Cosmic Tides: New Moon in Cancer

Nurturing and Self Protection: New Moon in Cancer

We are having a New Moon in the sign of Cancer, exact (for me in California) on Wednesday, July 15th at about 6:30 pm Pacific Time*, but is active for three days starting today. Joining the Moon and the Sun are Mars, representing the masculine, aggressive and also protective energies, and Mercury which is all about communication and thinking. Cancer is an emotionally sensitive water sign. Thoughts and feelings will be up for release or recreation. This is especially true for men and masculine energy things mentioned above. Cancer is a “homemaker” sign. The theme of “Home” is highlighted now.

Mars does not feel strong while visiting the sign of Cancer. You might feel that your home, whatever that means to you, isn’t quite being protected.  our body is your home while in this incarnation. Do you feel safe? Are you sure that there’s not any way that your body can be threatened or invaded (physically, mentally or emotionally)? Though we say the phrase, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” the reality is that words can be very hurtful, if we let them in.

Read below for an exercise to help you create safety in your “home”.


Opposite Mercury is Pluto, the guide through the underworld and shadow energy – the negative emotions and self sabotaging belief systems that we try to avoid looking at. Pluto also brings death, rebirth and transformation on a deep level.

On July 14th NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is going to be flying its closest to Pluto and sending back pictures. This is unprecedented! There is a possibility that Pluto is bigger than we thought and it might regain its status as a planet again.

Here’s a cool article I found on USA Today. Check out the heart on Pluto!

Regardless of whether it is a planet or not, with the world putting its attention on to Pluto, we can’t help but expect that we will be shining some light into our “shadowy basements”.

All in all, a great time to look at(and change) our beliefs and thoughts about our safety, our self-nurturing and our home.

Smooth Energy

The Sun and the Moon (the New Moon) are also trine to Saturn in Scorpio, and to Chiron in Pisces. This is creating a Grand Trine ( it looks like an equilateral triangle on an astrology chart ) which will smooth out some of the challenging energy of this New Moon. Chiron, the wounded healer, insures that we will be able to heal ourselves during this time. With emotions running high, remember to stay in balance between expressing yourself and just dumping your feelings on other people. Don’t get pushed around, but don’t “shove” others either. Exercise compassion for yourself and others.

What’s up with Venus?

Venus is still conjunct to Jupiter in Leo, However she is about to move forward into Virgo, exploring her priestess potential. Venus is also conjunct the powerful star Regulus at about 1° of Virgo. Venus will only just “dip her toe” into the Virgo water because on July 25th she will turn retrograde, back into Leo to explore a little more of her sense of worth and lovability. To me, it feels like Venus is dancing around Regulus, forward, backward and then forward again.

To Summarize

We are experiencing transformation in our personal lives of the masculine and inner feminine. Also, our outer relationships are being tested, and either taken to the next level, or let go of, if they don’t work anymore. As I said before, compassion for yourself and others is key.

Creating Your Safe “Home”

Do this exercise without any “spiritually correct” filter.

Draw a large circle on a piece of paper and draw a slightly smaller circle inside it. The inner circle represents your Self. Write down all the things that you desire to have, to be, to do and to experience.  Include the things that support you to experience yourself as your Soul Self, the true you .  Also include the things that make you feel safe, nurtured and empowered.

Hint: The things inside the circle represent how you become the authority, and only authority, in your life. Anytime you feel resentment, this is your systems way of letting you know you are not following your own knowing and authority.

In the ring between the inner and outer circles, write down the things that you would be willing to experience if it leads you toward experiencing more love, more freedom and more You!  These are things that might feel challenging, but end up helping you to move forward in an expansive way. Also, include things that might be unexpected like reconnecting with an old friend.

Outside of the circles, write down the things that you do not choose to experience now. These things might happen outside of you, but they don’t get in side of you.  For instant, somebody might say unkind or hurtful words, but they do not impact you. They do not get inside of you and they do not affect you.

When you are done writing, turn the page over and move to another place. Literally move your body somewhere else. (Outside can be really good if you can get your feet to touch the ground and the sun is on your shoulders.) Otherwise, find a space that feels safe and nurturing to you.  take a few deep breaths, and focus on being here and now, in your body, in this life.  Connect with your greater self, your soul self. Click and then scroll down to listen to the Journey to Your Greater Self Guided Meditation.

Now go back to the paper. What do you know from your expanded vantage point that you didn’t know when you wrote the list originally? Notice if there are any parts of you that are in conflict or disagreement about what is on the list. What emotions come up when you read what you wrote? You may now make changes if you choose.

Write a title to this page, “Universe, this is what I choose to create and manifest now.”

You may refer back to this page to reinforce your changes and to check on your progress.  It is always great to look back and acknowledge what you have done.

* Check your time at the World Clock. 


ShelleyT 15th July 2015 11:48 am

Thank you... The energies are so intense right now... Your emphasis on home right now is so accurate for me... I am looking for a safe & beautiful home, which is safe energeticly & physically...

ImagiCreation 16th July 2015 8:40 pm

Hi Shelly,
I agree about the intensity. I invite you to join me for my free webinar on July 18, 2015. I will talk a bit about what is going on in the cosmos and on Earth and will do some processes to smooth and ease the intensity. Here's the link:


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