Cosmic Weather Report - A Pisces Party!

Happy International Women's Day! All you women give a hip shake to strong, wise women everywhere. I don't want to leave you men out. How about you give a hug to the strong, wise women in your life and hug your own wonderful feminine energy within you. 

One the astrological side...

There will be a total of six Heavenly Bodies (planets, asteroids, Moon and Sun) in the sign of Pisces from March 9 through about one hour into March 12th Pacific Time. 

Below is a list:

Moon - emotional center and the past
- our fuel
- feminine energy and often receiving
- communication
- visions and dreams - or illusions. Associated with Pisces.
- the "Wounded Healer", our core "wound" or limiting belief

This is a rare opportunity to experience and embody the archetypal energies of Pisces - selfless service to others. In a year all about balance, I think this is a time when we can collectively transform Pisces to be more in line with the New Energy and to be more balanced.  We can release service agreements and choose to put ourselves first, giving to ourselves before giving to others. Instead of selfless giving, lets practice self-full giving! Giving feels really good when it comes from a self-full and willing place.

Think about some time that you gave of yourself and the person was truly appreciative. Didn't that feel wonderful! So make sure to be willing to give others the gift of your being willing to receive from them.

For so many of us a real challenge in these lifetimes has been the gift (or curse) of empathy, a very Piscean quality. It's not about putting barriers up and shutting down the awareness, but instead, to be able to perceive the energies without taking them in or making them ours.

Also, don't try to "take away" someone's pain. All you end up doing is duplicating it. Believe me I know! This doesn't mean you can never be there if a friend needs a shoulder to cry on. One of the most precious gifts you can give someone it to truly listen to them. But, don't do it if you end up feeling tired or resentful, two signs of over-giving.

I don't want to confuse non-astrology people so I will ask you to look at the list of attributes associated with the Heavenly Bodies. Think about those areas of your life and look for areas of imbalance, especially over-giving and under-receiving. If needed, make some changes. And connect with the archetype of Pisces and offer your "new and improved" version to it. 



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Sarah Biermann

Sarah Biermann is the founder of ImagiCreation technique. Sarah is a clairvoyant and highly empathic intuitive counselor and healer. She is able to perceive your life lessons, dysfunctional belief systems and the past lives that are limiting your ability to express your divine plan and live your dreams.


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