thick with karma. The sutra of the way down. – Peter Murphy ’89

Speaking of pain, what is it anyway? It is a message and a teacher. For some however, it becomes an identity, a badge of honor or a place to lose themselves. With Chiron, Neptune and Mercury making powerful contacts to the Sun and Moon in Pisces, the wound may be powerfully exposed. The good news however, is the way through is also. A little cosmic hint we are given regarding this: We don’t get there with our rational, “adult” analytical mind, though that does have its place. Surrender, trust, being in the moment and letting go are our greatest allies; along with the reminder that no matter how old we are, we still have a Magical Child within us filled with wonder, joy and love. During this time, it would be wise to set a place at our table for her/him and even have dessert first.

Happy New Moon and Eclipsing friends!

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NOTE: The New Moon in Pisces is 3/8/16 at 5:54 PST/8:54 EST – The Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees of Pisces is 5:57 pm PST/8:57. 



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