The Keepers on Lack & Abundance - Part 1

Beloveds, you have asked us how you can step into greater abundance for yourselves in this time and we say this: For many of you in the light worker, Adult Indigo and other communities have agreed to participate in the transformation of the oppressive monetary system on the planet. Many of you have been both the “haves” and the “have nots” and you have been given a well-rounded education in this area. We have often said in previous messages that it is time to “become magicians.” What do (real) magicians do? They are divine alchemists and create something from nothing. This IS possible dear ones. You cannot be powerful creators as long as you *believe* that you are not and believe that the system or “the man” has power over your future. Work with your own beliefs and energy field. Clear away vestiges of limiting thoughts that may stand in your way.

The current energy of Saturn in the powerful sign of Scorpio can actually be an ally in this task to assist in transforming fear and mis-perceptions into truth. To step into greater abundance is directly related to stepping *out* of the current money game. It is true there is an alternative economy that has been created and is growing stronger by the day. It is an economy based on cooperation, unity, respect for others, sharing, bartering, and so forth. Another key to abundance is removing FEAR and anxiety around it. We understand that is often not easy to do, but it is essential. Fear is a powerful abundance blocker in some cases. You may say to us, “I know some people that have nothing but fear and anxiety about money, yet they have plenty. So what is the deal with that?” For some dear ones, to be abundant financially is their karmic path. It is very much about one’s attitude about their abundance that matters. To hoard one’s wealth in a spirit of worry and stinginess is missing the boat, so to speak. Of course you are feel to do whatever you like with your life path, but generosity is a great key on many levels.

You have said to us, “I have tithed my wages, I am generous to others, etc. yet I still am weighed down by these concerns.” A powerful affirmation to use in this time is: “I am a child of Source. All that Source has is mine. I remove all blocks to this understanding and step fully into my true abundance. And so it is.” As we have mentioned before, lack is a tool of the oppressive powers of the world that operate out of darkness and control, and it is thick indeed. This is not to say that there is no way out of it. Love, trust, light and generosity are your tools. Be magicians. Make it so. This is the task at hand. We also see that abundance is directly related to self-awareness. Poverty is not the truth of your be-ing as a child of the ONE. It is a time to “override” the existing program of control, and you are the ones who make it so. Ask and you will be guided.

Dear ones, you are clearing and transmuting SO much. It is truly more than you know with your conscious mind, but your Higher Self is definitely “on board” with this. As you step more fully into your soul roles and missions, greater abundance will flow to you. For some of you have been bringing in light technologies, techniques and teachings that have been somewhat ahead of their time. Have faith that the world is preparing to receive your healing gifts. And so it is. Shanti. – The Akashic Wisdom Keepers, 10.8.12

Key Quote: It is hard to let old beliefs go. They are familiar. We are comfortable with them and have spent years building systems and developing habits that depend on them. Like a man who has worn eyeglasses so long that he forgets he has them on, we forget that the world looks to us the way it does because we have become used to seeing it that way through a particular set of lenses. Today, however, we need new lenses. And we need to throw the old ones away. – Kenich Ohmae

It has been said that the love of money is the root of all evil, but actually it is the fear of money that causes the distortion. Money is just the energy of Source in motion, and to Love it is a proper attitude. Not in a greedy or unwholesome way mind you, but with a gracious and thankful heart. To fear anything binds you to it. You must let go of fear in all forms, especially fear of your own greatness to create an abundant life. ~ The Keepers, from 10.26.11


Sibeles 17th October 2012 9:26 am


zorro 17th October 2012 7:04 pm

M A G I C Manifestation

Tao Te Ching (Lao Tzu)

The Tao that can be expressed
is not the Everlasting Tao.

The Name that can be named
is not the Everlasting Name.

He whose name is “Spirit in Man”
is Life-spring of Heaven and Earth.

He whose name is “outward possessions”
is Mother of all created beings.

Therefore constantly desire Inner Life
in order to perceive mysteries.

Constantly desire possessions
in order to perceive limitations.

These two: One in source but differing in Name
are One in being called deep,

Deep and yet more deep,

Door of many mysteries.

Translated by Isabella Mears (1916)

zorro 17th October 2012 7:06 pm

A Way that can be followed is not a constant Way.

A name that can be named is not a constant name.

Nameless, it is the beginning of Heaven and Earth;

Named, it is the mother of the myriad creatures.

And so,

Always eliminate desires in order to observe its mysteries;

Always have desires in order to observe its manifestations.

These two come forth in unity but diverge in name.

Their unity is known as an enigma.

Within this enigma is yet a deeper enigma.

The gate of all mysteries!

Translated by Philip J. Ivanhoe (2003)

zorro 17th October 2012 7:37 pm

When the union of these seeming “opposites” is no longer a pycho-mental challenge, no longer conflicted within the “creative bowl” but is totally reconciled in the unity field of he who would create, creative manifestation and the creator are “inner-married”, and only right creation can follow. Inner desires of manifestation are correlated to universal abundance with an ear turned toward the whisperings of spirit regarding what the higher self would bring forth. In purity of consciousness, at the eclipse of awareness, the greater things rush forth in manifestation. It may take months, or years, or, increasingly so, in only an instant.


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