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We’ll we’ve all had it thrown at us, the concept of the perfect soul mate, someone out of our past that we’ve been waiting our entire life for. Sounds perfect right? Not so fast there, buckaroo. We’ve got some rocky territory to explore first.

Indeed, the concept of soul connection is embedded in our culture and this is evident when we look at fairytales and myths, which depict a search for wholeness; this archetype is illustrated by the prince seeking Cinderella or waking the sleeping princess/beauty, the archetypal feminine. These stories may be traced back 5,000 years to the legend of the Egyptian Gods Isis and Osiris.

These male and female deities were brother and sister and husband and wife. Emerging from the womb as twins, they became beloved companions who could not be separated, even by death. When Osiris’ jealous brother, Set, kidnaps and kills him, Isis, his sister, lover, wife, is able to merge with the soul of her husband and conceive a god-child, Horus. Infuriated by this, Set has his brother’s body cut into 14 pieces. In mourning, Isis journeys through the country “gathering pieces of her husband together and reassembling them until he eventually comes back to life.” The Egyptians named her the goddess of fertility and motherhood, and Osiris the god of the dead. Their son, Horus, became known as the god of the sun and sky.

Imagine the power of this love and commitment. Many people long for a sense of soul connection, unity with others, purpose and direction. We seek psychic information about where our right mate, our “soul” mate might be. Surely, we believe, we’ll recognize that person when we meet. The meeting should have such resonance that no doubt will remain. ~ Lorrie Kazan, based on Edgar Cayce’s book “Edgar Cayce on Soul Mates.”

Whenever I discuss soul recognition with clients, this clip below from John Boorman’s 1981 film “Excalibur” vividly comes to mind. If you watch Guinevere’s face closely when she first meets Lancelot (at :37-40) her expression says it all. It’s a “oh no, it’s you again” moment, in a big way. You can sense the love, loss, longing and fear all in her eyes. That’s not only some great acting, but this scene really typifies the complexity of these types of soul mate interactions to a T.

Excalibur Clip

If you are familiar with the story, you can skip this part. Guinevere is married to Arthur King of the Britons, which of course makes her the Queen. Lancelot is Arthur’s champion, in that he is his “best and bravest knight.” Guinevere and Lancelot’s desire cannot be kept at bay for long, and they both betray their loyalty to Arthur. When Arthur finds them he casts the powerful sword Excalibur back into the earth, and basically all hell breaks loose for awhile. Oh and Guinevere ends up in a convent in the end, figures. 

I feel this is a powerful case study of soul mates/soul recognition as it illustrates the powerful pull of this attraction and great personal risk and loss of both parties. It goes beyond a morality play of love vs. lust, good vs. evil, but into the heart and pathos of human nature at its core. If you found the love of your life but you were married to someone else, what would you do? When you are in the “love buzz” of one of these type of relationships it’s pretty hard to see clearly, let along figure out the karma. You are also most likely having the best sex of your life with this person, which doesn’t help in the clarity department either.

Okay, so this is all fine and good so far, Lancelot is a hottie with a heart of gold, but what if you soul mate is more of a Snidely Whiplash or Vampire Lestat character? Oh and I’m really not joking, I survived one of these myself, so I feel I am at liberty to talk about it. It certainly wasn’t fun, but it showed me strength in myself that is no longer a mystery to me, so like that Christina Aguilera song, I can actually now say, “Thanks for making me a fighter.”

Lassos, daggers & cords oh my!

There are times when people show up from your past with an ax to grind about you, or maybe you have one about them. They are on the brain 24/7 and you find yourself having feisty conversations with them in your head. This isn’t a good sign and it also a symptom of psychic attack and/or manipulation. There is a distinct difference between a spiritual tie of love and a psychic cord created out of manipulation, and they definitely feel different. To the inexperienced and uninitiated, it actually can feel good (especially in the beginning,) as there is a joy and elation that can come with feeling so intimately connected to someone. People coming out of long dry spells without a partner or spouse, can be particularly vulnerable to this.

Many of us are familiar with the term “psychic cords” that can be created between two people that experience a trauma, heartbreak or violation of boundaries. What is not so widely seen are the “daggers” that people can actually have lodged in their aura and/or chakras (usually on the back side.) The term “stab your back” can be on a literal level spiritually and it’s not pretty. Lassos are another form of cording that can actually look like ropes around a persons mid-section or ankles. Yes, I’ve seen that over the years too. Well people aren’t cattle, but that doesn’t stop some people from treating them like they are, not good.

Well IK, what’s the point of all of this? Well, thank you for asking. With Pluto going direct in just a few days, we’ve all gotten a good look this past Summer into our closets (and maybe some other people’s too!) It’s self-inventory at its finest. If you are still carrying baggage or tiny daggers of anger, resentment and blame around, now’s a prime time to drop it. It’s important to remember that we’ve been on both sides of this “control drama” as both victim and persecutor and we’ve gotten a pretty fine education at this point! This is some of the “victim patterning” that is part of the old 3D paradigm that definitely has to GO. We help this along by being conscious, taking responsibility for our lives and staying in our heart as much as we can. Certainly not all soul mate relationships are negative or based on control dynamics some can be really beautiful; but like the star that burns twice as bright, they often don’t go the distance in the end, as that is often not their purpose. If you feel that you have been “corded” by another individual, it is important to not go into blame or self-criticism. Everything is for our learning and growth, ESPECIALLY powerful soul mate relationships.

The Keepers, my guidance team has said about soul makes, that it is wise for us to bless them for all they reveal to us about our own soul, both its shadow and light. Each relationship that comes in our life is a blessing and a boon in this way. Also Soul Mate relationships serve to prepare us for what the Keepers call the “True Mate” relationship that manifests on a higher level of love, trust and soul compatibility, if that is in our karmic path.

No need for desperation
No need for sweet revenge
Please try to remember
The door is always there
Don’t you walk on by
The door is always there
All you want to do is kick it in
All you got to do is walk right in.

Who put those tiny daggers
In your heart? ~ M. Hutchence/INXS

We are also in a big “clean up” period in our history both at a micro and macrocosmic level. It’s also important to be brave and stay trusting of the Universe and ourselves. We aren’t being punished dear readers, we are being cleaned up and prepped so we can go higher. Also, if it is in our highest good, to magnetize in a partner without control dynamics where we can experience harmony, happiness and love, sweet love!

Wishing you all peace and happiness in these potent and magical times.

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer



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