Is your head being remade?

How's YOUR head?
The most recent ascension symptoms are happening around your head and neck. These include headaches, TMJ (jaw tension, pain and clicking), sore teeth, sore facial bones, tension, pain or a feeling of fullness (something's in there!) in your throat, sinus congestion and painful and very crunchy neck and shoulders. Our brains are changing and there is a lot of energy transforming and moving around in our heads. It seems that our bones are being reshaped.
Another symptom that is going around is fluctuating body temperature. Most common are periods of heating up, but also possible are times when you are suddenly cold. You can feel tired but at the same time you can't relax. And last but not least, being really, really thirsty!
I have found that forceful or deep massage/manipulation can aggravate the symptoms, even bringing on powerful headaches. What helps is gentle energy work like cranial sacral technique. The pressure seems to ease a bit if you open your mouth as wide as is comfortable and breath out forcefully while making a sound (HAAA!). If the area feels inflamed (and it probably will) then using an ice pack is beneficial. Another thing is to get lots of rest, including naps if you can. When lying down to rest or sleep, do some deep breaths (as deep as you can). Try using the Quantum Pause Breath.
1) Breathe in through your nose for a count of about 4.
2) Hold the breath in for a count of about 4.
3) Breathe out through your mouth for about a count of 4.
4) Hold the breath out for a count of about 4.

I find that this will often triggers yawns, which is a releasing of tension.
Going into the wave and using the Golden Mesh to remove what DOESN'T SERVE you is really helpful also.
After that, let the part of you that knows what energy your body needs to flow that energy in and through your body. Notice the color or colors and imagine that color moving through your cells, then molecules, then atoms and finally joining with your waves of light.

Another good thing is to listen to music that you love. Really listen and sing or dance or just breathe with it.
Drink lots of water with a little bit of juice in it. This helps you body absorb the water. Calcium/magnesium supplements and GABA are also helpful.
We are still in a period of waiting and letting our bodies adjust to the New Energy Template. Let yourself rest as much as possible. This is not a time to push hard. Gentle, slow movement is good. Fast hard exercise is not so good. Remember, it is already done! You don't have to hurry up and make it happen.


angelk 12th October 2009 8:44 am

Thank you SOOOOOO much. My neck has been so "stiff" lately I can barely turn it from side to side and worry sometimes when driving! And when I try to bend my head back the "crunchiness" you describe is what I feel and hear. Along with the TMJ , thirst, and everything that you state here is EXACTLY what I've been going through. I feel like you went down the checklist! lol At this point, I assume it has to do with ascension, but its so good to see it confirmed with much more information.

Life Transformationist 12th October 2009 10:15 am

Thank you for this, Sarah!

Breathing always helps and it always helps to have a reminder!!! Thank you!

Can you talk about the Golden Mesh that you reference?

My hubby always do lots of dancing but more singing could happen.

love and blessings to you!

Elizabeth Sadhu in Oregon

Ron Laswell 12th October 2009 8:14 pm

Normally I don't "have" a lot of the physical symptoms described by the contributors in, but this one I have been experiencing since March of 09. Believe it or not, my cranial sinuses have changed. I even had to have oral surgery to remove the metal implant from a root canal that was done 25 years ago! The need for additional sleep has been very obvious. Using Chinese medicine, I've also noticed that my circulation has noticeably improved, also. What I've noticed is that my "dream reality" is becoming as real as when I'm awake. For instance, as a 2nd degree black belt, I have incredibly vivid dreams of martial arts techniques. I then remember these moves and practice them in my waking reality. When someone asks, "Where did you ever learn that move?", and I respond by saying it was from a dream it leads to some very interesting conversations. The restrictions in the shoulders are also there, but I've noticed that yoga and acupuncture have helped tremendously. Hope some of these ideas can help others, too. Love to all...a nonviolent warrior.

majicamelman 12th October 2009 10:07 pm

lot of jaw tension is about times of denied expression ...neck stuff not wanting to turn to face thinsgs ...memories ....tension carried in the cellular memory being brought forward to the body (holograms) fer release ...golden emerging ....a raft fer the river

crazywolf 13th October 2009 11:11 am

Hi Conni and others.
I have been experiencing all that Sarah mentions for awhile now. I just got the flu to top it off,so it is even more uncomfortable and it just exagerates the symptoms. I have not felt like doing much since May. I was starting to come out of the cocoon and then i got this flu thing and a lot of the symptoms match the ascension symptoms just mentioned. I know my system is still in clearing mode. I too feel like this reality has become a burden rather than a pleasure. Hang in there, i hear it will get better eventually.

crazywolf 13th October 2009 12:09 pm

Conni, the problem seems to be for lots of us that we want things to return to the way it was. It isn't going to happen and actually things are going to become much better, they just don't feel like that at the moment. Just go with it and love yourself above all else.........."Crazywolf"

majicamelman 14th October 2009 2:30 am

yes this is due in part to the remergence of the dragon energy and thier freer expression now ...going beyond the "martial" arts and prresenting in a manner of expression and a "means to disarm conflict" wether inner or outer ...many early forms had been used as a means to control others ... the energy has been brought forward to disarm the power over based forms of martial arts and allow it to be used as a form of expression and an alignment tool that assists us to align more fully with our divine nature whilst becoming aware of and discarding disharmonious energies and attatchments, golden :pressure point system" emerging as we discard the old ones old techniques used to overload the system and either lock up or cause death will no longer be effective ...have been shown a few things our willingness to let go fear and surrender in trust to our "higher" aspects a smoother flow beyond the rigid and fixed forms ...bruce lee was on the right track when he pointed to the observation that a relaxed muscle was able to move more quickly than a tense one ...non attatchment

majicamelman 14th October 2009 2:34 am

the art is to learn it to let it go and it becomes part of you , you don't then need to think it , it moves with you as you flow with it ...intent set ...the body knows how to avoid what would cause it harm , sometimes we spend too much time thinking about how to avoid it rather than listening to it ...look at applied kinesiology , the body knows what it needs ...ask a good question :get a good answer

hejira 15th October 2009 5:05 pm

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for such a helpful article, much appreciated.

I've been experiencing this set of symptoms since late summer. Have been back and forth to the dentist with teeth problems; boring and painful. Flu and fluctuating temp etc. Feel worn out on many levels but keep going - well we have to don't we? lol!

Was wondering Sarah if you could possibly tell me a bit more about the clicking? I hear a lot of fast tapping and clicking in my ears...sometimes for weeks (!) I feel it on the top of my head too. I know this connected to Reiki as I've experienced it since I did my courses but I've not really had a proper explanation for it?

Thank you again for illuminating the way.

lilpepper 29th October 2009 9:50 pm

Yes, my brain has been rewired, and all around in the face has been sore. neck on both is like something is moving up towards the brain.
Thanks for your post..I lol'd when I read the part about the golden mesh, because I have been practicing putting a golden globe around my brain..I will have to check out the golden mesh now to see what it is.
Reading post like yours really helps. Thank you.

lilpepper 1st November 2009 1:08 pm

Ascension...what is the end result we are achieving?...Christ consciousness?? When we reach that state..are we dead in the physical body?..I remember the day when all seemed so easy..and this energy in my my head..feeling like it is getting ready to shoot out of my head..I realize I have never known anything...can you explain this to me..end result..


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