Don’t Believe Everything That You Believe

2012 is a transformational year. No, duh! That means letting go of old stuff and opening to new experiences. The eclipses in May and other astrological energies have been supporting the process of transforming anything in the realm of Gemini, which is all about thinking, communicating and beliefs. The Solar Eclipse on May 20th was at the very beginning of Gemini. The Cosmic energy coming from the Galactic Center to our Sun and ultimately to Earth was interrupted by the moon. It’s like we had a new mental operating system installed and the Eclipse was the rebooting of the system. Since then the cosmic wind at our backs is blowing away belief systems like crazy. We are being forced to look at our thoughts and beliefs, see them for what they are, ONLY BELIEFS, not truths, and let them go. Out with the old and in with the new.

Humans are creatures of habit. It’s easier to do things that are familiar. It literally requires less brain activity to do things that you’ve done before. The drive to the grocery store that you have done many times requires no thought. Driving to a store in a foreign city in a rental car requires concentration and energy. You have to stay aware, pay attention and solve problems.

Unfamiliar situations can provoke anxiety. What if you get lost? What if you offend someone because you don’t know the rules or language? New experiences can be exciting, but also exhausting. It’s so wonderful to go on vacation… and soooo wonderful to get home again! When I was twenty-one I traveled through Europe with my mother and sister for six weeks. We rented a Mini Clubman (like a Mini Cooper) in London, explored England and Scotland then took that car to the continent. (Don’t ask me why we took an English car – with the driver on the “wrong” side – to the continent.) It was quite an adventure camping our way through at least ten countries.

When I got home I was amazed at how easy everything was. Leaving for the grocery store I have a momentary jolt of anxiety. How would I find the store? What language did I need to remember? Did I have the right money, etc? Then I laughed with relief when I remembered that I was back in a familiar place. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!

Now is not the time to do the same old thing. Expect to feel some anxiety because right now so many things are changing and unfamiliar. The weather is different, our bodies are transforming from our digestion to our hormones/endocrine system and especially our brains. The left and right hemispheres are reconnecting. The split between the two sides is what creates the Veils of Illusion and polarity. The reconnection of the hemispheres thins the Veils and pops polarity. And parts of our brains that were previously not used (they say we only use 10% of our brains) are reactivating. New abilities and senses are awakening.

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It’s not just the 6th sense, it’s more like 60 senses (or more)! The right hemisphere is always in the now moment and is connected to the whole universe. Up until now most of what happens in there was un-conscious. We aren’t aware of keeping our hearts beating, for example. As the left and right combine we are able to access that information on a conscious level. We can perceive things in other dimensions and this triggers memories of past experiences in those dimensions and that awareness of the part of us that now lives in those dimensions. Anybody having weird dreams that just don’t make any sense when you wake up? It’s like the experience can’t be translated in any way that’s understandable to our 3-D selves. Words certainly don’t describe it. “There was a something that did something and I knew something somewhere…”

Our minds compare what we experience to previous experiences. When you see a small, furry creature with a four legs, a long tail, pointy ears and whiskers, immediately your mind pulls up “cat”. Experiencing something that is completely different from anything we’ve ever experienced before baffles the mind so much that sometimes it completely denies what it perceives. There is a famous story that when Europeans first came to America, the natives were unable to see the ships on the ocean. Their brains had nothing to compare them to.

Many years ago my car was stolen from my driveway. It’s Monday morning, 7:40 a.m., time to drive my kids to school. I exit my house and the driveway is empty. My mind went blank for a moment then I thought, “I must have gotten drunk last night and gotten a ride home.” (which happened once when I was in college). I spent a moment trying to remember at which bar I’d left my car. This was so weird because as a single mother of three, there’s not a chance in hell that I was out getting drunk. But that was the only thing my mind could find to relate to my empty driveway.

Everybody I talk to has had weird, unexplainable things happen, especially lately, like things disappearing or showing up where logically they could not be. The gum I had in my purse was suddenly not there. I dumped everything out and it wasn’t there. The next day I was searching for my nail file and the gum was back in my purse. Another example was my sister had a crystal I gave her show up in the seat of a car she had never been in before. The space heater in my bathroom disappeared too. I’m hoping it will show up again when the weather turns cooler.? Though it can be frustrating, it’s not happening just to drive you crazy. It’s to give your mind an experience of physical items magically popping out of and into reality so you can have more of that in your life.

A few years ago, I wanted a skirt. I pictured it clearly in my mind; fuchsia silk, soft and billowy and inexpensive. I asked, “Where is this skirt?” I’ve had success before with this process. Immediately, I got Macy’s Department Store. Once in the store I asked “Where?” again and headed in the direction that popped into my head. I went straight to a sale rack and there it was. There was only one and it was my size and on sale from $200 to $25! The cashier asked me where I’d found it because she’d never seen it before. I guess I hadn’t manifested it until that day. Cool! I was pretty pleased with myself but when I got home wondered why I couldn’t just create it to be in my closet? My mind could not quite allow that much magic at that time. I’ve had more success lately, but usually with small things that can seem logically just maybe possible. Maybe I forgot that I’d bought the rubber strip for the shower door and left it in the shed? It could be a coincidence that my neighbor who was moving didn’t want to take an unopened bag of potting soil to her new house and gave it to me instead. And it could be a coincidence that it was the exact brand of organic potting soil that I use and she gave it to me the day before I planned to buy it.

Are you open to having more miracles and magic in your life? The imagination is the key for three main reasons:

  • It activates the right hemisphere, which is very magical. The RH is not logical. It can go right to step ten without doing one through nine.
  • Your imagination is your Creative Machine. Nothing can be manifested with out first being imagined.
  • You can train your mind to allow for magical things by exposing it to the experience in your imagination. If the Native Americans had imagined huge ships with sails they would have been able to see them. Can you imagine the perfect article of clothing magically showing up in your closet?

Start with small things. Manifest small things. The more significant something is, the less likely that you can do it because you have more attachment to the outcome. I wanted a couple of tennis balls to put in a sock to use as a massage tool. “Hey, Universe. Can you send me tennis balls please?” The next morning there was a tennis ball in my driveway. Cool! “Thanks!” Gratitude is an important part of the process. “More please.” A week later, I had to laugh and ask the Universe to stop sending me tennis balls. I found another one in my driveway. One showed up in the trunk of my car, another came rolling down the street and stopped at me feet.

Change small habits and beliefs. Years ago I realized that I always put my left shoe on first. It was mentally uncomfortable to put the right one on first. I decided to start putting the right one on first even if it felt weird. Eventually it didn’t matter anymore. When you are functioning from habit your mind is inactive. You are not paying attention. Living in these interesting times requires us to stay conscious and to keep our minds active. Breaking out of habits expands your mind abilities to do new things.

Also, pay attention to the meaning that your mind attaches to your experiences and “potential experiences” (what you imagine). What would it mean if you could instantly manifest a shirt? You’ll find hidden beliefs with this process. Does that mean that someone was in my house? Does it mean that I can create anything, even something bad? Does it mean that I’ve been creating things all along and my miserable life is really all my fault? A funny thing about beliefs, we really believe them! A way to loosen a belief’s hold on your mind is to change the wording. Once you’ve identified a belief, write it down. Here’s an example, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Change it to “Breakfast is the least important meal of the day.” or “Dessert is the most important meal of the day.” When you turn it around, you realize that those beliefs can be silly and not even make sense. Is it possible that the version you believe is just as silly? Maybe it isn’t any more true than the others. What would it be like of you didn’t have that belief? How would you feel with out that belief? Would you feel more peaceful? Check it out.

Once you get some experience with small beliefs, you can start exploring beliefs that are more significant. I recently had a very big, core belief about myself and my childhood ripped apart (and thrown into a blender set at high). My childhood story was that no matter how hard I tried (and I really tried), my mother didn’t love me and my sister was the favored child. In 1987 my mom passed away. Six months later my dad told me that I wasn’t his biological child. I was devastated! Now I’d lost both parents. He also instructed me to not tell my sister and upset her. Upset her?! What about me?

Six months later, my sister came for a home leave from her Foreign Service job in Africa. She told me that Mom had told her that she (Mom) had done some really awful things to Dad when they were getting divorced. She’d cut the sleeves off of all of his jackets and (here my sister hesitated) she’d told him that I wasn’t his daughter. This blew me away! It meant Dad was really Dad, but it also meant that I was no more important to Mom than Dad’s jacket sleeves. But, at least she made sure that I learned the truth eventually. A few weeks ago my sister confessed that the story about Mom confessing about telling Dad that I wasn’t his child was a lie, concocted by Dad because he felt bad about telling me. My father has also passed away.

My mind had a field day with making more meanings about all this:

  • Mom didn’t even care enough about me to make sure that I would eventually find out that I was Dad’s biological daughter.
  • Dad really wasn’t my biological father. Maybe those jokes about the Milkman being my dad were true. I didn’t look like everyone else in my family.
  • If Mom never confessed to my sister about saying I wasn’t Dad’s daughter, then maybe she never did say it.
  • Did Dad make it up? Honesty was not his strongest suit. But why? To push me away? To make Mom look bad so he’d look better?
  • How could my sister, whom I love and trust, have lied to me like that and how could she not realize how her conscience-clearing confession would affect me?
  • And now I’ll never know the truth because both parents are dead.
  • Doesn’t anyone in my family love me enough to care about how I feel?

I don’t usually spin out on things, but evidently it was time to clear that core belief that somehow I wasn’t considered lovable by my family.

A few days into my self-torture, my daughter said, “Mom, you’ve been so sad lately. What’s the matter?” I told her it wasn’t anything she needed to know about. (I guess I believe that parents shouldn’t “use their children as therapists”.)

She said, “Just tell me. You need to tell someone.” I very briefly told her – just the cliff notes. She said, “I love you and so do my brothers and lots of other people. If your mom and dad didn’t love you, it was their fault, not yours. And that was so long ago. You can let it go now.”

I wanted to say, “But, you don’t know what it’s like! You have always known without a doubt that I love you!”

Something clicked, just like that.

  • She felt loved because I am capable of love.
  • This dysfunctional pattern is ended, over, done.
  • I am loved by many, many people.
  • My daughter has in her field the frequency of knowing unquestionably that she is lovable and loved.
  • I can duplicate that frequency… And I did!

So instead of what I was going to say, I replied, “Thank you, you’re absolutely right!” The next day I realized that my stepmother (Dad’s wife after my Mom) would probably know what really happened. And… I realized that I didn’t care anymore. It doesn’t matter.

That’s why my favorite quote is, “Don’t believe everything that you believe!”

Question your beliefs. Watch how your mind attaches meanings to things and question those meanings. Now it is easier than ever before to simply let limiting beliefs go. Pop! Just like that.

We have some exciting times ahead. I’m looking forward to more magic and miracles!


BarbieDoll 25th June 2012 1:33 pm

I love it...I love it. You let it go. Me, when I was a child, my dad always told me he wanted me to be a boy..although he already had a son. My brother got away with everything..I was just like always in the way for my dad...never daddies girl. Girls were just whores anyway and just gonna cook and clean. Well I had a wake-up call one day too. I have forgiven my he felt about me was his fault. It was his problem and he missed out on having a loving relationship with a daughter. I have moved on and I don't give a rats what he thought and that was soooo many years ago and it was time to get in the NOW. My live is so great like why dwell in the past and their is this great life now with so many people who love me.

Cesar Daniel Brauer 25th June 2012 3:42 pm

I have had similar issues, consciously questioning the trueness of old engrained beliefs AND still feeling their influences on my experiences, much towards drama, fear based conflicts, future tripping, etc ... great post,thank you!!

wsbur 26th June 2012 10:37 pm

Sarah- I was writing my commet through tears how much I appreciated your thoughts and then I sent forward your message to a friend......... only to realize somehow when I logged in to S.L. I was now at a different message you shared in 2009. Yes I was pissed but then "don't believe" set in and it became OK. So thanks again. You are much loved!!!

Denpat 27th June 2012 8:45 pm

Thank You Sarah, For 99% of my almost 63 years I have been on my own,have tried to be an accepted member of my family. Today I'm still not and it doesn't worry me anymore, for I know I am safe, from all their gossip and secrets, I feel so light,relieved,peacefull and blessed.For I was the swan in a family of seagulls.I have been the rock for my grandaughter and her children and now she also is out of it, now powering ahead with her life.These last years of my life are for me, for there is much I want and would like to do.I will so, with like minded spiritual family.Health issues were compounded by Lymes disease over these past few years and now recovery is creating a new vibrant me.Spirit Library makes my day as helps me know I'm not on my own.These past 26years or so have been the hardest with many dark nights,now as they hit I just withdraw and ride them out, knowing the sea of life is changing and I am safe. Enjoy the marvel of life.Thank You

Joyce Canright 1st July 2012 5:57 pm

Sarah, What a great excuse for being forgetful and that being the right thing to do. 8^) It's a wonderful way to change a diet by simply not putting that roast in the oven and choosing something else out of whatever is in the fridge discovering a new good thing to eat. I can think of lots of ways to benefit by not doing the automatic thing but the greatest benefit seems to be the need to use our imagination and create a new "thing" or "idea" or "option" '
Perhaps the option is the most creative way to start a new way of doing what is often diescribed at "doing what comes naturally." IF we can get comfortable doing the unusual thing, we can stop expecting the usual and welcome the new as a great idea, an adventure or a gift! Fun Stuff!
Thanks, this is a wonderful topic this month. I'm going to try being conscious in a new dimension using my "option" of where I spend my time. 8^)


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