Psychic Explosion: Get Ready for 2012

The Frequency Shift

Greetings to all you human angels who are participating in the amazing and unprecedented transformation here on Earth! There are a lot of changes happening on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels; on individually and planetary levels since 11:11:11 (We are all one!). There are some challenges that go with these changes. Your frequency is rising at a very rapid rate and anything that doesn’t match your new frequency has to go. This means that we have to clean our “basements” (as a marriage counselor I know all the shadow stuff). Luckily, it has gotten quicker and easier to release the old, lower frequency stuff. When I first started doing emotional release work about twenty eight years ago, I even had to learn how to cry again. Like so many of you, I am an empath.

Empaths literally feel other people’s emotions, which can be overwhelming. This was a real problem for me for a lot of my life. I was also full of shame – feeling like I wasn’t good enough, no matter what I did to please others or how hard I tried to get them to love me. It took me many years of intense emotional release work (a lot of crying) to clear the shame that was programmed into me since my childhood. Now people are able to clear old emotions and hurts at a fraction of the time. So the bad news is stuff will come up for clearing and the good news is that it doesn’t take years to do it.

Psychic Explosion

The other great thing about being in this higher frequency is that our psychic/intuitive abilities are opening and expanding at an amazing rate. We are able only able to perceive things that are of the same frequency or lower frequency than ourselves. I read a book a long time ago that explained this really well. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the book. It’s a story about a point (in geometry) that meets with a line but can only perceive another point. Then the line meets a plane and can only see a line. The plane meets a cube but can only see a plane. Each one thinks the higher dimensional shape is lying or delusional. “Seeing is believing!” We are moving into a higher dimension, so get ready to start seeing new things.


As we raise our frequencies, two things happen:

  1. Old belief systems (and associated emotions) are brought to our awareness to be cleared.
  2. We are able to perceive and know ever-increasing levels and amounts of information and energies.
Awareness and Overwhelm

Sometimes this level of awareness can be overwhelming.

Here are some examples that I’ve heard from others:

A client of mine was recently looking out the window from a high-rise building in New York. Suddenly she “tapped in” to everything and everyone in the city. She felt everyone’s emotions (a lot of it not pleasant) and it was too much. She shut it down and stayed away from the window after that.

Another client is working on a “relationship project” (her spiritual work). One day, while in a large grocery store she suddenly became aware of every man in the store, knowing who they were on a deep level. It was a lot of information.

A friend of mine habitually blesses her food by holding her hands over it and asking that anything not healthy be cleared and visualizing the food as being filled with light and healthy for her body. One night as she blessed her food something new happened. She knew what every tiny bit that needed to be cleared was, where it came from etc. There was chemical pollution, insect bits and emotional residue from the food handlers. Wow!

Handling the Information

I’ve been working on developing these kinds of abilities for many years. I’ve learned a lot along the way. Being a natural empathy, I can feel other people’s “stuff” (emotions and physical symptoms). When I first started working as an Intuitive Counselor / Healer I would feel my client’s stuff in my body. I was able to work with a group of up to six people this way, but it got really painful! One person had an injured knee, another had menstrual cramps and another was feeling really sad, etc. I was feeling it all. Yikes, it was too much! So I taught myself to perceive the stuff “out there” rather than feeling it in my body. Now I can work with hundreds of people, perceiving their stuff and not take in a thing. Phew!

This is the shift we need to make in order to expand our awarenesses and knowing without being overwhelmed.

Most of us came into this life with service agreements to insure that our planet would take the path to Transformation. These agreements, as well as childhood training, required that we feel other people’s stuff and try to clear it through ourselves. To change this pattern you must clear or uncreate any service agreements and make a conscious effort to change the habit of “taking it all in”.  We’ve been trained to blame ourselves for anything negative that happens since we “create our own reality”. But sometimes a person is grumpy and it has nothing to do with you, you just happened to be there.

Is This Energy Mine?

For every emotion, thought and physical sensation, ask the question, “Is this energy mine?” If it is not yours, then the energy will lessen and even go away. This takes practice, but eventually it becomes habit. When my son was about ten, we were driving in the car and I heard him sigh. I asked, “What’s up?” He said, “I started feeling sad and I asked, ‘Is this energy mine?’ and I realized that it belonged to the woman in the car next to us. Then I stopped feeling sad.” How cool is that?

If you ask the question and the intensity doesn’t go down, then there is probably something in you that is being triggered. This will give you an idea of what still remains in your basement.

More reading: The Transition Times:Is this Energy Mine?
Questions and Imagination

The second part of the process is to ask questions and let your imagination soar. Imagination is the conduit to your Greater Self and to greater awarenesses and knowing. Forget what teachers said, go ahead and daydream! Ask questions like, “What would it be like if I could perceive/be aware of the fairies or angels. It requires a huge amount of energy for the fairies, angels, E.T.s, etc. to make themselves visible to our human eyes. So close your eyes and look through your third eye or your heart. Some people are visual and will get information that way. Others might receive information through the other senses or just knowing.

Some other things you might ask to be able to perceive include:

  • Knowing when someone is manipulating or feeding on your or another person’s energy.
  • Having plants and/or animals “talk” to you (hint: animals send pictures).
  • Knowing about the energetics in the food you eat and how to adjust it if needed.
  • Recognizing people in your Soul Family.
  • Knowing about and communicating with your spiritual support team.
  • Communicating with the E.T.s (I “talked” to some Sirians in an “invisible” ship a few years ago. It was a blast!)
  • Being able to read other people’s frequencies. One person I know sees an abacus that has meaning to her.
You are in Control

One day I stood in my garden and asked, “What would I see if I could see all the multi-dimensional beings, ships and elementals?” The sky and air around me got so full! Things were everywhere. It was so distracting that I chose not to have that awareness all the time. Like you can close your eyes or cover your ears, you can also damp down the other senses as well. And, you are the most powerful being in your reality, so if you perceive anything that you don’t like you can tell it to go away. 


As we enter 2012 our transformation will continue to accelerate. Since things are happening so fast we need to stay conscious and aware of what we experience. Events are inherently neutral. How we choose to view what happens, as positive or negative, creates the outcome. There’s a famous quote from Einstein, “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."  We need to vibrate in accordance to our preferred outcome or effect. Relax… our planetary train is firmly locked on Tract T for Transformation. You are safe, we are safe.


happi 27th December 2011 9:31 am

Thank you

COBALT 27th December 2011 10:51 am

This explains why I am getting goat medicine. I even saw the perfect image of a goat on a patterned chair this morning. Thank you. :angel:

mjbrigger 27th December 2011 8:22 pm

Great information for us empaths! Until I realized what I was experiencing as an empath, life was draining. Now as a Reiki Master I am able to clear my channels and not take on others energies. Thank you!

peggysharon 31st December 2011 10:27 am

Thank-you for the very important reminders. I was having some pain in my abdomen and asked , after reading your post, " Is this energy mine?" and it slowly went away. I was staying at a home with some repressed emotions among the people there. Very much appreciated !!

Janetta Rose 14th January 2012 4:31 pm

Wonderful! So much truth! Thanks for sharing


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