Revelations & Resonance – The Keepers on The New Year, 2012

2012: A universal FIVE (5) year in numerology, which represents CHANGE, BREAKTHROUGHS and FREEDOM.

Revelation: A surprising and previously unknown fact. The making known of a secret or the unknown.

Resonance: A synchronous gravitational relationship of two celestial bodies (as moons) that orbit a third (as a planet) which can be expressed as a simple ratio of their orbital periods. To be in energetic and vibrational accord.

2011 has been the “Year of Illumination.” 2012 is to be the “Year of Revelation and Resonance.” It is not so much as “what is hidden” will be revealed as in 2011 year of illumination, as to now what is on the higher octave, what is my truth, what is our truth, what is cosmic truth?

2012 is actually a very *high* point in your timeline. A time of creation, miracles and wonder. A birth into a new realm of being on many levels. The fear attached to it is both a misunderstanding, a fear of the unknown and also a blatant attempt to shift the ground of this powerful emergence. Do not let ignorance and those with an unwholesome agenda steal the riches of this wondrous time. It is yours. You Are That. ~ 11.28.11

There still will be some “musical chairs” as people, places and situations move in and out of your lives, but the scenes are beginning to become more solid and settled. That what is in true *resonance* with you will be materialized in your experience. 2011 was the purification, the walk thru the fire.

FEAR in the general public is still very much an issue due to mis and dis-information that has been disseminated both intentionally and unintentionally. It is not only important to HOLD SPACE of peace, calm and clarity but to communicate this as well in your writings, your work and even down to your daily communications with others.

Depending on how people have been doing the “Walk” of their awakening they will either: have a dramatic awakening to their soul’s code and mission or for those who have been receiving information along these areas already will be receiving their next steps to solidify them in their roles as light weavers, teachers, practitioners, etc.

There will be continued formation of light communities of support to help others thru their awakening process. As more and more people realize that the government and bureaucracies in general are not compassionate to their needs, the need for more grass root organizations of support will both manifest and flourish. ~ 11.21.11

Beloveds, there is so much to share with you about the coming year. You are already feeling the spark of excitement in the air. For those that have been working on their soul tasks and missions, more will be continued to be shared with you. Please commend yourselves on the tremendous job of growth and change that you have weathered this year, you have learned “adaptability” in its finest! Though in the outer world you are continuing to see so much falling and outright failing be not disheartened and keep to your tasks at hand. Just as the saying goes that you cannot put old wine in new bottles, some things must be “emptied,” in energy, policy and reality as you have come to know it. For those that are new to a path of awakening, more will be given to them as well.

Keep in mind as the saying goes for those who more responsibility is given, more will be expected. This is not to create any sense of pressure in you dear ones, for you always have choice, but to alert you to the importance and accuracy of this divine timing. 2012 is indeed a year to “take your show on the road,” wherever that may lead you, even if you never leave your own town. You are here to exemplify the Light, the Teachings and all that has been shared with you. It is important to connect to the concept of “tithing” not just of your income, but also your wisdom, your energy and your time. There are many who have not had the blessing of the Dharma in their lives dear Ones, yet seek the Path. In the coming year of revelation you will not only walk the Path, but become One with it as your Buddha as suggested, as living embodiments of Truth. Prepare your vessels in the coming days and weeks with prayer, contemplation and meditation. You have been emptied of all that no longer serves for a reason, dear ones. It was never to cause you pain or suffering, this is only how the human ego interprets it. There is indeed will be a “speeding up” of time, karma and also love and blessings and this will continue into your 2012. The concept of group mind is being accepted by more beings as a truth and reality. Though we do not advocate being in denial of negativity or misqualified energies in your world, we also know that the power of love, truth and reality is more powerful, and so do you. So how do you create the reality where love prevails? Let it prevail in your own life, without a doubt. For as you do this for yourself, you do for the ONE. Shanti. ~ 12.1.11

Have you ever wondered why many descriptions of the “Ascension” process are not coming to pass as planned? It’s because YOUR higher being is guiding it. What is blessed for someone else could be ill-fitting for you. It is not a “cookie cutter” experience though the end result or goal is the same – rising in light and consciousness to your own Divine Self, as Love Personified. Some years back Archangel Uriel advised you to stop “processing,” and we agree with this wisdom. There can certainly be a place where personal analysis no longer serves you well. Though it may seem counter intuitive to an anxious world to R E L A X, that is exactly what we are advising. As we have shared in earlier messages, you are profoundly loved and dearly cared for. If you had a “mission” for 2012 that would be a worthy one, is to know this truth. Once you experience this reality there will be no going back for you, and you will become an even greater blessing upon the earth. ~ 12.3.11

Beloveds, yes “Resonance” is a powerful word for the New Year and you have been in preparation for this throughout your current year. The areas in which you have found yourself in struggle are where you are called to bring in the healing light of consciousness. You may have found yourself “tested” again and again, but noticing with each experience or event, your reaction has shifted. You have also noticed than when you are in resistance; characterized by the emotions of struggle, hopelessness, anger or fear, the movement of energies can become very still or even stop, until you find a way to “jumpstart” yourself again by shifting your focus. You have learned about creativity on a very personal level. Remember some months back we had shared that you are becoming “magicians?” A magician is one that works with the forces of creation to manifest his/her desires. Those who have worked on their impediments and have aligned with the highest levels of Light available to the planet at this time know that to be in serve to Self, is to be in service to the ALL, as there is no separation. ~ The Keepers, 12.5.11

The Keepers on Fear & 2012: Beloveds, we understand that there has been some misinformation that has spread confusion in your world. In actuality the current year has had the most potential challenges which has been reflected in the Grand Cross alignments over the summer, and also various environmental disasters at various places upon the planet. Though there are many people that are not aware of this, there have been several “extinction level” events predicted for this year that obviously did not occur. We do not need at this time to give an extended discussion on the dis-empowering qualities of fear, but just to say it serves as a distraction at a minor level, and can be utterly disabling at a greater one. In times of great change it is not uncommon to experience anxiety. It is a fear of the unknown and also the strong reconfiguration of energies, as you adapt to a new way of being, both within yourselves and upon the planet.

We often share the message with you that you are deeply loved. We invite you to discover this for yourselves. As you are not only loved, you are also love embodied. Another important factor to discuss is the amount of Light workers, Adult Indigo and other beings with a spiritual mission to fulfill upon the planet. You are awakening to this in varying degrees every day, and many are now moving into their roles as teachers, practitioners and leaders for the Aquarian Age that is now at hand. As many have said before there is an awakening happening on Gaia that is unprecedented and all spiritual support is in alignment for this to unfold. You are also growing and coming into a new understanding of Source and also yourselves as creative beings. What is occurring now is what the masters have referred to as the “Divine Plan,” and under no circumstances will it be thwarted. Shanti.~ 11.12.11

The truth of the Divine Human Being, the truth of the new energies, the truth of Mother Earth – it cannot be stopped. ~ Kryon



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Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer is an akashic records reader, interfaith minister, intuitive counselor, energy healing practitioner and writer. She currently resides in Laguna Hills, California. Irma has been involved in the holistic healing arts community as a practitioner and teacher since 1992.

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