The Keepers on Lack & Abundance - Part 2

Take time every day to declare the truth of your sovereign nature, and your ability to act as a co-creator/magician to create all that you require to live an abundant and successful life. Also for those who are abundant, share with those that for the moment are not as this also benefits all. Poverty and lack programming can be cleared. There are some that may have karmic impressions of this which is impacting their current reality. There is also an energetic “overlay” of poverty consciousness in the energetic grid that impacts the 3D world. You can “unplug” from it, beloveds. It is possible. As we have shared with you may times before, It is your Father/Mother’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. Lack, poverty and dis-ease are not your true spiritual reality; abundance, health and love are. The so-called powers that be (for now) have had power in the outer world, but cannot touch your true inner life. You do not have to outwardly protest to declare “game over.” You do this in your own heart and through your own will, which is the Divine presence in action within you. Shanti. – The Keepers, from 8.25.12

Q: Keepers, you have spoken previously about an energetic overlay that people are coming out from under in these times. There seems to be a particular focus right now on creatives, lightworkers and others who are wanting to break free of limiting or degrading conditions in which to earn a living; and a desire to connect with more means of “right livelihood.” You have also spoken many times on “Being Magicians,” in our own lives. Can you give more guidance on these topics? Thank you.

A: Beloveds, thank you for your questions as they are indeed timely ones. There is much that we can comment on this issue and we will do our best to be as concise as possible. Firstly, there indeed are energetic overlays in your grid system that are profoundly shifting and changing. For many who identify as starseeds, light workers and so forth there was an agreement to venture into 3D density for both experience and also to serve as wayshowers, guides and so forth. We agree with the statement that abundance isn’t necessarily anything you “attain,” but an energetic and consciousness that you expand into.

We see that what is happening in the current astro-cosmic energetic is a further dropping of illusory beliefs and stepping more fully into the truth and reality of your be-ing as a spark of Source/Spirit. You will see that many gurus and teachers throughout the ages have pointed to the illusory nature of three dimensional earthly life and to beware of over-identification with one’s “role.” When you see that both the play and the actors are part of the dance of Maya (cosmic illusion,) you are free to change your role as needed (once you become awakened to these facts.) You may for a time be a particular gender or race, but this is only a very small part of who you are. Part of the issue of lack and poverty is the identification on some level with this as a role. It is true that for some they cannot properly manifest their soul’s mission and karmic path while in lack or poverty and it is essential for these limitations to fall away.

We see that stepping into these new energies of light, love, prosperity and harmony are three-fold: 1) Firstly to stop identification with limitation and subsequent suffering and, 2) To identify yourselves as cosmic creators and to trust in this. It is like learning any new set of skills. At first perhaps you will not be entirely confident, but over time and practice you become more proficient through your successes. 3) To search one’s energetic being (akashic means are particularly helpful,) to identify areas of fear, blockages and so forth. Release these areas with love and offer yourself and all involved great love and forgiveness. That was then and this is NOW dear ones, this is essential clarity.

Another helpful key in prosperity work is to always hold the thought, “How does this ___ benefit Source and all sentient beings?” You have all seen selfish ideas, projects and people rise to earthly success, and this has made an negative impression on you. It is also important to cleanse yourself of anger and judgment for those that have created out of selfishness and disconnect. That is the old way and to despise it binds you to it. Forgive them dear ones. It is time. Thoughts, ideas and projects that benefit all sentient beings are extremely powerful. This concept is demonstrated in your prayer and healing groups. You are aware of what you can accomplish in groups with a common goal of serving others. As your Mahayanists have taught, “Think Bigger.” This is a great key. Think of yourself, your light family and your entire global family in these workings. As you become more aligned with your soul’s great light and purpose; you will continue to magnetize the correct people, tools and circumstances to assist in your tasks, which is also a form of natural abundance. There is great love here for you. Shanti. – The Keepers, 10.12.12


Simeon 23rd October 2012 7:36 am

Excellent article, lots of food for thought!
Thank you!


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