Opening to Receive

Receiving is one of the words that is used a lot in metaphysical circles, especially in relationship to “being willing to receive” money. Let’s look at the definition.

From Latin recipere, meaning “regain, take back

It’s a combination of the prefix re- which had two meanings “again” and “back to the original place”, + -cipere, which is a form of capere “to take” (see capable).

To receive means to take again and to take back to the original place. The underlying energy of receiving is that you are taking back something that was yours to begin with. You are going back to the original place (or state of being). What is the original place?

It’s Unity and Oneness with Creator.

How cool is that?

Cycles of Creation
Once upon a time, all that is was united within Creator. This oneness contained infinite possibilities yet none of them were manifest. And then creation began as the One divided into parts. And those parts split into smaller parts. Creator fragmented its energies, separating, forgetting, and lowering frequencies. Osiris/Ahrazu calls this the Outbreath of Creator. Life continued to divide down to the level of an individual Being that we call the Higher Self or Oversoul. There are many places in the universe that are inhabited by beings like this. They cannot die and so know themselves to be infinite.

The Infinite Beings then fragmented themselves into individual Souls, which entered into incarnation. Within each incarnation are even more separate parts, including the mind and body, and even smaller aspects like the inner child, inner man, inner woman, rebel and critic. We have also created aspects for different roles in our lives like child, student, lover, spouse, parent, teacher, etc.

For eons of time these parts have existed mostly unconsciously. The average man in the Middle Ages was not consciously aware of his different aspects within that single life, much less having memories of past lives or between life experiences.

Now we are in an Inbreath period, when it is the will of Creator to draw the fragmented energies back together. It is a time of remembering, uniting and raising our frequencies. We are receiving (taking back to the original place of oneness) the energies and consciousnesses that were scattered and forgotten.

The consciousness of most humans for most of our history was radically different than who we are now. We imagine that our ancestors had the same awareness and understanding that we do, but they didn’t. For thousands of years people lived in a reality that was dominated by simple survival. When you don’t know if you will survive the next winter, there’s not much time or energy to be spared for contemplation or introspection. Our ancestors believed (and many people still do) that evil was a Being that ran around trying to tempt them into trouble. Evil was something that is outside of the self. If you think about it, our psychological concept of good and bad being within every person has only existed for a few generations. Man’s awareness of self has shifted radically in just the last 100 years. And this process has only just begun.

Getting back to receiving…

One thing I have noticed is that metaphysically speaking, we think of receiving as being a passive experience. The feminine energy is described as being receptive and passive while the masculine energy is described as being active. In my long quest to become a “receiver” (not the radio kind) it seems to me that it takes intention and even effort to receive. I have had to stay conscious and aware enough to catch myself before I follow my usual pattern of not receiving.

One time my neighbor (a man) said to me, “You look really nice today,” and I heard myself respond, “Gee, what must I usually look like?” I did not receive his compliment. The poor guy got embarrassed, tried to find some response that didn’t get him into more trouble and got away from me as fast as possible.

What happened here?

An emotion that is suppressed doesn’t go away, it stays in storage. Imagine a glass of water. The glass is you and the water is suppressed and stored emotions. The compliment from my neighbor was like a gemstone. He dropped the gem (compliment) into my glass and the stored emotion (shame) splashed out. And the poor guy got all wet!
This is a natural process that happens automatically. Your system is designed that way in order to clear the suppressed emotions. This is what happens when you don’t make the effort to stop it. So, to receive the compliment you must actively control the process. This doesn’t mean that you stuff the emotion back down again. Instead, you consciously feel it, knowing it’s just old stuff on its way out. When my neighbor said that I looked nice I would feel the shame come up, take a breath, let it go and respond, “Thank you”.

That is a small example of what happens on a much larger scale. Most of us have a large repository of suppressed emotions and experiences, from this and previous lives. To receive love and acceptance requires that we empty out our glass of hurt and rejection. Most of what is in storage is unconscious. You are not aware that it is there. To have real intimacy sounds great, intellectually, we all want that, but when the opportunity arrives it can be terrifying. You don’t know what it is, but you can feel that something “really bad” will happen.

The “really bad” thing that happens is that you will feel all the intense emotions as they come out. The reason they are in storage is that you didn’t want to have them in the first place. This is the “shadow”, your shadow emotions. (You do not suppress happiness or the other “good” emotions.) The shadow emotions include hopelessness, helplessness, anger, fear, shame, guilt and powerlessness and despair.

In order to fully receive, you must be willing to feel the “really bad” emotions as well as the good ones. Every shadow energy that you reject creates a limitation in what you can receive, in love, intimacy and money. Remember the Inbreath Cycle? Now is the time to receive all those energies that you have not been conscious of or have suppressed. Yes, you get to remember the powerful and glorious Creator Being that you really are. You get to remember the amazingly wonderful things that you have created and done. You also get to remember the amazingly horrible things that you have created and done.

The Give and Take Overlay
Another reason we have difficulty receiving is a major implant or program called the Give and Take Overlay. This is the balance sheet we keep of how much we have given compared to how much we have received. You want to make sure that you haven’t received too much because that leaves you with a debt. Then when that person asks you for something, you feel like you can’t say “no”. After all, you owe them, right?

The whole “give and take” overlay is a major part of the sexual energy virus (as Tobias calls it). When functioning within this overlay (and it’s big) every time you give to someone, there is the assumption that now they owe you. This system of “give and take” plays out very strongly in sexual relationships. There are a multitude of usually unspoken rules (often unconscious as well) about what you are supposed to do when the other person does something. Below are a few of the better-known rules.
  • If a man buys a woman dinner, she now “owes” him sex.
  • If a woman flirts with a man then she owes him sex (or she is a “prick tease”).
  • If two people have sex, after that they are supposed to talk on the phone regularly.
  • If one person performs oral sex then the other person should do it back.
The “give and take” scenario happens on a more subtle level as well, at the level of energy. Let’s look at the pattern of a typical Old Energy relationship. At the beginning of a relationship people generally flow energy to each other. Since part of this overlay makes us believe that there is limited energy available, when someone is generously flowing us energy it feel good, really good. This part is called “falling in love”.
Later on something happens and one person slows down the flow, unconsciously of course. The other notices this, also unconsciously, and he also slows down the flow. This is the beginning of a downward cycle that doesn’t feel good and ends with each person trying to take energy from the other. “You took from me and now you owe me,” is the unconscious belief. This mostly ends badly, as I’m sure you have experienced.

Simultaneous Gifting
Take a moment to imagine you have given someone a gift, perhaps you have offered to drive her kids home from school, or to help with something more significant, like to drive her to her chemotherapy appointment. Or maybe it was a physical gift. Your intentions are pure, you would love to have your gift received. But, the recipient says, “No, thanks, you don’t have to do that.” Or doesn’t like your gift. Do you remember how that felt? Didn’t it feel really bad?

Now let’s look at the opposite experience. (I’m sure you’ve had it.) You gave someone a special gift and that person absolutely loved it and received it fully. Do you remember how good that felt to have your gift received in that way? At that moment were you thinking that now the other person owed you a really great gift in return? Or was your “gift” the amazing pleasure you received when the other person could and did receive from you?

Of course, the most amazing experience you can have is to offer the gift of YOU and have it received fully. How amazing!
Simultaneous Gifting is one of the fabulous possibilities that are now becoming available to us. Can you imagine a world where the old “give and take” program was gone and we got to live in the expansive, joyous experience of Simultaneous Gifting?

Clearing the Give and Take Overlay
Now is the time to clear your deepest fears and your limitations to receiving. For most people these two are the same thing. Since you must be able to receive to have abundance, your deepest fear might be financial ruin. Since you must be able to receive to have intimate relationships and great sex, your deepest fear might be the loss of a lover or that you will never have these experiences at all. Since you must be able to receive to live as your GREATER SELF/MASTER, your deepest fear might be not knowing that part, or loosing your vision.

You might be experiencing all three! Oh joy!

Here are some suggestions to help you to clear those fears and limitations:

With every thought, emotion and even physical symptom, ask, “Is this mine?” Everybody is being affected by the changing times. Everybody is having “stuff”. You don’t need to be running other peoples scenarios. Use the Golden Mesh frequently. You can use my free audio Using the Golden Mesh.

When stuff happens remember that its on it way out. Say, “Thank God, here it comes up and out for good!” Whatever it is, feel the emotions and give it voice. You won’t create it by feeling it because it’s on its way out or your reality, not in.

You can actively bring up the limitations (old patterns and implants) by asking this question, “What am I unwilling to receive that if I were willing would result in my being fabulously abundant (or in an intimate, sexy relationship or feeling and being my Greater Self in this reality) now?” You don’t need to understand what comes up, simply feel it. Then breathe and Mesh it out or toss it into the “Un-create Wormhole” or whatever works for you. Keep asking these questions and clearing what comes up. Trust that you can clear or un-create those patterns of energy in an instant.

Imagine scenarios in which you are receiving on a grand scale. You could receive compliments, money, sex, intimacy, respect, adoration, joy, your Greater Self, etc. Enjoy how it feels and expand that out at least as big as our Solar System. If anything comes up that would prevent you from having that experience, simply notice it, feel it, breathe and let it go. Stay really aware. If all you are getting is that you would be very happy to receive all that, then you are not accessing the limitations. You do have some beliefs that if you were able to receive those things something undesirable would happen. If you didn’t, you would have them already!

And remember to take some time to feel gratitude for what you do have. And for who you are. You may not be perfect, but that is not what is required. You are lovable and completely deserving just as you are.



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