Optimal Report for 1/26 – 2/1/15

Hello friends. This week we have the movement of Venus which certainly does impact the relationship/beauty/value areas of our lives. She is moving from a more airy and detached position (Aquarius) to the deep, watery and compassionate Pisces on Tuesday, 1/27.

Pisces energy is great for increasing our capacity for peace, love and understanding of our fellow brethren. What it’s not great for is: self-sacrifice to the point of self-harm, illusion, dependency and keeping the rose-colored glasses on for too long. :) The next three weeks will be more idealistic than practical and sometimes that needed. A little harmless escapism can be fun right?

Also on Tuesday, we have short lived but potent Uranus-Mercury sextile.This is excellent for “Brainstorming” and problem solving, especially in areas where the answers may have escaped you recently. Since Uranus is a part of the equation, the information may come in suddenly, unexpectedly and/or with lightning speed. Stay OPEN.

We’ve got some VERY interesting action next Friday-Saturday with some great healing potential, so here’s a head’s up on that. We have a Mars-Pluto sextile first on Friday which gives us a lot of energy to dig deep and get our empowerment on. Chiron meets up with Mars on Saturday which may bring some “not good enough” or related fears to the surface. Better out than in as I like to say. I don’t sense these energies to be particulary dark or dour, but they may still be a bit challenging in that they will increase our sensitivity for a time, especially with Empaths and highly sensitive folks. You may feel a need to avoid big social events on Saturday and stay in. Have your voice recorder and/or notebook handy. It’s a cosmic brainstorming kind of a week.

Have a great week ahead friends!



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Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer is an akashic records reader, interfaith minister, intuitive counselor, energy healing practitioner and writer. She currently resides in Laguna Hills, California. Irma has been involved in the holistic healing arts community as a practitioner and teacher since 1992.

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