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Greetings from the Council of Beings. We are a group of what you call Extra Terrestrials who have participated in the Earth Game throughout history. This planet was created to be a place where various Beings could come and attempt again to achieve ascension within the physical form.

In the past we have been worshiped as Gods and Goddesses. It was decided that humans needed to develop on their own without having a constant, obvious experience of “superior” Beings guiding you. The planet was put in a kind of quarantine. You needed to be left alone for a time to grow and learn and to realize that YOU are also Gods and Goddesses.

Jeshua, who was one of my fragment souls, brought a message that was different from any previous prophet. He said “Even the least among you can do all that I have done, and greater things.” He planted a seed of inherent self-love and self-worth and the awareness that divinity is within each of you.

Though Jeshua and Mary Magdalene carried the seed and offered it to the world, the world was not ready to receive it at that time. The Disciples would have gone forth and spread the word. But, in time, perhaps in a few centuries or so the word and the seed would have been lost because the people would see no value in it.

In order for the seed to be planted in many, it needed to be distorted to a form that could take root in the frozen soil. Hidden within this disguised and distorted seed would be the true seed, awaiting a time when it could sprout.

The man known as the Apostle Paul was also one of my fragment souls. He was a Jew of very rigid and limited thought. He was locked in a steel cage of own beliefs. And he was handsome and arrogant, a natural leader. His name at birth was Saul.

Saul never met the man Jeshua, yet hated him and feared him. The Christ Seed was soft and sensual, like the woman that Jeshua loved and revered. The Saul could not abide either and set out to destroy it all.

This movement likewise threatened the Romans and some of the Jews including the Sadducees. Saul became an agent for them, capturing members of the Jerusalem Church (early followers of Christ) who were then imprisoned and often killed.

Oh yes, Saul was arrogant and zealous. He was absolutely convinced that he knew the truth and it was his right and responsibility to enlighten the masses. This personality was deliberately chosen to enable him to spread the seed so capably.

And then, on his way to Damascus the plan went into phase two. Saul was given an education! I changed the course of Saul’s life by giving him a vision. But it was much more than just a vision; he was shown more than the five senses the five senses and logical mind can perceive. It was a holographic download of many millennia of memories and knowledge. And a different seed was planted, a Destiny Seed.

Saul was shown a great many things, visions and energies that could not fit into his structure. Saul was, however transformed by these visions, how could it be otherwise? He was a changed man. After his awakening on the trip to Damascus, Saul changed his name to Paul.

From that day forward Paul’s quest was to plant the distorted seed of the Christ Energy far and wide. He traveled far, converting many to this new religion, including gentiles, as Paul made it so it was no longer necessary to keep complete observance of the Torah (including being circumcised). He also introduced the idea of original sin and that Christ died for our sin.

Since Paul already had a firm grip on arrogance and zealousness, he used this inherent nature to carry out his destiny. As is always the case, when a person expresses arrogance on the outside, it is nothing more than a strategy to try to cover and hide the self-hatred that exists on the inside. Paul was not a happy man and he was especially not happy with himself.

He was raised in a strict Jewish code of behavior. Yet his inner desires, his longings were for forbidden things. Paul did not like or desire women. Within him was a feminine energy that Paul despised as being weak and useless. His was a world of men, a time when women were very limited in what they could do and how the feminine energy could be expressed. Because Paul despised his inner female, he despised the outer ones as well. And so, his desire went toward men.

And he was ashamed of his desires and hated himself even more for them. He tried so hard to be a good man. He knew on a deep inner level that he had a grand Destiny. Paul was not evil but he was troubled.

All this was as it should be, for these psychological factors were what enabled Paul to warp the seed and spread it wide. And that he did, that he did.

And now that original Christ Seed is sprouting within you. You are ready to step into your divinity and so the quarantine is being lifted. You will soon be able to greet us as members of your families instead of Superior Beings or Gods.

Are you ready to meet us again? As we read the energy now, first contact is only a few years away, probably in the year 2013. Soon, so soon!

The soul that was Paul is back in physical form as the one you know as Sarah. In this life Sarah has developed her abilities to communicate non-verbally. (We “chat” with her often!) This is a skill she developed specifically to prepare for the time when we can visit you again in form. The veils are thinning. The time is near.

Many of you have already met me or other Extra Terrestrials that watch your planet. However, the memories are buried. Over the next few years you will begin to remember these contacts. Most likely these memories will come back as dreams. Watch for them and don't doubt. Speak about your experiences and connect with others who are also regaining their memories.

Look to the sky and let your imagination soar! What would it be like if one of our ships flew over you, landed nearby and then invited you for a ride? Would you be frightened or excited? When you see a lenticular cloud or a curious light in the night sky, send out a mental message of welcome. Play with the possibilities. The more you can imagine it, the sooner it will happen.

See more cool cloud pictures on my blog.

Also, the limiting rules of physical reality are weakening. Your manifestations arrive so quickly now. It is easier to create in miraculous and magical ways. (Which is why we encouraged Sarah to teach the Miracles and Magic course.)

This is the time that you have been waiting for. You are the ones you have been waiting for. Each and every one of you who are reading this has felt the call, that perhaps momentary awareness of your divinity. That time when you felt at peace, in a blissful expanded state when you knew that all was well. That is the truth of you, who you really are! All the other stuff is just the game. That game is ending now. You get to be the real you again.

And we get to play with you again! What a party we will have!

Remember that you are always loved,



k 11th May 2009 10:55 am

I am a little confused, the spirits of light are not in physical form and do not have a need for space ships to travel in or any form of physical support systems that we need, so, as a friend of mine once asked me, why would they need a rusty old space ship to travel around in?

k 11th May 2009 2:59 pm

Sorry if I stepped on any toes, my reference to "rusty old" was to emphasize the point that the concept that beings from "outerspace" need a vehicle for transportation is in my opionion archaic. Even in astral travel, people say travel to far outer space is possible, but they can return to their earthly bodies in the time of just a thought. I do not think the forces from outerspace need spacecraft.

Ron Laswell 11th May 2009 8:03 pm

For what it's worth... As a young child (especially between 7-10; I'm currently 61)I frequently had dreams of flying saucers. This confusion about "space ships" I believe is fueled by our 3D science/sci-fi concepts of moving from point A to B and needing a vehicle. I think it would be more appropriate if we thought of these "devices" as dimensional transporters. These "ships" do not literally fly from Sirius, Arcturus, Altair, or Spica (just to name a few populated star systems)to Earth, but they are navigated through the will of the navigator. Until we, as humans, become more comfortable with these concepts of higher dimensional awareness, even my attempts to explain what I barely understand will only add more confusion. But I do hope that what I've offered may be helpful. Blessings to all as we collectively approach The Ascension. Ron

A La Lansun 8th July 2009 7:27 pm

Sarah, your contact confirms information a small group of seven people received way back in January 1955. We were contacted by The Brothers, who then identified us as "Welcomers of the Guardians"- our purpose in this life as members of The Solar Cross.

"Know who and what you are and what you have to do in the short time allotted to each and evry one of us. Prepare us a place to come."

Check my website for channeled informatipn to help us remove the mask duality puts on us living on earth and reach Know who you are - your Essence.

Love and Light All Aways,

A La' Lansun


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