Playing the Earth Game Without a Care

You don’t need me to tell you that it’s been pretty intense lately!

Here a brief list of some of the the cosmic events:

June 1 – Solar Eclipse in Gemini
June 7 – Large Solar Flare
June 13 – Saturn stations direct in Libra
June 15 - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius
June 21 – Solstice
June 21 – Moderate Solar Flare aimed almost directly at Earth
And on July 1 – Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Eclipses bring change and change can be scary. We thought we had a plan for our future and the plan got ruined! And example of how this played out in my family is what happened to my son. He planned to work this summer as a lifeguard at the community pool, save money and travel to Ecuador in the fall. But the day before his High School graduation he broke his arm. That changed everything. I know of so many people who thought they had a plan, or thought they had something or someone figured out and things changed.  Who knows what’s coming next? And the people who are living in the Old Energy on the planet are terrified of change. They want things to stay the way they have “always” been. For some this just means that they don’t have take any responsibility for things and for other it means they get to stay in power.

There is a lot of free-floating anxiety in the collective field right now. So if you have been feeling emotional, especially anxious (afraid) and “not good enough” (shame), there’s a reason. This intense period is forcing us to dig into our Emotional Basements, where the bodies (old hurts and secrets) are buried. It is easy to get caught up in the emotional intensity, to fall into anger, shame and fear and to or to engage once again in the drama. But there is also an opportunity to let go of it completely. It's about surrendering, once again. Surrendering doesn't mean losing, it means letting go. There is a big difference between the two, though we tend to think it is the same thing.


Historically, we see the picture of surrender as the king who loses the battle and loses his sovereignty. It was the ultimate humiliation and failure. Most of us feel this way about the idea of surrendering. Surrendering does not mean that you give up your sovereignty, it means you let go of attachments to the stuff that is supposed to be so important from the point of view of the Old Reality and live your life based on your own authority. You stop trying to live within the rules of the Old Reality (and they don’t really work for you anyway) and quit caring about what they will think.

Many of you have heard me talk about care and caring before. The common meaning of words can change over time but they still contain the energetics of the earlier meaning. You will find a few words that I have written about in my blog series called Playing with Language.

We think that caring about something or for someone means that we love them but it’s really an emotional trap. To care for someone makes you take on their burdens. The word care comes from Old English - caru, cearu, meaning "sorrow, anxiety, grief”. Have you heard the phrase, “I haven’t a care in the world”?

Below are a few definitions from my dictionary:

1.    A burdened state of mind, as that arising from heavy responsibilities; worry.
2.    Mental suffering; grief.
3.    An object or source of worry, attention, or solicitude: the many cares of a working parent

Doesn't sound like love to me!

Have you noticed that most people like to get all worked up about stuff? They really care about what’s happening and like to talk and talk about it all? In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, an alien who was stuck here on Earth was trying to figure out why human’s talked all the time about the weather and other repetitive, banal subjects. His first theory was that if we didn’t keep our lips moving then they would seize up. Later he theorized that if we didn’t keep talking so much then our brains would start working. I agree!

We fill our brains with useless, repetitive thoughts and worries. We older souls spend huge amounts of time and energy working on ourselves. We try constantly to figure out what we did to cause other people to act the way they do. We fret about what others think of us. We don’t want to look bad and we certainly don’t want to be seen as uncaring!

I encourage you to say, “I don’t care.” Notice what that brings up in you. For some people it’s almost impossible to even contemplate the idea of being uncaring. Remember, it doesn’t really mean that you are unloving. It really means that you are letting go, not getting attached to the emotional drama.

There are a lot of things happening right now that we have no control over. The planet is going through a huge, unprecedented transformation. We don’t really know what will happen in the future because this is a totally new experience. Every incarnation that you have lived had a life plan. At the beginning of this life you had a life plan. Most of it was about service agreements and taking on the crazy, negative crap from your dysfunctional family and clearing the emotions and the beliefs (healing yourself). But now that we have switched over to Track T (for Transformation) we don’t have a plan. And we don’t need to continue with the old service agreements. It’s not your job to try to get other people to do what you think is best for them. And you certainly can’t make them change.

What percentage of your energy is spent trying to manage others? How much energy do you waste trying to fix something that you don’t really have any control over?

The truth is that we can’t fail. We are chugging along on Track T. You can’t mess it up. There is no mistake that you can make that will throw you off the train. You can’t lose the Earth Game.

The Earth Game

A few years ago I was worried about the future. I’d had some experiences of great expansion and peace and then sometimes didn’t feel so great. I asked St. Germain about it, “Am I slipping back? Is it possible that I won’t make it to the New Reality?” He showed me an image of a game board very much like the game call Shoots and Ladders. As you travel along the board, moving forward as many spaces as you roll on a die, it is possible to land on a ladder and climb up, skipping a few or many spaces. It is also possible to land on a shoot and slide back down. I was worried that I would land on a shoot and end up back at the beginning again.

But the Earth Game board is different from Shoots and Ladders because there is a mountain at the end of the game. What St. Germain told me is that once you get to the mountain, then there are no more shoots. There is no chance that we will slip back onto the flat part of the game board. We will continue to move up the mountain trail until we are at the end of the Earth Game, the top of the mountain. We have the grand vision of the whole game and the experience that comes with having played it.

We are the players in this Earth Game. We are the ones who have experienced what it’s like to live here, have a body and all the challenges that go with it. We are the masters now.

Angelic Families

Humans are members of Angelic Families. When we decided to participate in the Earth Game, part of our Angelic Family stayed out of the Game to maintain an energetic balance, helping us to remember where we came from. The other half, us, joined in to the cycles of re-incarnation and went into the (at the time) new reality of the Earth Game. Now we have become the Masters of the Game.

As the Angels who stayed outside of the game clamber to get in the game themselves, we are the guides and teachers that will help them through the experience.

Imagine a pilot who has flown over India many, many times, but has never actually landed there. Would you ask him about how to make travel arrangements on land? Would you depend on him to know which restaurants were the best? Or would you instead rely on a local, who has lived in India for her whole life (and probably many, many lives), and who has developed native knowledge and wisdom.

There is a reason so many of us have experienced being “abandoned” by our guides. It’s time for us to step up to our own Mastery, our own wisdom and authority. We have depended on our Guides, our Teachers/Gurus and/or the Angels to tell us what to do and how to be. It’s time we became the teachers and guides. As we move through this transition, we are more able to connect with our Inner Guidance. This part of you will never give you fear based information because it knows that your success is guaranteed. There is no “wrong” thing that you can do that will ruin your chances of going forward with the New Earth.

And the nature of channeling has changed too. It used to be that the person would pretty much leave (go into trance) and let another, presumably wiser, dis-embodied being speak through him. More recently we began doing conscious channeling, when the person is still there, but let’s another being have majority control over the communication.

For myself, and many other channels who I know, this has changed again. It’s not a superior, wiser being who is doing the talking. It is more of a combination of many beings, including the channel, the Greater Self Aspects of everyone who is participating, as well as whoever has been invited to join us from the unseen realms. (I enjoy Saint Germain, Kuthumi, Ahrazu/Osiris and Isis because they have all experienced life in the Earth Game. They actually get what it’s like here.) It’s like I am giving voice to the wisdom of the humans and human experience.

The recent intense energy presents us with an opportunity to let go of all the worry, mental and verbal chatter and emotional attachment. Without that distracting noise we can become aware of our newly awakened senses. (Stop our lips from moving so much so our brains can start working.)

I explored a past life with a client recently. This life took place thousands of years ago in what we now call Mesopotamia along the Euphrates River. Though life was very simple (no television, cars, internet etc.) it was very rich because the people had so many more senses than we do now. They could hear the songs of the trees and feel the joy and freedom from the birds flying overhead. The river spoke to them, as well as the Earth. The world was alive and communicating with them in ways that we haven’t experienced in a long time. When I looked at our society from the point of view of a person from that ancient time I was horrified. Our buildings are dead concrete and steel, not living stone or wood. We are bombarded with constant meaningless noise on so many levels. We think that abundance means to have a lot of things and we need those things because we don’t perceive the richness of the life around us.

Everything has a consciousness that we can perceive. Take a moment to feel the consciousness of the chair or whatever you are sitting on. The next chance you get to be out in nature, be very quiet and open your subtle senses. Can you hear the music? Can you perceive the patterns of the life around you? Awaken to the true richness and abundance that is within you and around you. This will bring you peace and contentment during times of stress and change.



K.K. 1st July 2011 8:02 am

Beyond awesome message Sarah. Thank you SO MUCH for putting into words what I have been unable to.

Energy hugs to you!


COBALT 1st July 2011 10:38 am

I agree and am enjoying the dream. :smitten:

mari282 1st July 2011 2:46 pm

I understand and agree with everything you said but I still feel so stuck and powerless. I surrender but then I take it back. If I let go, I have nothing or that's what it feels like. Maybe it has to do with trusting myself or the universe but I just feel awful. I'm out of work and don't believe I'll find another job. I worry about losing my house, my car, my pets. What if I did lose all of it. What then?

love2love 5th July 2011 7:14 pm

Thank you :)
This brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart :)
Just what i needed.....
Much love and many blessings


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